Bringers of Light

Adventure 4 Session 2

XP 12,891 beginning experience

30th Pum (the first month after the beginning of summer)

The party has been travelling down the mountain for several days. Damakos is feeling jittery and still can detect lingering effects from the curse of the Scath Scrios. Party as a whole is a bit subdued, possibly coming down after the elation of the temple and the fear of the Scath Scrios.

Party travels down through a ravine. Toward the end of the ravine, there is thicket of brambles that blocks the opening. They might be natural, or they may have been cultivated.

Roland and Damakos are not surprised by the 12 foot, rocky-skinned, humanoid creature that steps out of the shadows. Everyone else is stunned, staring open-mouthed and the monstrosity. Morgan thinks it’s a troll; she’s never seen one but has heard stories; they are tough and can heal damage unless they are burned with fire or acid. The troll flings a net woven from thorny vines and snags most of the party, dragging them toward him. Fisticuffs ensue.

Moral of the story: Morgan can hit things, but she can’t do bupkis to help or buff others. By skill and luck, we managed to keep him from using his regenerative abilities.

A little bit of searching after the fight, the party finds the opening to the troll’s lair. It’s full of remains, mostly animals but some people. There a bit of coin (150) scrounged from the remains.

Party travels for several more days; leaves the foothills and comes to the rolling plains of Bai. Vista shows mostly open, rolling land. There are some strands of trees, and creeks or rivers with occasional settlements.

During their travel, Brandis ventures into a settlement, and overhears that at least one Legion is travelling toward the standing stones. Morgan climbs a hill to get a vantage point and sees that what must be the standing stones are absolutely covered with Legionnaires.

The party manages to avoid detection via using a game or hunting track.

During their travels, they realize that they cannot say anything specifically that references the Angel of Hope’s being removed from the world. When they attempt to voice or write this, they can only say, “The Unspeakable”.

The party continues on toward Crainn. Once they reach the Calimbor Crevice, they discover it to be infested with worm creatures and not delicious mushrooms as Bara Is and Brandis had described. More fisticuffs. Really bloody fisticuffs. Most of the party making death saves and every single creature on the battlefield bloodied with only the minions dead fisticuffs.

Travel total of 22 days. It is the 2nd of Se. Fall begins in 5 weeks.

1880 XP earned leaving us at 14771


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