Bringers of Light

Adventure 4, Session 3

2nd of Se (5 weeks from fall) We are 8th level now.
We are now about 1/3rd through Bai, one day out of the crevice. Rolling plains, like Kansas the size of texas. It’s hot (like 80°). Traveling skills challenge. Roland whiffs try #1, fortunately it does not set the tone. We pass the test and make the journey to mountains of Crainn.
We are in the foothills when the map suddenly becomes clear and some terrain was laid out.
We enter a wooded area and three big spiked bird things (manticores) come in for dinner. Battle ensues as we don’t want to be dinner. We actually acted as a team, stacked damage, and coordinated our efforts (wow). Only had one PC bloodied and all hurt a bit, but we were victorious.
We have gotten over the Tän mountains. Weather has gotten cold and rainy. Rain is more like needles hitting the skin. Even in sheltered camp we never get warm. Near the end of the second watch one night the night sounds go silent, the rain stops, and the creek noise gets quieter. Bara Is starts to wake the folks in the tents. Morgan saw some sort of shadow move and she turned up the lantern. There was a large shadowed humanoid entering camp that emited an aura 2 that made us feel cold and sick, then it went invisible. A great battle with the Scath Scrios commences. Damakos and Brandis almost got disemboweled/beheaded.
It was a serious fight, but we did it. The Scath Scrios is destroyed. We felt fear and despair go out in a dark wave. Bara Is feels that the curse on us is gone.
We stay behind for 4 or 5 days to make a shrine out of a boulder by where it was defeated. When we finish the shrine the next morning a figure is kneeling by the shrine in the morning holding a hand to the shrine and has a robe and jeweled staff. Roland thanks him for coming and when he turns around he is the man in Roland’s visions. Dum dum dum!!! End of adventure 4!!!
Experience points: start 14771. Earned 2160. Final= 16,931 which is 9th Level.


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