Bringers of Light

Adventure 3, Session 1

Today is the 46th of Pedwar
Jorn made himself a necklace of a dragon tooth. The party also took the head back as a symbol and a variety of scales and claws and some hide and or wing tissue for armor. Jorn failed to find amber for the eyes. Bradis took a claw to make into a dagger or knife.
The party made very good time getting back to Derrick’s camp. The weather has been damp and misty.
Orcs and goblin bands are now running away from us.
We feel GOOD!

When we get back to camp and as we approach Derrick’s hood falls back and his face is all bruised. Then Imden drops her hood back it is really the Doctore. She says ‘you did well to stay away so long, but you will come back with me now’.
A bunch of gladiators and guards come out of the tents with one Scathrunda.
Round 1: Roland shoots and bloodies one, Jorn runs through the pavilion and attacks Doctore and knocks her down. Brandis goes in and dazes and suggests the Doctore, and the action points to Invitation to Defeat and pulls most of the badies around him and weakens them (I wonder if he’ll survive this). Scathrunda casts a spell on Brandis, Jorn, and Derrik (who starts convulsing). Doctore does a battle yell and hurts Jorn some (yeah weakened). Gladiators do some fighting and wail on Brandis but he manages to not even get bloodied. Damakos attacks and misses so the uses a +4 and an AP to hit the Scathrunda and do a little damage. Morgan throws a fire bomb in among the gang of gladiators and also cooks Brandis and bloodies him. She then moves a bit and charges the Scathrunda and hurts him, he then hurts her back a bit and teleports away. Bara’is hits a baddie, gives Brandis 4 temp HP, and does a heal for Derrik. A berserker moves up and attacks Roland, hits. Another hits Morgan. Another hits Brandis. Derrik groans and doesn’t save vs. the ongoing damage.
Round 2: Roland is pissed that his GF got burned so he moves and wastes the Scathrunda with 2 hits. Jorn saves vs his ongoing, Thunder steps into the middle of the baddies, marks the whole gang, and does some damage to gladiators and kills one. Brandis throws and ice pot and hurts 3 bads (bloodies 2), then heals some before he kisses dirt. Morgan chops a berserker. Bara’is zaps one and give Derrik another healing surge. But then a Berserker wails on her and gets her to 1 hp, but the next berserker takes her to -16. Derrik stops moving but stops taking ongoing.
Round 3: Roland uses his spiffy healing gloves to bring Bara’is back (wahoo), then he shoots and kills one. Jorn does a damage to a bunch of baddies and keeps them tied up and moves the Doctore into the fire and knocks her down. Brandis does and augment 2 strike on a group of 3 and hurts a berserker and a gladiator and gives them -3 to all defenses. Bads miss a bunch. Damakos zaps one and gets in his face. Morgan stabs her berserker. Bara tries to crawl away and gets a crit AOO and it drops her hard. Her armor activates a fire shield. Berserkers do a little damage.
Round 4: Roland takes 9 for being by flaming cleric and then he shoots and kill steals the Doctore. Jorn does some damage and keeps a bunch tied up. Brandis shifts a bit and then hits a gladiator with and augmented attack so Bara’is gets some healing. Baddies wail on Jorn but he is still up. Damakos scorches a bad guy and singes another. Morgan whacks her berserker and sets him on fire. Bara’is gets up and zaps the guy that cleaned her clock and wastes him, with temp HP to Morgan. Berserkers attack and scratch but bloody Roland.
Round 5: Roland shoots his attacker (last undamaged foe). Jorn heals a bunch. Brandis stabs and kills 1 and gives Jorn temp HP. 3 gladiators hurt Brandis and he goes down. Damakos drops the guy who took Brandis down. Morgan nearly decapitates her guy. Bara’is blasts one and then heals Brandis (woot). Breserker hits Morgan.
Round 6: Roland kills 1 gladiator and maims another. Jorn rips his guy apart. Brandis demoralizes the last dude and moves to Derrik. Damakos crits (the party’s only crit vs. 5 DM crits) the last guy before he can surrender. Morgan starts searching tents, Bara’is does a heal check on Derrik. Roland and Jorn challenge the guy hiding in the trees.
He says he is just a tracker and he means us no ill will. He leads us to the tied up allies. They are beat up but alive. His name is Jax Donavin. He was hired to track the escaped party and did. Now he is working for us. His standard price is high but not outrageous. We hire him for the next 2 rides for sure. He also tells us that the storm really only damaged our section of the arena and we were the only escapees. We were only the 3rd escapees ever. The others were only singles so Doctore really took it personally. The bad guy force was 11 strong. Jax is very impressed we were victorious. This is the strongest hunting force he’s ever seen go out.
Jorn searches the bad guys and piles them for later burning. However, the primal spirits tell Jorn not to reveal himself and the ground swallows up the bodies. Jorn falls into a peaceful sleep and the earth covers and protects him. The whole group feels safe and generally better when this happens.
Find 50 gp. Scathrunda has a bag of purpleish beads in a bag (500 gp of residuem). Both Doctore and tiefling have a symbol of a human female figure bound in spiked chains. Jorn also gives a nice dagger and cuff with the tiefling’s Order symbol. We also keep Doctore’s whip.
When Jorn shows the bound figure to Brandis he is totally revolted and gets a feeling of corruption from it.
Everybody recovers much better than they should have over night. Jax notices and we give him a good sales pitch on goodness. We give Derrik the dragon head and discuss what we found and what to do next.
After much discussion we decided to have Jax go ahead of us to scout out the Cove and then meet with us to tell us what he finds. He gives us a recommended route and then plans on where to meet us.
Derrik and gang will read the books and keep on the move. They will also likely go read the Book and they promised to leave it there.

SKILLS CHALLENGE to travel south to the cove:
It will take about 11 days to get there. It is mostly low rolling hills with some scrub lands and the occasional small woods. It is still mid spring. What settlements there are have basic stockade defenses.
We all suck at on our initiatives.
Roland takes Morgan ‘hunting’ to find more about her past. She has always worked or been in the Legion. The only thing Roland finds is a skunk. Morgan chats with Roland and then helps with his odor problem. Jorn finds a farm stead with a damaged wall and helps repair the wall for a night under cover for the party. Brandis tries to learn more about Jorn’s people but Jorn say the only way to learn of his people is to live among them. Success on an insight check. Bara’is finds a child while foraging and plays tag with them and then she tells them a story about having belief in a happier world. Success on a Religion check. Damakos talks with Morgan about how interactions with Scathrunda. Then gets a success on a bluff of a local. Roland talks with Jorn about trees. Then succeeds with an acrobatics. We then arrive where we are too meet Jax.
There is a lovely map ready for our camp (hmmmm). Brandis has first watch and rolls a 1 on his perception. Wolfaloes (very large wolves (worgs)) come to visit. They get a surprise round since Brandis totally failed to notice them. They try to eat the party and we resist. They really didn’t expect such hard to eat food. David manages to roll several very low attack rolls (he’s back in form). We do better about stacking damage this time. Wolfaloes are very tough. The big one tried to run away but then Damakos shot it again and it came back. There was a lot of missing in this fight.

8651 XP total now. We are 6th level. Ended on Pum 6. There was a dark of both moons.

Items used: Morgan 1 fire pot. Brandis 1 cold pot. Some pay for Jax.
Things gained: 50 gp, 500 gp of residuem, 2 corrupted holy symbols, Order symbol, distinctive whip.


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