Bringers of Light

Adventure 2, Session 1

Early morning Tri 43, 2345

02-22 Bringers of Light

We are gathered here today to commemorate our fateful heroes and their brief, sort of memorable deeds.
Ruined temple beneath Caer Gormes.
Last evening- contact with something greater than ourselves.
Things no one had ever seen before.
Personal entities, greater entities, awakened powers.
Refreshed, ready to striked out.
General idea: need more info on what is going on in the world, what do we need to do moving forward.
2 other ruined cities, Morgan has seen these in province of Archrann.
Damakos knows where sewers will come out near eastern gate. He leads us.
Everyone describes themselves.
Brandis wants to get behind a wall of rubble, but can’t.
Back in the sewers.
3 way intersection with a pool in the center. Wall in the center of the halls flows into the pool. Water is dirty, filled with city filth.
Jorn notices a pile of filth on the other side of the pool, glint of metal and colors.
Suddenly, skittering sounds coming from everywhere. Very large rats! Christ almighty very very very large rats goddamnit!
Sorry… why did there have to be rats.
Fucking surprise round goddamnit.
A swarm of rats attacks Brandis and it hurts. Same with Morgan. Insta-bloodied right there ladies and gentlemen.
Lucky for us, we understand that area attacks hurt swarms more than swinging at them with weapons.
Morgan vanishes in a a a a haze of shimmering silver and reappears next to a giant rat. Holy shit did you see that.
Bara is hit by a swarm and it hurts a little.
Ohhhhhh waaaaaiiiiiiitttttt… it’s a surprise round so none of that sort of well maybe not kinda happened in a way. Like.
Right… Morgan overwhelmingly strikes the giant rat.
Now surprise round is over, rat swarms actually go. Lot less damage this time. Morgan is actually missed. Yaaaay.
Roland attacks a rat and scores a hit.
Damakos goes up in flames, utters a bunch of inflammatory words in some strange tongue, and scores a hits one of the giant rats.
Bara sacred flames and CRIT CRIT CRITs the swarm in front of her. CRITSTONE.
Morgan shouts “Thou shalt not stand against me!” and stabbies at the ratty. Raging Tempest style. Crashing of thunder around her. HIT. Lightning crashes.
Giant rat bites back at Morgan. Hell that hurt. Ohhh looks like Filth Fever.
Swarm attacks Goddamnakos, it hits, and the swarm burns with the tiefling’s fire… bloodying it.
Jorn swings with Gale Strike, the essence of a tropical storm ripping through a jungle permeates the air around him with this power. One rat goes into the water, the other falls prone.
Brandis thrusts Energizing Strike at a swarm and scores a hit.
The swarms all attack and chase the heroes. One hits Morgan pretty hard… Holy ouch. Now she’s officially bloodied.
Roland Careful Attacks his quarry. Misses.
Crit stone crit stone crit stone… don’t forget crit stones.
Damakos shouts Perseklititieesnausages Oxstep and stabs the bear (giant rat). He scores a hit, remembers the crit stone, good damage to the bear (giant rat) with Eldritch Strike.
Bara shouts “For the love of all that is love and good” and Lance of Faiths the swarm on Morgan… will need Heroic Effort to pull it off (natch). Brandis gets a little help to his next attack roll from this.
Morgan tries to get the hell away from the swarm. She’s in a tight spot. A tight spot. In a tight spot. Radiant Vengeance at the singular rat. Action Point second wind.
Rats now go. Giant rat chasing Morgan. Will she go down? Nope, rat misses because of Crit Stone.
Oh shit, crit on Damakos. He shouts Ho Chi Minh!!! And the bear (giant rat) takes some damage. Damakos goes DOOOOWWWWNNNN.
Jorn jumps into the water trying to get to the other side where Morgan is hurt and Damakos is down. He couldn’t climb up to the other side, so he’s still in the water.
Brandis heals up Damakos with Ardent Surge. Then Energizing Strikes the swarm on Damakos.
Swarms go. Let’s see if Morgan stays up. Swarm misses.
Damakos is enveloped by the swarm attacking him. They can’t seem to hurt him though.
Brandis gets slammed by a swarm. Bloodied. Suddenly allies get a free move. Jorn jumps out of the water, flanking the bear rat with Damakos. Damakos stands and is now a quarter pounder tiefling.
Bara gets hit by a swarm an is bloodied.
Roland shifts and fires an arrow and nails the bear rat. Good damage.
“Ox Step” shouts Damakos. Stabs at the bear rat.
Then to the heroes’ horror it’s realized that swarms are a lot more god awful terrible than we initially expected.
Damakos goes down again. Wait, Brandis has something. Sympathetic Agony. Damakos stays up.
Damakos hits dire rat on Morgan and kills it.
Bara jumps over the water to get away from the swarm chasing her.
Morgan then moves back into the midst of the group. Oaths a swarm. Radiant Vengeance. …… help?
Fucking “Jorneepoo”?
Jorn slides next to Morgan and marks the nearest swarm, goading it to come closer. Second Wind.
Brandis heals Morgan. Shifts towards Damakos. Attacks swarm. Hit.
Swarm hits Roland.
Roland Splits The Tree. Hits. Bloodies both rats on the ceiling.
Damakos curses a swarm.
It’s time for the DM to eat protein.
Damakos yells Fliz Thobbic! But misses.
Bara Sacred Flames a swarm and misses. Blesses everyone in the sewer.
Morgan announces that she can hit all the swarms if they’re next to her. Hits a rat swarm.
Giant rat climbs down and attacks Morgan.
Jorn goes daily and hits a swarm.
Brandis attacks a swarm. CRIT.
Swarms go. Everything misses Morgan, and a swarm attacks Bara. Misses Bara.
Roland shifts and attacks CRIT. 2 stones out there. Giant rat goes down.
Damakos curses giant rat climbing the wall. Shouts “Ooze Robbit”! So close to a Crit.
Bara runs through the swarm back to the group.
Morgan. Blow up. Holds giant sword aloft. Giant rat I the target. Stabbed mightily. Crash of thunder and spark of lightning. Sonic wave after giant rat dies. All swarms take thunder damage. Pushed away, one gets bloodied and falls into water.
Jorn then blowed up. Lots of rain and wind accompanying Morgan’s thunder and lightning. Synergeee. One swarm dies and another bloodied. Shit yeah.
Brandis goes. Implanted Suggestion on a swarm. Almost a CRIT except for the lack of a zero.
Swarm hits Morgan, goes down.
Swarm attacks Jorn. Miss.
Roland, kill everything. Nice hit.
Damakos goes. Most likely miss. Critstones. Still a miss. Hell. You rolled a 4? What the hell are we even doing math for, man. Oh wait 19 versus reflex. That’s a hit. I have no idea. Just kill these fucking swarms pleasethankyoukaygbye.
Damakos drags Morgan’s body out of the rats.
Rats charge the crap out of Bara. Well you missed! Nice try Pam. Christ. Lots of damage. Bloodied.
Bara is bummed out big time now. Bacon of Hope! MMMMM smells good now, and all swarms are all Weakened .Yaaayyyy (sizzle). This brings Morgan back. Bara now takes aura damage from 2 auras and falls prone by the river. Down by the river I shot my baby.
Morgan’s back up. Radiant Vengeance goddamnit. Nic is being stern about it. Now she’s singing it. Go figure. Miss. Damn. Oh wait. Nonononono. Still a miss. ‘plode.
Rat bastards. Morgan will smite you.
Jorn swingandamiss.
Brandis Energizing Strike. Hits.
Swarms go. Morgan gets bit a LOT by a swarm, goes down.
Jorn gets attacked twice and both miss. Go Defender Go and all that.
Roland Careful Attack CRIT. AGAIN. Ron says sternly. Lotta damage.
“Where was that earlier!?!?”
Damakos. “What the hell!”. He’s taking 2 hps and reroll something. He rolls worse. Welp.
Bara shifts, trying to get away from 2 swarms. Heals Morgan “for all that is just and good”. Then she goes into the water. Swimming. I’m swiiiimmmmiiiiiiiiing.
Morgan shakes off rats and stands. Overwhelming strike. Hits. Dead. Oaths another swarm. Nasty nasty creatures will not stand against meeeeeee.
JOrn (sorta) kills a swarm and lightning hits another one.
Brandis Energizing Strike. Hits.
Jorn being defendery as the swarm misses again.
Roland pulls Bara out of the water. Wait not really. They’re kinda… having a moment there… she’s not floating into the pit at least. And Roland… maybe needs to hit the preacher curls machine during off season. Just sayin’.
Damakos 19 on the die. That might be a hit. Hey Bloodied on the swarm. Will Spencer now call it considering the fight is now 4 hours old? Of course not!
Bara is trying to climb up Roland covered in sewer slime. Awkward.
Morgan Somethings The Crap Outta Them. Miss. Wait, do the math. Still a miss. Thanks Spencer.
JOrn hits the swarm then goes into the water. Shit’s getting’ old.
Brandis Energizing Strike.
Now we’re ganging up on the last swarm. Jason’s raiding the kitchen.
Fight’s over. Some of us might be diseased.
Oh crap Morgan has Diarrhea Rat Filth Fever nooooooooo!
Jorn finds over in the rat’s nest 125gp and 2 pieces of jewelry worth 125gp each.
We are getting out of the sewer.
We are right at East Gate.
Morning air is clean. Thank Fucking God.
Wet chill in the air. Many guards. Shit.
Stealth checks. Jorn… well… he doesn’t know what that is.
Guards are Caer Gormes citadel guards.
Discussion ensues.
Damakos suggests bluffing past the guards. If/when this fails, we need to be ready to pounce. Gonna try and stealth out of the grates.
Positions everyone.
Damakos “Who’s in charge here.”
Captain Husk, intimidated.
Damakos “They need reinforcements back in the city. Send at least 5 men to help bolster the ranks. NOW.”
Shit, it’s a David Roll™
Captain Husk stammers.
“Are you going to Challenge Me???”
“Head to the Coliseum right away.”
Retcon… only 4 went. Whatever.
ALRIGHT FINE now it’s 5.
We are stealthing towards the remaining guards.
Morgan WALKS toward them. Whatever. :B
Lights flashing AHHHHHHH holy shiiiiit!!!!!
Uh Oooooohhhh… Damakos is discovered. Morgan then steps in and threatens the guard. Roland looses an arrow at the leader who is drawing his sword.
Careful attack. Sails right over his head.
Roland goes again. Careful Attack again. Not so “careful”… miss again.
“Watch it sir we’re being attacked!!!” yells a guard.
Shoots at Morgan, which opens him up to an opp attack by Damakos.
“Ox Zip”! shouts Damakos and stabs with his spear. Hits.
War Pick! Soldier misses Damakos.
JOrn runs into the midst of 3 guards, marking all of them, and misses with his encounter. Full Defense.
Damakos shouts “Blow Me In!” and bursts into flames. Then he shouts “Zee Pow Wrote’em!” and stabs with his spear. And misses.
Captain yells out at his private to shoot Damakos with his bow. Soldier shifts back and looses his arrow.
Captain yells Watches The One Behind wants your soul! And both Damakos and Jorn felt their souls clench.
Then Damakos shouts Ho Chi Minh and the captain got hit by fire.
Brandis Energizing Strikes the bowman next to Jorn. Hit. Bloodied.
Morgan needs to go kill someone. Pardon me Pam.
“My soul is my own and is dedicated to one higher than you!” yells Morgan. Oaths the crap out of him. Two 18s. What the hell. Sword and lightning damage.
Bara leans out from around the corner. “The stillness in the storm says you are not just and/nor good!”
Roland “My Bow says… you’re…. just going to DIE HERE!” Warning shot. Hell that’s not a “warning shot” that’s a “move here and you’re fucked” shot. Oh and 15 points. Bloody strikers.
Bowman draws his sword and misses JOrn.
Pick Boy swings his pick and misses.
Jorn keeps the mark on the pick and ex-bowman and confronts the captain and scores a hit. Lightning from Morgan hits him as well.
Damakos lacks a standard action.
Capatian yells at pickboy to strke Damakos, which lures Jorn;s Warden’s Fury.
Brandis strikes the captain and more lightning.
Morgan attacks. Kills the captain. She sees an onyx medallion. Blank field with an outstretching hand. Creeeeeeeeepy. Morgan wants to grab it. Not in combat.
Morgan tells the guards to stand down as the darkness shall not prevail or some shit like that couldn’t catch all of it.
Guards seem nonplused.
Bara goes. “Stillness within the storm says you should drop your weapon (mofo).” She didn’t really say “mofo”.
Roland goes. Yells “Your captain is dead and you will wish you were too unless you drop your weapon NOW!” Rolls a 1. Goddamn puberty.
Bowman goes. Misses.
Pickdude hits Damakos in the side of the head. Jorn slides him with Warden’s Grasp and pulls him in.
Shit, the broadsword goes Skewering Swing on Damakos. This isn’t good. Lots of damage. Damakos is At Zero OH NO HE’S NOT he has temps.
JOrn hits pickboy and bowman gets lightning not from Morgan but from Jorn’s effect.
“Zimdee Lamb Cooch…… fuck.” Shouts Damakos. I’ll take that as a miss.
Brandis. Pickboy is a sergeant. Who’d a knew. “Stabby stabby” says Brandis. Miss. Oh wait, Morgan says “reroll”. That’s a hit. Bowman goes down.
Morgan goes. Her Intimidate is Carappy. “Stand down soldier and I will not slay you. She rolls well. She oathed him. Hard DC… damn. Not intimidated.
Bara says “Stand down.” And goes for the Intimidate. Nope.
“Roland shoot him” says the DM. Wow.
That’s a hit.
Pickman swings the pick at Jorn. Ouch, lots of damage. Jorn catches his weapon arm with his shield and roars in his face. Pickman crumbles. End of fight.
Keys. Gate. Door. Open. Now.
Damakos opens the gate. Morgan takes the medallion off the captain.
Morgan asks survivor “Who is Watches From Behind?”
“No idea”.
“You are working with very bad dark stuff. You should run when you can.” says Morgan.
We round up 4 fur cloaks and 45 gps from the guard houses.
We are outta there.
Skill Challenge as we run down the Soldier’s Road.
Crossing the Ring River.
Main bridge is The Bridge of Heroes.
Gormzian Plain. Divided up into terraced plots and settled.
Get out of the Plain without further incident and gear up.
Roland sees a game trail and leads the party off the road.
Getting colder and icier.
Damakos relies on Endurance to keep moving.
Bara uses Nature. Forages rabbits.
Brandis… sees some kids from a nearby farm. He talks to them and asks them where we can get any supplies. Farmers get supplies from each other as there aren’t any real stores or shops nearby.
Morgan wants to set up the right routine. Trying to militarize us. Whatta we look like, Woman?!
Morgan doesn’t get worse in her disease and is way too ecstatic about it.
JOrn crawls over and attempts to create another fur from the carcass of a long dead elk. Was not successful, elk was too long gone, skin was rotted. Shit.
Roland is going all field medic on Morgan and CRITs after spending his Action Point to reroll. Goes about bandaging her rat bite and helping her next Endurance check.
Damakos finds us at the edge of a hamlet. Streetwise: wants to learn how he can get us through the town without alerting any patrols.
Bara meditates on the stillness of the storm, tries to heal Morgan.
BRandis wants supplies… again. Trying to look like a farm boy, heads into town to get supplies. Minus 25 gps.
Morgan is observing in town, using Insight for camping supplies. Endurance check. She heals out of the disease.
A storm kicks up while we near the river. That night we make camp and Jorn climbs trees and kicks down deadwood for a nice large fire to warm everyone up.
River is frozen. Roland Acrobaticsizes across the ice without falling through the ice. River is only a foot deep anyway.
We make it into the wild!

We are now at 2,750xp


BRAVO Mr Notetaker, bravo

Adventure 2, Session 1
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