Bringers of Light

Adventure 4, Session 3

2nd of Se

Adventure 4 Session 2

XP 12,891 beginning experience

30th Pum (the first month after the beginning of summer)

The party has been travelling down the mountain for several days. Damakos is feeling jittery and still can detect lingering effects from the curse of the Scath Scrios. Party as a whole is a bit subdued, possibly coming down after the elation of the temple and the fear of the Scath Scrios.

Party travels down through a ravine. Toward the end of the ravine, there is thicket of brambles that blocks the opening. They might be natural, or they may have been cultivated.

Roland and Damakos are not surprised by the 12 foot, rocky-skinned, humanoid creature that steps out of the shadows. Everyone else is stunned, staring open-mouthed and the monstrosity. Morgan thinks it’s a troll; she’s never seen one but has heard stories; they are tough and can heal damage unless they are burned with fire or acid. The troll flings a net woven from thorny vines and snags most of the party, dragging them toward him. Fisticuffs ensue.

Moral of the story: Morgan can hit things, but she can’t do bupkis to help or buff others. By skill and luck, we managed to keep him from using his regenerative abilities.

A little bit of searching after the fight, the party finds the opening to the troll’s lair. It’s full of remains, mostly animals but some people. There a bit of coin (150) scrounged from the remains.

Party travels for several more days; leaves the foothills and comes to the rolling plains of Bai. Vista shows mostly open, rolling land. There are some strands of trees, and creeks or rivers with occasional settlements.

During their travel, Brandis ventures into a settlement, and overhears that at least one Legion is travelling toward the standing stones. Morgan climbs a hill to get a vantage point and sees that what must be the standing stones are absolutely covered with Legionnaires.

The party manages to avoid detection via using a game or hunting track.

During their travels, they realize that they cannot say anything specifically that references the Angel of Hope’s being removed from the world. When they attempt to voice or write this, they can only say, “The Unspeakable”.

The party continues on toward Crainn. Once they reach the Calimbor Crevice, they discover it to be infested with worm creatures and not delicious mushrooms as Bara Is and Brandis had described. More fisticuffs. Really bloody fisticuffs. Most of the party making death saves and every single creature on the battlefield bloodied with only the minions dead fisticuffs.

Travel total of 22 days. It is the 2nd of Se. Fall begins in 5 weeks.

1880 XP earned leaving us at 14771

Adventure 4 Session 1

5/23/15 Bringers of Light

Party has rested for a few days in the temple of Shelters from the Storm. Morgan wants to take the chance to soak in the nearness of the Divine. Damakos is uncomfortable, but everyone else is at peace.

16th of Pum, 2345.
After discussion, the best guess we have for where to go next is the circle of standing stones in Bai. Between us and that location lie the Copperas mountain range. Our best estimate is 8 days of travel to the mountain range, then the climb and journey across the mountains, then ten more days of travel.

Because Damakos has been so uncomfortable while in the temple, he has spent a good part of the time the party takes to rest to wander around and explore the area. As the time comes to leave, he realizes that there are three columns of smoke, indicating that the Legion soldiers are near.

The party leaves at night, under the dim red glow of the moon we have a skills challenge to escape the city without being seen by the legionnaires. Bara calls upon Stillness within the Storm to provide a blessing, Roland coaches us all on how to be stealthy, Damakos bluffs a sentry, and we discover that the legionnaires are inside the city walls. Understanding this, Morgan realizes that there will be more than just a few scattered guards, and forced marches the party as fast as possible toward the walls. The skills challenge moves along smoothly until an impressive cascade of failures. Damakos, Morgan, and Bara all choke, and the fight is on.

The party emerges from the city walls to be confronted by 8 soldiers, armed with crossbows, longspears, and wearing chain. The enemies are split into four groups of two, which makes a challenge because we can’t concentrate force without leaving some enemies open to our back and flanks. And, of course, concentrating force isn’t one of our strong suits, anyway.

(Note: Brandis makes everything sound dirty. Or maybe that’s just Brian.)
Arrows fly. Blows are traded. Damakos shouts out a howl of doom – “’Wycie Zaglada!” and is most awesome in driving baddies away from Brandis, who has been knocked down.

After spending time in the healing solace of the temple, most of the party spontaneously decides to incapacitate rather than kill their enemies. Roland doesn’t get the memo (Memo from DM: You can choose to incapacitate if you want no matter what attack you are using. Roland: I can’t incapacitate with an arrow. DM: That’s not what I said.)

One of the legionnaires manages to run away. Bara talks the last two standing into surrender. Morgan tells them that they are being shown compassion, and that they should pass this on. Damakos gets flame-y and intimidates them, and the party flees.

The party moves on, traveling toward the mountains. Interpersonal questions and answers occur. Roland questions Bara about how she is handling the new power she has; he feels that he would be corrupted. Bara tries to put into words her feeling that the grace she has been shown is cannot be corrupting. Damakos doesn’t understand why Morgan chose to show compassion to the soldiers. Morgan doesn’t fully understand either; she’s not sure it was the right thing to do, but she didn’t want to kill the soldiers if she didn’t have to They are legionnaires like she was, and perhaps they aren’t all ruthless and dangerous . Bara Is wants to know more about Damakos and if he really is always angry and full of rage. Damakos’ answers to her questions are vague; he’s not always angry, but he is uncomfortable. Hiding something? From himself, or his companions, or both? Bara starts trying to strengthen her body with exercise, does it wrong and smacks herself in the head. Morgan teaches her calisthenics, and then promptly sprains her ankle moving forward to scout. Brandis chats with Roland about where we think the next holy places may be. Unfortunately, they don’t come up with any ideas.

Travel to and through the mountains. Roland tries hard to get closer to Morgan. He tells her that he thinks she is special, and that he is following and protecting her. She is still pretty clueless about his affections. She also can’t understand what Brandis does. Brandis explains that he has always had some ability to understand and sense what people feel, but he can’t really explain his newfound powers.

After days of grueling travel up through the pass, the party reaches the top of the mountain pass. Interfering with their feeling of triumph, two Tieflings step out from the rocks to confront Damakos. “We knew we would find you eventually, Damakos.” They are resplendent in Scath Runda armor and weaponry, and they look quite confident.
Some of the party is observant and gets to act during a surprise round. They do a bit of posturing and attacking, and are sad when another Tiefling steps out from the shadows and summons fallen warriors to claw their undead way out of the ground and into the midst of our heroes. Turn undead and abjure undead are used for the first time. Tiefling enemies throw fire and cold, and Morgan feels the pain. These are tough skeletons, and the Tiefling who summoned them heals them before vanishing from sight. Smiting continues – fire, ice, curses, slashing, and damage all around. Bara Is blesses the party so that we all get bonuses. The Necromancer calls out, “Kill the Infidel!” and sic’s the skeletons on Damakos. Much to our dismay, the Necromancer continues to bring back the dead to fight against us. The fight is long and vicious, and when the Necromancer is finally slain, he calls out, “May the curse of the Scrios find you.” Morgan shouts at the one remaining, “How did you find us?” He replies that the Scath Runda can find anything, “that’s why the Emperor has the Scath Runda. We tell him what is happening in the world. You are doomed.” Before their messy demise, the Scath Runda warriors prove that they ‘know everything’ by showing off their knowledge that the adventurers are headed to the Stone Circle.

Our heroes are now in quite a quandary. No matter how powerful they have become, they have all heard terrifying tales of the Scath Scrios. The stories always involve no survivors, and whatever the Scrios is has destroyed whole towns in the course of a single night, and can enter rooms that are locked from the inside. If the Scath Runda know the party is heading to the stone circle, and can send the Scrios after them there, they must go elsewhere. There is one other possible place of sacred relics, if they can only remember where it is.

Of course, if the Scath Runda really do “know everything” it won’t matter where they run, will it?

Adventure 3 Session 2
By golly! They finally figured it out!

Pum 9, 2345

Traveling to The Cove. Jorn becomes more distant while we are traveling, giving short answers & being fairly abrupt. A storm came through w/ heavy rain overnight. In the morning when we get up, Jorn is nowhere to be found. All of his stuff is gone, but all of the party stuff is still there. Tracking/scouting for him does not give us any clue about where he went. Damakos’ doesn’t detect any magical signature telling us what happened to him. The rest of us are fairly freaked out by the fact that one of our party has mysteriously disappeared. We spent approx. ½ of the day trying to find him and/or what happened to him Roland leaves a marker for Jorn with a symbol that he would recognize to let Jorn know that we didn’t just abandon him – in case he returns to this spot.

We continue traveling south for a few days. Towards the end of the day we spot a sheltered area where we plan to make camp. Roland spots that someone has used this space as a camp before. He estimates that there were ~12 people there within a few days before our arrival. Upon closer inspection it appears that there was some fighting there. Everyone except Damakos can see this & is able to find scraps of cloth, broken tent stakes, etc. Bara Is finds a spot that was a shallow grave that has been dug up. There is a finger found in the camp that looks like it has been chewed on. Roland investigates & finds prints that it there may have been worgs here. (The big wolf creatures we fought.) Brandis finds the hilt of a dagger with colors & markings from the Lightning legion. Morgan is able to recognize the hilt as belonging to Tellen – someone she knew from the legion, since she gave it to him as a trophy. She is quiet and grieves his death, and is worried that Legion Lighting may be in the area. Checking the area looks like the group of people were headed South and encountered the worgs. The worg tracks look like they head to the North (towards where we just came from).

We camp & continue on our way the following morning. At midday Jax comes out & signals us to let us know that we are getting close. He tells us that he has spotted 11 soldiers wearing blue & grey who are set up just outside of The Cove. The have set up a base camp & are doing training activities. They make a trip into The Cove each day. There is a Primus (troop commander), a Centurion (his second), and 9 soldiers. If we push hard we would be to them within a day. No sign of Orcs in or around The Cove. He did see a pack of worgs that he avoided. We can take a route that goes 2 days out of our way & comes around to The Cove. Going that route would allow us to avoid the legion. We decide to go that route so that we don’t have to fight & kill any legionnaires for just doing their job. Jax points out that we hired him to bring us here & to scout out The Cove, which he has done. His plan is to head into the wilderness for quite a while, heading northwest & avoiding the Capitol to avoid any questions, unless we need him further right now. We agree to let him go & he wastes no time in heading out.

As we skirt the city we get a few glimpses. There are a lot of white buildings, so the city looks very light & bright. The terrain is fairly hilly, so we can move without being spotted. As we continue to travel we can spot glimpses of the sea. The mists in this area are not as heavy as in the area where Roland is from. The mists tend to stick just over the water, rather than coming up to 5 miles inland like Roland is used to. It is fairly cool here, despite the sunny weather. When the sun shines it gives a golden glow in the mists. As we near the city we can see that it is surrounded by a wall that is broken in several spots. The city is in disrepair & there are weeds & plants growing up along the buildings. All of the buildings appear to be made of the same white material. When Bara Is sees the sea she gets a feeling like she is coming home. Just being near the sea is putting her in a better mood. It is late afternoon as we are outside of The Cove. We do not see any activity in the city at all. We wait until dark before we enter the city.

We move into the city by moonlight. The streets are full of deep ruts. As we move through the city, trying to be sneaky, we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by legionnaires. We hear “Halt and Stand Down!” in a very commanding voice. Morgan recognizes the voice as Vitus, her former Primus – the one she attacked for his abuse of soldiers under his command. Morgan yells back “No, Vitus. You stand down!” She recognizes several of the legionnaires. The Centurion is Caius, who she trusted and admired, and the 2 soldiers in front were basically thugs that liked to beat up on others. She tells us to slay the 2 soldiers in front and the Primus and not to harm the others if possible. We plan to stick to cover and make them come to us rather than moving into the open to fall prey to the archers. 3 soldiers charge us & the archers fire at us. The low light conditions prevent the archers from hitting, but some of the soldiers manage to hit us. One knocks Roland down, but Brandis helps to reduce the damage Roland takes. Vitus moves us & commands 2 of his soldiers to kill “that mouthy bitch” (i.e. Morgan). They try to charge her, but Damakos had slowed them, so they just barely get into range of her with their reach weapons. Morgan takes a little damage & teleports behind them and attacks them. Roland takes out one of the soldiers that Morgan identified. The archers in back fire & miss all shots again. The soldiers on the ground miss too. The up close archers miss too. We’re not that impressed with the legion’s fighting ability (in reality the party is just that cool). The Legionnaires finally recognize Morgan as “that deserter”, and Caius, obviously pained, asks, “Why did you come back?” Morgan takes out one of the soldiers & turns her attention on the Primus. Roland takes out another soldier on the ground. One of the archers pulls a sword and advances on Brandis, missing. Morgan shouts that “we have been called here to find plain and precious things that belong to all people. The Emperor cannot hold them.” A couple of the other legionnaires call to Caius (the Centurion) asking for orders, saying that it doesn’t feel right to attack Morgan. They give up their attacks in the process. Damakos calls forth 2 ice tentacles to slow down & attack the Primus & remaining soldier that Morgan identified as a target. Bara Is takes out the last of the foot soldiers. Brandis dazes the Primus. One of Damakos’ tentacles grabs the Primus. He breaks the grab & steps up to Morgan, but is still slowed from the ice tentacles. Vitus calls to his troops to get back into the fight and to kill Caius. Roland shoots the Primus & Morgan adds some thunder damage to it, and the Primus’ body explodes. The archers on the ground move up to surround Caius. Morgan tells them that if they harm him they forfeit their lives. The remaining archers who are on rooftops turn and fire on their own people who are attacking Caius. Bara Is heals the Centurion & damages one of those attacking him. Brandis heals the Centurion some more & drags Caius and the three attacking him towards him. Damakos lets the tentacles go & charges one of the soldiers, hitting him. Caius stands up & orders the remaining legionnaires to stand down. Morgan runs up to him and embraces him with joy and relief. Caius fondly clarifies that his order to stand down applies to her, too, and she steps back. They comply & Caius orders 2 of the loyal archers to put the remaining 2 who attacked him in a building & keep them there. That order gets delayed when Damakos removes his hood, until we can convince them that I’m not a threat to them & that I don’t have Morgan under some kind of mind control.

Morgan & Caius have a talk about the city & what it may contain & who lived here before it was ruins.

Bara Is feels a strong pull for us to go to the bay. Caius accompanies us but leaves the other 3 loyal troops to guard the 2 new guys. Using the lantern we are able to navigate through the city down to the bay. When we get there Bara Is spots a cave entrance. She knows that is where we need to head. We walk along the beach to the cave opening. Along the way we come across the carcasses of large sea mammals – a walrus, leopard seal, and whale that appear to have been clawed & torn at with hands/claws that are 3-4 times the size of human hands. As we pass near them, a large javelin comes out of the darkness towards Bara Is, who is carrying the light. It pierces her thigh and pins her to the ground. In the entrance to the cave are more sea animal carcasses. In the cave are 3 large 2-headed creatures. The party is momentarily thrown for a loop, as they have never seen or heard of giants, much less with two heads. One is using just its fists (the largest one), the other 2 are using javelins. Roland abandons Bara Is and heads towards the cave opening. Roland shoots one of them and the baddie pulls another javelin and flings it back at him. A second one pulls a javelin and flings it at Roland too. Both hit him. The second one goes through his thigh and pins Roland to the ground too. (That’s 2 stuck, 3 not stuck for those keeping score.) Brandis frees Bara Is, who attacks the big guy who peeks around the corner. He moves out and punches Bara Is. We object, so Morgan charges in and attacks him. Roland and Morgan get javelins thrown at them. Damakos brands the big bad. Roland frees himself & attacks. He gets a couple more javelins thrown at him for his trouble. Brandis whiffs. The big bad smacks Morgan hard. Bara swings & misses. The big bad smashes Roland into unconsciousness. Morgan smacks him and he smacks her back. Damakos is surprisingly ineffective. Caius moves us and roars at the bad guys and staggers them into inaction. Roland decides to shake off dying & heals himself some. Brandis, Bara Is, and Morgan all hit him, and Morgan dazes him. Damakos misses again. Roland starts smacking one of the javelin guys, bloodying him. The javelin twins pin both Roland and Damakos down, taking Roland unconscious (again) in the process. Brandis heals him. Big bad smashes Morgan. Bara Is misses the big bad, but heals Morgan. The big bad tries to offset that by smacking Morgan again. Morgan is offended, so she kills the big bad & frees herself. The others throw javelins and Morgan and Caius, hitting Caius. Damakos is ineffective at hitting the baddies or freeing himself. Roland frees himself & crawls back to the group. The baddies pin Damakos’ other leg to the ground too and hit Morgan. Brandis takes out one of the baddies, leaving only one fresh one for us to face. We trade blows with him and whittle him down Morgan finally deals the death blow to the last 2-headed giant, then helps pull the javelins out of Damakos’ legs. We stagger to the water, rinse the blood from ourselves, clean the wounds, and heal up.

We head into the cave and start searching. We find a pile of bodies that, from their remains, were Tieflings. They had Scath Runda armor, including one pair of nice gloves with Rauris’ symbol on them, which Damakos takes (Gloves of Eldritch Admixture – level 8). Also found were “charms” of a female form bound in spiked chains. While in the cave Bara Is feels comfortable, at home, and invigorated. She isn’t tired at all, even after going through 2 fights. Roland pays some extra attention to the pools of water in the cave, searching them as well. Bara prays for the bodies, even though she doesn’t know it as praying, and they fade away. We make camp in the cave & all fall asleep quickly except for Bara Is, who is still energized from this place.

As Bara moves around just as it is starting to just barely get light, she hears a click while walking near where Damakos was. She finds a hidden door in the wall, opening into a passage with a set of stairs going up. She notices that going up the stairs, every 3-4 steps, there is a bowl shaped protrusion on one side. She feels calm and comfortable going up, but wakes up Damakos before heading up. Damakos agrees to keep the door from closing and be ready if Bara Is needs him. Going up the stairs she feels the protrusions, which are empty but warm to the touch. She realizes that she can simply ask for them to be lighted, and globes of glowing light appear in the impressions. She goes a little ways up with the lantern to take a look, but decides to come back down and wake up everyone before going all the way up.

We go up a long ways and eventually get to a narrow shelf overlooking the bay. It still is not full light yet, but the dawn is getting stronger. We search for hidden doors in the cliff face, but don’t find anything. Morgan and Bara Is both focus on their feelings and ask for guidance on where to go. When Bara Is asks for The Stillness in the Storm to guide her, the sun rises, bringing light to the area. The mists part and the wall dissolves exposing a large room with a pool of water in the middle. The mists in the room coalesce into the form of a woman hovering over the pool. As Bara Is approaches the pool, the figure starts to speak to her. She says:

“My Templar, you have made it home and it pleases me that you did so. Even through the barriers the Unspeakable imposes know that I am with you and support you as you embark on what your heart moves you to do. Your path may be long but it does not need to end in vain as long as you and your companions are true.”

“Child of my Heart, your journey will be filled with challenges as you seek to find the truth. It is unfortunate that your numbers have lessened and it is possible that more could follow. Others may have a change of faith or have an awakening that could be beneficial or not. Just stay true to your heart and follow your connection with me and keep on the path.”

“All that fully embrace peace will find this sanctuary a place of safety and reward, so please make use of what it has to offer before you set out on your next journey.”

Her form fades and the mist leaves the pool and behind her form the spiral of She Who Answers the Cries.

In the pool we can see the shape of a segmented spiral. The mists move back & form the true spiral between 2 large pillars.

Morgan takes Caius to the alcove with the statue of the Angel, Shields Against the Dark. “I feel like He has something to say to you.” The Angel enfolds Caius in his wings, and they commune together. When Caius steps away from the statue, he has a holy symbol dedicated to Shields Against the Dark, and his eyes gleam with purpose. Caius said he would start to spread the words and principles of Shields Against the Dark.

Morgan moves up to be near the mist spiral. Bara Is puts her arms in the pool. Flame Bracers (lvl 13) appear on her arms. There are 3 alcoves in the room. 2 have statues in them. The third, in the back of the room, has very, very smooth walls. Brandis goes to that alcove. He feels the wall. Every so often there is a small groove in the smooth stone wall. As he moves his hand over it, he feels great resolve & connection to this place. Roland keeps an eye on Morgan to make sure nothing disturbs her. Damakos, as is typical in each place like this that we have encountered, is not comfortable and doesn’t want to be here. He stays on the ledge at the cliff face and only in the front of the room, guarding the entry from the stairs. As Morgan says a prayer of thanks, a piece of the mist spiral comes off, floats down onto Morgan’s chestpiece, and a spiral is etched into it. She feels that this has definitely improved her armor and made it more effective. She also feels that anyone would be able to get this boon. She takes each of us up there and has us express our gratitude to She Who Answers the Cries, so we can get the boon. (It will allow us to negate one attack against us and fire off a healing surge if we speak her name and ask her for help.) Bara goes to the alcove with the statue of the male figure with 4 wings wrapping around (Shields Against the Dark). Bara asks for his help and hands her staff to the statue. He reaches out and brings it to his chest. There is a small flash of light and his symbol is now on her staff. Looking at it she knows that he has put a power into it and can activate 3 of the 6 possible effects, but can only do any specific effect once. The other side alcove has a statue of hands holding an outstretched book. (Welcomes All) When we thank Welcomes All a wind swirls around and we feel like it focuses on and impacts (for lack of a better word) into our backpacks. (Feybread: Morgan, 6; Brandis, 8) The rations in our packs have been transformed into something different. In the smooth alcove at the back, Damakos feels the least uneasy. He talks to Brandis about what could have been missing from the books that should be represented in this alcove.

The party takes what measure of peace and comfort they can in this holy place. Even Damakos tries, despite his unease. Caius, who has been called to serve Shields Against the Dark, joins them. They talk of what they have learned, and of She Who Answers the Cries and her angels. Bara Is speaks of the peace and power she finds here. They review the stories they read in the last temple, and they struggle to understand what it is that has been stolen from the world, what is missing.

As we talk, Morgan says the word “Hope”. When she says it there is a clap of thunder and a shudder that we all feel. Brandis sees a quick flash and he sees a starburst that is joined with a spiral. He hears the word “Help” as a cry for help. We take this to mean that we need to bring hope back to the world because that is what it is missing. The Angel of Hope (whoever s/he is) has been stolen by the treachery of the Unspeakable, and must be freed. After much discussion, Roland comes up with the idea that we have found temples with Shields Against the Dark and Stillness Within the Storm each standing in front of She Who Answers the Cries. This leads us to think that there must be 2 more temples – one with Welcomes All in front and one with Hope in front. We determine that we need to find both of those, especially the Hope temple, in order to restore hope to the world. We also go to the pool and thank Stillness Within the Storm. Each person gets a boon from doing that. When Damakos thanks her he feels a scalding sensation – not like he is being scalded by the pool, but like he is scalding the pool and the calm environment instead. He quickly makes his way out of the water and returns to the narrow shelf/ledge on the cliff to stand guard. We collect water from the pool, which serve as potions of Cure Moderate Wounds. (Morgan – 2; Brandis-3)

We take shelter in this place to rest & heal before moving on.

Pum 15, 2345

XP at end of session 10951 hello 7th level.

Feybread: Morgan, 6; Brandis, 8; Bara Is, 5; Damakos, 6; Roland 9
Cure Moderate Wounds. Morgan – 2; Brandis-3; Bara Is, 1; Damakos, 1; Roland 3

Everyone please add the items you received in this session that includes the permanent magic items and the number of Fey breads and does of Cure moderate wounds your character received.


Adventure 3, Session 1

Today is the 46th of Pedwar
Jorn made himself a necklace of a dragon tooth. The party also took the head back as a symbol and a variety of scales and claws and some hide and or wing tissue for armor. Jorn failed to find amber for the eyes. Bradis took a claw to make into a dagger or knife.
The party made very good time getting back to Derrick’s camp. The weather has been damp and misty.
Orcs and goblin bands are now running away from us.
We feel GOOD!

When we get back to camp and as we approach Derrick’s hood falls back and his face is all bruised. Then Imden drops her hood back it is really the Doctore. She says ‘you did well to stay away so long, but you will come back with me now’.
A bunch of gladiators and guards come out of the tents with one Scathrunda.
Round 1: Roland shoots and bloodies one, Jorn runs through the pavilion and attacks Doctore and knocks her down. Brandis goes in and dazes and suggests the Doctore, and the action points to Invitation to Defeat and pulls most of the badies around him and weakens them (I wonder if he’ll survive this). Scathrunda casts a spell on Brandis, Jorn, and Derrik (who starts convulsing). Doctore does a battle yell and hurts Jorn some (yeah weakened). Gladiators do some fighting and wail on Brandis but he manages to not even get bloodied. Damakos attacks and misses so the uses a +4 and an AP to hit the Scathrunda and do a little damage. Morgan throws a fire bomb in among the gang of gladiators and also cooks Brandis and bloodies him. She then moves a bit and charges the Scathrunda and hurts him, he then hurts her back a bit and teleports away. Bara’is hits a baddie, gives Brandis 4 temp HP, and does a heal for Derrik. A berserker moves up and attacks Roland, hits. Another hits Morgan. Another hits Brandis. Derrik groans and doesn’t save vs. the ongoing damage.
Round 2: Roland is pissed that his GF got burned so he moves and wastes the Scathrunda with 2 hits. Jorn saves vs his ongoing, Thunder steps into the middle of the baddies, marks the whole gang, and does some damage to gladiators and kills one. Brandis throws and ice pot and hurts 3 bads (bloodies 2), then heals some before he kisses dirt. Morgan chops a berserker. Bara’is zaps one and give Derrik another healing surge. But then a Berserker wails on her and gets her to 1 hp, but the next berserker takes her to -16. Derrik stops moving but stops taking ongoing.
Round 3: Roland uses his spiffy healing gloves to bring Bara’is back (wahoo), then he shoots and kills one. Jorn does a damage to a bunch of baddies and keeps them tied up and moves the Doctore into the fire and knocks her down. Brandis does and augment 2 strike on a group of 3 and hurts a berserker and a gladiator and gives them -3 to all defenses. Bads miss a bunch. Damakos zaps one and gets in his face. Morgan stabs her berserker. Bara tries to crawl away and gets a crit AOO and it drops her hard. Her armor activates a fire shield. Berserkers do a little damage.
Round 4: Roland takes 9 for being by flaming cleric and then he shoots and kill steals the Doctore. Jorn does some damage and keeps a bunch tied up. Brandis shifts a bit and then hits a gladiator with and augmented attack so Bara’is gets some healing. Baddies wail on Jorn but he is still up. Damakos scorches a bad guy and singes another. Morgan whacks her berserker and sets him on fire. Bara’is gets up and zaps the guy that cleaned her clock and wastes him, with temp HP to Morgan. Berserkers attack and scratch but bloody Roland.
Round 5: Roland shoots his attacker (last undamaged foe). Jorn heals a bunch. Brandis stabs and kills 1 and gives Jorn temp HP. 3 gladiators hurt Brandis and he goes down. Damakos drops the guy who took Brandis down. Morgan nearly decapitates her guy. Bara’is blasts one and then heals Brandis (woot). Breserker hits Morgan.
Round 6: Roland kills 1 gladiator and maims another. Jorn rips his guy apart. Brandis demoralizes the last dude and moves to Derrik. Damakos crits (the party’s only crit vs. 5 DM crits) the last guy before he can surrender. Morgan starts searching tents, Bara’is does a heal check on Derrik. Roland and Jorn challenge the guy hiding in the trees.
He says he is just a tracker and he means us no ill will. He leads us to the tied up allies. They are beat up but alive. His name is Jax Donavin. He was hired to track the escaped party and did. Now he is working for us. His standard price is high but not outrageous. We hire him for the next 2 rides for sure. He also tells us that the storm really only damaged our section of the arena and we were the only escapees. We were only the 3rd escapees ever. The others were only singles so Doctore really took it personally. The bad guy force was 11 strong. Jax is very impressed we were victorious. This is the strongest hunting force he’s ever seen go out.
Jorn searches the bad guys and piles them for later burning. However, the primal spirits tell Jorn not to reveal himself and the ground swallows up the bodies. Jorn falls into a peaceful sleep and the earth covers and protects him. The whole group feels safe and generally better when this happens.
Find 50 gp. Scathrunda has a bag of purpleish beads in a bag (500 gp of residuem). Both Doctore and tiefling have a symbol of a human female figure bound in spiked chains. Jorn also gives a nice dagger and cuff with the tiefling’s Order symbol. We also keep Doctore’s whip.
When Jorn shows the bound figure to Brandis he is totally revolted and gets a feeling of corruption from it.
Everybody recovers much better than they should have over night. Jax notices and we give him a good sales pitch on goodness. We give Derrik the dragon head and discuss what we found and what to do next.
After much discussion we decided to have Jax go ahead of us to scout out the Cove and then meet with us to tell us what he finds. He gives us a recommended route and then plans on where to meet us.
Derrik and gang will read the books and keep on the move. They will also likely go read the Book and they promised to leave it there.

SKILLS CHALLENGE to travel south to the cove:
It will take about 11 days to get there. It is mostly low rolling hills with some scrub lands and the occasional small woods. It is still mid spring. What settlements there are have basic stockade defenses.
We all suck at on our initiatives.
Roland takes Morgan ‘hunting’ to find more about her past. She has always worked or been in the Legion. The only thing Roland finds is a skunk. Morgan chats with Roland and then helps with his odor problem. Jorn finds a farm stead with a damaged wall and helps repair the wall for a night under cover for the party. Brandis tries to learn more about Jorn’s people but Jorn say the only way to learn of his people is to live among them. Success on an insight check. Bara’is finds a child while foraging and plays tag with them and then she tells them a story about having belief in a happier world. Success on a Religion check. Damakos talks with Morgan about how interactions with Scathrunda. Then gets a success on a bluff of a local. Roland talks with Jorn about trees. Then succeeds with an acrobatics. We then arrive where we are too meet Jax.
There is a lovely map ready for our camp (hmmmm). Brandis has first watch and rolls a 1 on his perception. Wolfaloes (very large wolves (worgs)) come to visit. They get a surprise round since Brandis totally failed to notice them. They try to eat the party and we resist. They really didn’t expect such hard to eat food. David manages to roll several very low attack rolls (he’s back in form). We do better about stacking damage this time. Wolfaloes are very tough. The big one tried to run away but then Damakos shot it again and it came back. There was a lot of missing in this fight.

8651 XP total now. We are 6th level. Ended on Pum 6. There was a dark of both moons.

Items used: Morgan 1 fire pot. Brandis 1 cold pot. Some pay for Jax.
Things gained: 50 gp, 500 gp of residuem, 2 corrupted holy symbols, Order symbol, distinctive whip.

Adventure 2 Session 5

35th of Pedwar, 2345

Long corridor from the traps. Stone door. From the doorway, 7’ tall arcane contraption. Purple light at the top of it. Statues with hammers. Tall skinny ones, mismatched.
Jorn enters first. Bara wants to stay behind a little bit. But you don’t want to stay waaaaaaay behind just in case someone comes up behind and attaasdkfsnlvdsvjbslifvjbssfv,,, moving right along.
Nothing happens.
Searching for switches.
How did Silus get through here………..
Energy coming off crystal beams out and stretches towards… DM moving around table… beams of refracted light seem to be connected to the statues.
Heroes slowly move into the room.
Crystal brightens. Beams are right on the eyes of the constructs. The constructs start to move.
Roland shoots the crystal, the crystal shoots a purple beam back at Roland and hits.
Hammer guys move forward. Too legit to quit.
At the waist, the construct spins and attacks Morgan.
Other one attacks Jorn and clangs off his shield. Can’t touch this.
Brandis hits with agonizing strike.
Nic doesn’t approve of the miniature, but likes the temps Morgan just gained.
Damakos goes. Persekletesesnausages. Then Zimnee la Cootch. Holy crap the huge stone statue thing has over 10 Fort good to know! (Damakos misses).
Bara goes. DM imitates Damakos trying to swing at the statue and… well… it was special.
Pup headbutts Merlin.
Bara… still going.
I gotchu back.
Light shoots out of… the symbol… no words today. Sorry.
Silver light emanates like a… like a… LIKE A LANCE OF oh I’ll work on it.
Against hammer thing.
Morgan gets amped by a +2 dam bonus next turn.
Jorn goes, marks two, earthgrasp strike on one in front. Notices the crystal pillar is a contraption with levers and arcane symbols controlling the statues.
Morgan goes, trying to drive the other statue toward Jorn.
Roland goes. Invasive strikes one of the hammer guys. Lots of damage. Shifts way the hell in there. Up against the crystal pillar contraption. Jorn lashes out at prone construct. Construct can’t get up. Misses Jorn.
Other marked construct hits Jorn.
Other nonmarked construct nails Morgan.
Thinner, more cables, construct approaches Roland while he’s trying to figure out the device.
Construct strikes the same pose as Roland. Strange. I think it’s trying to make friends.
So as it’s doing that, it brings down its mace type weapon. So much for friends.
CRIT. Well now. Friends is RIGHT OFF the table now.
Roland is bloodied.
Little flare of energy when the construct hit Roland, connecting to the pillar. Hmmm.
Brandis goes. I just need a burst. Burst 5. Need to start out near Jorneepoo. Brandis suddenly explodes in a ball of necrotic filth.
Sigh. Hey JOrn ready for a party? Sure next time you call me Jorneepoo my foot will have a party up your ass….
So Brandis wants to pull all kinds of shit in the room… everyone but the enemy hitting Roland.
The generator flares up. Beam of light flares aaaaaannnnnd… lands on……. Looks like… on Brandis. When it hits, it spreads out to envelope Baras and Damakos.
Some energy bounced and hit one of the constructs and seemed like it got a little stronger from it.
David can summon tentacles. I mean, Damakos can summon tentacles. And theres a chance there can be more tentacles and then more tentacles and then more tentacles and more… Persecliteeeeeeeeeen-entacles.
That discuss was just a precursor to the tentacle power, which has not happened yet.
Zee Pow Wrote’em!
This is the scrotum power, not the tentacle power.
Hit the bloodied one with… whatever the hell power you just did.
The DM will slam down the Minuses Hammer if we derive any innuendo from “He drives his rod into it”.
The tentacle power! Maui Macka! Two icy tentacles appear in the room. What the living hell.
How do you feel about cold, Roland. Whenever Damakos asks “how do you feel about…” you know the hurt’s coming so I don’t even know why the asshole asks in the first place. Jorn says that in character by the way.
Bara goes. Hilig Flama… that’s her power. That’s how she do. Morgan made… a sound… I was in the kitchen so missed the note taking opp.
Jorn thundersteps over to the construct behind Roland and slams the thing.
Morgan takes cold damage and is flanked by bad guys. She…. Well… on her turn she… well it’s not her fault .
Yay ice tentacles, dealing the hurt to the bad machines!
One construct CRITS on Jorn. The hell. Cheater.
Roland busy on the pillar. Seems to get the hang of it, using Silus’s tool.
DM is a CRITting machine. Both hits on Morgan.
Damakos gets hit aaaaand HO CHI MINH! Take that sukkah.
DM just scored some new razors that arrived magically.
Brandis is going. 4 blades for ten bucks a month. Shameless shill.
Pillar sends a burst of light hitting 3 heroes.
Damakos gets hit. Misses BRandis. Hits Bara. Energy flowed back into one construct and seemed to heal it or tickle it or massage it make it feel better. Roland destroy that piece of shit yesterday please.
Tentacles of Cryonax. I think that’s an HP Lovecraft book.
Oh, this is Damakos’ turn of course. Every time that guy levels more creepy shit comes into the game.
Yay Holmes Thro Hep shouts Bara. Misses. Maybe the construct isn’t up on the ghetto divine slang from that village.
Liken This shouts Bara and heals Morgan.
Jorn galestrikes the flanked construct and shanks the little guy behind him.
DM is planning to deal a world of hurt to Bara for an exchange that I occurred during my turn. Oh boy!
Morgan focuses all of her righteous indignation on the mechanical thing trying to kill her friend aaaaaaaaand…… “killify” enters the lexicon. Overwhelming strike. Choose the 19. Hits.
DM just attacked a bag of beef jerky in a way that reminded me of watching Discover Channel.
Construct attacks Morgan.
Roland goes. Decipher that shit man! The glow is starting to dim.
Hammerguys. Tentacles keep doing damage. This encounter was made for tentacles.
Flanky Flanky. The DM just said that. On Morgan.
If Morgan has an AC higher than 25 I’m no longer in front goddamnit.
Morgan vanishes after being hit by the hammer and reappears behind it. BAMF! Wait… rethinking it now. Adjaency screws up her whole world.
Construct attacks… fucket (the DM said that) Brandis attack it as it moves past! High twenties. Construct attacks all ya’ll. People go prone.
Jorn gets attacked. Bring it. Fucking hit so hard the DM’s dice tower broke. It’s on now.
Brandis goes. Does something. Hits.
Crystal suddenly bitchslaps Roland and he goes dooooowwwwwn.
Ox Zap. Damakos goes. Or as Brandis says, Damlokloslal or Damoclese depending on mood.
Hits and slides enemy toward his pet tentacle.
Bara goes. Stillness within the storm, the DM reminded her. Demerits.
Conjures something under this guy. Hits. Construct stops moving.
Dog barking.
Jorn strength of stones the construct in front of him. Hits.
Morgan goes. Hits.
Why is Jorn marking himself.
Strike one on Roland. Light at the end of the tunnel.
Construct swings at Jorn and misses. Brian blowing into pup’s face and wonders why he just got clawed in the mouth.
Brandis getting smacked. Damakos getting smacked.
Construct assumes same fighting stance as Jorn and hits.
Brandis goes. Energizing strike. Hits. Roland comes back up. Roland gets healed a shit ton.
Crystal flares. Dogs barking. Let’s go outside.
Brandis is bloodied. Makes people shifty.
Damakos goes. Oxzip. Taun Taun charges Merlin.
Bara goes.
Jorn second winds and tries luring two constructs with him behind the wall and away from Roland.
Morgan kills a thing, it crumbles.
Roland gets back at the device and the thing grows dimmer.
Construct misses.
Dazed construct moves near Roland. Damnit. Ummm, Roland… hey buddy… ummm… got something for ya.
Brandis goes. Energizer.
More energy beams burst around from the crystal pillar.
Roland gets hit and temps disappear right as they arrive.
Damakos. Haul ass baby yells Brandis in character.
Tentacles, pillars… I suppose tentacles become pillars when you tickle the underside.
That’s weeny, said the DM to Damakos’ damage. Or to his tentacle. Or both or something.
DM is not worried about not being able to read his own writing. We’re in good hands.
Bara goes. I’m going to float my little spiritual weapon over here. The hell game are we playing again?
Jorn destroys the last construct. All constructs are either inert or crumbled.
Morgan is helping…ish… Roland with his thievery shenanigans.
Holy living fuckastrophe Roland rolls a 1 because the DM foretold it. Roland is bloodied from the Crystal shoots a beam into his esophagus.
Brandis heals Roland. Keep him up so he can deactivate this piece of shit!
Crystal goes, tries to include Jorn in the burst but SORRY NO LUCK.
Construct starts moving again, healed by the crystal. DM is no longer allowed a full day to prepare for a game.
Damakos goes. Says Whhoooowwhohohooo. Then Oxxxxzzzzzzepffftttt at construct. Construct looks back at Damakos. There’s tension. I think something was supposed to happen.
Bara goes. DM cheers that people are running out of surges. I’m sending bias.
Glowing quarterstaff. Construct crumbles. Damakos that’s how it’s done… with your osxxssdeepetfft shit.
Jorn rushes the crystal pillar out of aggravation. Sends the crystal flying. Eats some purple energy. But then the thing goes dormant… ohhhhh, well… it crashes to pieces.
Extended rest.
Search the room. Bupkiss.
Puppy time.
Morgan wants to post guards.

36th of Pedwar, 2345

Double stone doors. Roland open this.
Unlocks the door easily.
Jorn says in a hushed roar “This leads to the outside! And Goblins!”
Rubble is blocking the door, but we can fit through.
Roland scouts ahead. Inside a large building. Furniture, bits of furniture. Walls are broken, pulled apart. Looks like a bombed out building from WWII, an analogy which earns Jorn a plus 2 to his next roll.
Morgan wants to move double time, ducking under windows and moving quietly.
All is still.
We are working our way into a street. Nothing moves. Silent. Crumbling walls, buildings. Base of walls are intact, anything over 5-6 ft damaged. Crude things painted on walls. Goblin penises??? Grow up Morgan.
Streets are not clean. Rubble everywhere.
Sunny, sunny day. Jorn stretches and enjoys the sun.
Jorn runs forward to perceive. Sees more of the same. Jorn hears snoring coming from up and to the right. Second story area up there, need to go that way.
Morgan sees a long stretch of open space, no good cover. Past that, great place to hide. Need to move really quickly through the open area. She looks at the healers. Soft. Fragile. Armlocks both of them and force-marches both of them across the open area.
Roland. Acknowledges that we are now in a skill challenge.
Fails perception check.
Here’s the deal. Roland falls into a sub-basement. Lose a healing surge.
Brandis looks around while being dragged through the open area.
Bara hears thump. It was Roland falling. Plume of dust. Stop drop and roll. Tries to help Roland out of the pit. Use an action point. Helps Roland out.
Damakos. Okay. So. Hes out. We’re all back together. I’m familiar with some of this stuff. Streetwise will help me realize typically there is a side alley that will lead us around some of these areas.
Jorn can smell rain coming soon. So he tells Morgan to halt until the rain comes. Morgan will acquiesce. Looks for a tarp and board, wants to build a small break to hide under. A hunting blind.
Wait… Squirrel Building…? Nevermind.
Roland. Observes that everyone is tense except Jorn who loves the rain. He succeeds in bullshitting everyone that everything will be fine.
Brandis. Think like a goblin. Now we have 2 failures. Crap. A dagger comes from somewhere, Roland snapshots the goblin. All this happens so fast Jorn missed it because he was yawning.
Bara. I’ve been out on the plains. I’ve hid from goblins before. By covering our scent, we should have been covering with mud.
Damakos. Kay. So. What’s the deal. Okay. So. We are almost to the building. We get there, we are at a spot. Nowhere else to go. Group of goblins taking refuge inside the squirrel building. So. I. Am going to. Use STEALTH. Yes I know. This is kind of scary. I am going to sneak up to one and put him in a choke hold and subdue him. I am going to do it very quietly. WOAH. He did it.
Brian get your ass over here.

Holy shit. Main chamber. Fountain. Morgan sees lower part of two legs coming out of the fountain. In the courtyard. Barrels. Little goblins. Really little. They’re the help. Actively striking tender into barrels which represent braziers. Awning over what’s left of back of courtyard.
Goblins, few different types… let me get paper. Hobgoblins milling about, talking with each other. Orcs carrying curved blades. More orcs with shields.
Then of course there’s Tramaka. The dragon. Grey dragon. Looks just like the mini.
Damakos says Guano which translates to Shit. Jorn says something in elven that’s kinda like… “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…… me.”
They are not aware of us… surprise round. Grey dragon sits on a huge pile of gold.
Roland shoots at an orc. Jorn transforms into Storm Tree.
Bara goes. Focus fires on the same orc.
Brandis. Energizing strike on a minion.
Morgan… chooses among the Daily Breakfast Buffet. Out-rules-lawyers the DM and oathed the wounded orc.
Damakos… Now We Makah! Tentacles emerge in the midst of goblins.
Roland moves up. Fires an arrow at the wounded orc. Winged’em.
DM cheered WAY too loud because it’s now their turn.
Wounded orc charges Roland. Swings the big huge holy shit 28 versus AC sword and implants it into Roland’s thorax not gracefully.
Another orc charges Jorn. Misses. Must have been the…. Wind and Rain!!!!…. sorry.
Another orc charges … the barrel. Well, doesn’t charge. Just attacks Brandis.
Other orc rushes Jorn.
Jorn, with two enemies attacking him, uses Storm Tree attack and prones both orcs. Then runs forward and thundersteps to the dragon, dazing and proning it with the Stormbiter Warblade’s power, drilling it with ongoing 5 lightning.
Bara goes, swung her spiritual weapon and missed the orc.
Brandis energizing strike.
Morgan glaringly admonishes her oath target. Brandis shouts NAUGHTY… which is awkward. Oathed targets are screwed. Divine powers rule.
Damakos. Okay. So. Sustains the tentacles. How tentacular.
Macky Load Ooh. Lots of dice for damage. He will take. He will take. Cold damage. Red hobgoblin.
Damakos destroys a minion.
Perseklitee. Curses.
Hobgoblin rushes and chants. Two of his allies attack. Both miss. DM says it sucks. We disagree.
Tentacle grab is a save ends grab. Which is weird, but it’s a tentacle. So yeah.
Thramak says to Jorn, “I was going to watch much longer.” Still prone, daze, and being electrocuted, she swings a claw and a tail at Jorn, but Jorn blocks the attacks with aspects of the Storm Tree form.
Roland shoots the shit out ooooffffffffffffff wounded orc.
Terror blades… one died on Roland’s arrow. Other one charges the ranger. Roland now bloodied.
Darkblades. One attacks Bara. Goddamn D4 damage crap shouts the…. Orc…
Other one attacks Brandis. DM just gave Brian cardiac arrest.
JOrn swings at the dragon, misses.
Bara. Just bloodied the dra… wait. An orc. He’s wearing pink and red right now.
Roland yells Get’m the hell away from me please!
Damakos dies in a horrible explosion of fire and phlegm from David’s “4 Tops” pun.
Brandis. Start with pajama boy. Asswipe. Orange. He’s actually silver. Brandis heals Roland because he doesn’t have time for his shit.
Morgan taps the chanting orc, you shall not stand against me. Plunges her weapon into the orc’s lower 14th vertebrae. Bloodied. Dazed.
Damakos. Sustains tentacles. I would like to. Um. I would like to. Um. Curse a minion? Attacks orc on Bara.
Prizrobic. Crackling energy! Misses.
Hobgoblin chants, voice goes up, thunder energy goes out and hits the heroes. Actually ya-huh.
Miss. Miss. Bara is hit. Sure. His buddies decide they want to move a little bit. Terrorblade slides this way. Other guy that’s in there slides back so he’s flanking Roland.
Orc chanter moves to the fountain. Makes that same call. Allies attack. All miss.
A goblin minion pushes a brazier over and fire spills all over.
Thramaka. Claw. Hits. Tail misses. Claw rakes Jorn causing bleeding and immobilized. Saves out of Daze but still nailed by ongoing lightning and deafening.
Roland shoots darkblade nails it.
Orc rushes Bara. Hits. Bloodied.
Roland hurts people. He’s about to be hurt. Orc rushes and hits with a poisonous swing.
Brandis gets hit by a poisonous attack.
Jorn continues to engage the dragon, keeping her locked within her piles of coins.
The other heroes continue engaging the orcs and hobgoblins.
Hobgoblin Dirge Singer goes down in a slag of righteous lightning from the sky by Morgan’s weapon.
Crapnation, Jorn is flanked by a hobgoblin chanter. He’s venerating her somehow in his song. He looks a little more zealous. Let’s a low howl out as he attacks Jorn. Dragon attacks as well with tail and claw.
The heroes continue to battle the orcs and hobgoblins. Lots of clangs and cries and ongoing damages.
Do the scrotum thing shouts Brandis to Damakos who can’t hit a paper bag.
The battle rages on. Order the pizza!
The battle continues to rage!
The dragon is loose! She… exproars! Frightful presence! Misses Jorn. CRITS Damakos. Hits others. Stuns for all.
Morgan kills the dragon. A warm rain falls from the sky, cleansing the courtyard. The dragon is a flaking corpse in the ruined fountain. “Dragon Slayer.” Shouts Jorn. “This will be the thing of tales.”
As the dragon died, a throng of goblins were watching. “You shall not come against us.” Says Morgan, and they all break and run.
Gold is about 138lbs. when bagged. Heroes gather all the coins. 5000cp. 700sp. 800gp. 20 gems worth 50gp each.

Heroes enter the massive doorway. Once beautiful building covered in designs and delicate frieze work. Defaced by orc defilement. Bits of colored glass can be seen in the high windows. We all feel at home, other than Damakos whose hairs are prickling on back of his neck.
Brandis is pulled into a corner. Starts sifting through the rubble. When he finds a flat piece. It’s smooth. There’s one side that is smooth. Chunk of a wall. Perfectly smooth. Smoother than anything ever felt. Not even a polish.Brandis knows that something was there that was very very important.

Bara. Pulled to another corner. Over there she sifts through, looking around. Surfaces beaten and hacked. Pedestal there. Bits of a segmented spiral.

Morgan gets pulled into the back. It’s hacked and destroyed and painted over with garish scenes, goblinesque. Looking around, pedestal, feel fine grooves of the spiral, the connection with divinity.

No effect with Roland and Jorn. Damakos does not like it here.

Roland finds a carved feather, a finger, a heal. Part of a statue of some sort. Floor actually looks unmarred, 10×10 area. All scuffed and broken and worn outside of the area, but that area is in good condition. Unblemished. Roland examines this area further. For some reason this part of the floor is whole. No real clue as to why.

Roland calls for Damakos. When he gets to the clean area, he really doesn’t feel right about it. Doesn’t notice anything strange about the area.

Walls may once have been adorned with paintings and scenes of landscapes of peace and safety. It’s all been ruined, but it still exists beneath the filth. But it’s now gone.

The two divine heroes are pushing on the clear 10×10 square. Morgan wants to understand. Bara wants to know more. They feel the floor lift by 2ft. Center splits, pristine staircase leading down. Sconces with glowing crystals lighting the stairs going down. No dust, no sign of conflict.

Damakos stays upstairs, Jorn follows but stays behind. The divine heroes feel that this is a safe place, a good place, to go. Morgan is cruising down the stairs.

At the bottom is a stone, beautiful door. A lever is at the bottom of the stairs. A circle that has been divided into 5 pieces. Top piece has exact type of grooves that is Morgan’s spiral. Another slice is perfectly smooth. Another slice is like the groove spiral, but thicker. Bottom slice is a nautilus shell. Then there’s the segmented spiral is on the last slice.

Morgan opens the door. 25×25ish room. Frescos and paintings all over the wall. Scenes of a man fighting against a horde of monstrosities protecting a family. Another one has a woman reaching and helping a child fallen into a well. Another shows a group fighting a forest fire to protect fields of ripe grain. Other images like this cover the walls. Security, protection, compassion.

Whole ceiling is an image of what we would consider an angelic figure. Human part is male but muted in all other ways. Anyman. Four-winged creature. Wings are folded forward, protective. Figure is holding a sphere that has the spiral… the thicker spiral.

Jorn asks, “What is this place.” Morgan replies, “Its showing us what it should be to live in this world. This is how the world is meant to be.”

Back of the room: screens, 3 areas that are bed chambers… bed, chest, etc.

In the middle of the large room, under the spiral, is a pedestal. White marble. Sitting on it is a thing….. Bound in platinum. Thick spiral symbol on the cover of a very large book.
Roland opens the book. Very good condition. Mint. Exquisite. Perfect. Ancient version of what we now speak.

The Book of Shields Against the Darkness

The first section is a dedication to She Who Answers the Cries as it was her that brought the world together and taught those who would listen how to work together to build a strong and nurturing society, the foundation that every thing else was built upon.

The first true chapter is a story in which She Who Answers the Cries is standing against a tide of darkness. She stove to push it back but found that no matter how far She would reach the darkness continued to creep around Her grasp. Feeling alone and overwhelmed, She looked about for help. Below the divine expanse of the heavens where She resides, She saw a lone figure fending off a handful of beasts that were attacking a small family.

This figure took attack after attack, and staggered under the onslaught but did not fall and did not run in order to save himself. Instead, he continued to fight back and defend the helpless ones behind him. Seeing this bravery, She first considers that She might imbue that courageous individual with part of Her essence and have him join Her at Her side to combat this foe and any others. She considers this idea for but a moment and realizes that She, even with Her place in the heavens must not choose the fate of others rather than allow them to freely live and choose their own destinies. To take this freedom away would be a great evil, possibly even greater than the foe in front of Her.

She reached down from the heavens and touched that brave warrior with her divine blessing in gratitude for what he had helped Her to know. With that knowledge in Her heart, She Who Answers the Cries, reaches within herself to find that quality the man below Her exemplified. Once She found what was needed She pronounced, ”I call out Shields Against the Dark to stand with Me and protect the world from that which would destroy it!” Energy flowed from Her and coalesced at Her left hand, taking a shape which resembled the essence of the one that inspired its creation.

“Shields Against the Dark, you will need speed to fulfill you duty as well as the part of Me that created you.” At this wings formed from the energy and a the image of a spiral, loose with thick swirls forms on his chest. “Go forth and protect those that are lesser, but greater in their own way. Show by example and inspiration that one can be strong and protect those in need.”

The newly created angel nods to his Creator, “I will stand to provide the security for those in this world who appreciate Your ideals. I will stand against those who do not.” With those words Shields Against the Dark opens his wings and flies into the face of darkness, beginning his ongoing battle.

The second chapter tells a story in which Shields Against the Dark works with Stillness Within the Storm to broker a peace between two great races of people when the dwarves and the humans first encountered each other in a far off mountainous land. These angels did not force their desired outcome, but with gentle influence guided the process, insuring full understanding was attained.

The pages you assume would make up the third chapter are completely blank and pristine.

The fourth chapter speaks about the cooperation between Shields Against the Dark and Welcomes All in preventing the starvation of a people who were caught in the path of destruction caused by a volcano’s eruption threatening the croplands below.

The rest of the book holds stories extolling the virtues of giving aid, security and protection to all.

The party spends the rest of this day and the next in the chamber. After searching the room thoroughly they find more books containing more teachings of Shields Against the Dark as well as a ritual book. Morgan finds a headdress and armbands, Bara Is finds a magical quarterstaff and a belt, Damakos finds a belt of his own and bracers. They also find 3 holy symbols.

Roland and Brandis read to the others and take notes from the BOOK. Morgan and Bara Is listen intently and discuss the stories. Damakos mainly takes watch outside of chamber as it is not at all comforting for him to be there. Jorn is restless in frustration, pacing in and out of the chamber and building finally taking one of the beds and sleeps.

At the end of the day the party discusses what to do next. They briefly discuss taking the BOOK with them but decide to leave it her and take the other books. Jorn expresses his frustration at not knowing what they are doing. Morgan explains that she sees their path as finding what was lost/erased and setting the world back to what it was before. Jorn is even more confused on how to do this.

Roland brings up the figure in his visions. He gets the sense of agelessness in the figure and feels he may be in the northern forest of Roland’s homeland. Jorn calls this figure an elf, a race that he decends.

The Cove and the strange circle of stones in the heart of Bai are also discussed as places that may have connections to the puzzle.

The party decides to find Morgan’s old companions and tell them of what they found. Then continue to the Cove, before heading to Crainn by way of the stone circle in Bai.

38th of Pedwar, 2345

Total XP earned this session 1533
Total XP for campaign 7851 everyone is not 6th level

Adventure 2, Session 4

Bringers of Light

22 Pedwar 2345

Damakos is still tied up & possibly gagged.

The fort has been overrun by goblins. Sylis told us that he can get us in through a “secret entrance”. They had been able to get a bunch of supplies from Legion Thunder during the big storm a while back.

It is dinner time. We discuss whether going to the fort is a good idea. Legion Thunder was headed in the direction of the fort. We know from Morgan that they have let the goblins take the fort so that Legion Thunder can practice taking a city by force. During the discussion, Sylis perks up & runs off excitedly. Legion Thunder should not get there soon because they will have to regroup & resupply. Sylis reappears with a ceramic globe about the size of a small melon and says “But we have these!” It will burst into flame, burst into ice, or dissolve stuff. They got them from Legion Thunder’s stuff. They are willing to give us some of these items.
Derrick quietly speaks to Morgan about the realization that there is more dissent within the ranks of the Legion than he thought. They discuss that we have to talk to people and find allies and support, but we have to remain in hiding so that we can build sufficient strength before coming into the open so that the Legions don’t just come in and wipe them out. Derrick feels that if we can get a major city to side with us and if we can disrupt the supply chain to the legions, then we have a chance of breaking/changing the status quo and move away from the current oppressive regime.

Derrick will talk to Imden about Damakos. He does not agree to even loosen Damakos’ bonds so that he can eat until after he talks to her. Brynn offers to tell us the true story of how Morgan got caught. In a very amused manner, he tells us the story of Morgan helping a family that couldn’t pay tribute. The tribute collectors were threatening to sell the family’s children. That brought Morgan out of hiding. She killed the tribute collectors and their bodyguards, but was caught by the apprentice after 1 (rumor) she tripped over her own feet, fell into a sewer grate & hit her own head – or – 2 (what he believes to be true) the apprentice threw a bucket of fetid water into her face & knocked her over her head. There is some posturing by both Brynn and Morgan and Sylis pops in and tells Brynn that Morgan would be able to take him out without breaking a sweat! Morgan admits that it was embarrassing to be caught by the skinny clerk/apprentice.

Imden & Derrick show up & walk directly to Damakos. Imden looks into his eyes and asks what his mission is. Damakos explains that he wants to make up for wrongs done in the name of the government. He does state that he will use fear and intimidation to save himself and his companions. Imden says to Derrick “I believe his words. You can untie him – but keep him away from me.”

They offer tents for us to rest in for the night. Morgan looks around & sees that their supplies are very well camouflaged. Derrick says that Sylis has been a big help to them, but his enthusiasm could get him in trouble.

23 Pedwar 2345
We wake up & have a breakfast of oatmeal/gruel. Sylis talks to Bara Is and shows her some basics on how to combine herbs & ingredients to brew potions. He gives her 5 healing potions & teaches her how to make a potion of Cure Light Wounds plus 250gp of components. He also gives her some small pink beads that glow slightly. He explains that he doesn’t know what they are, but he can use them in lieu of expensive components when making potions. Brandis gets 3 Ice Spheres, Morgan gets 3 Acid Spheres, and Jorn gets 2 Fire Spheres. They top off all of our traveling supplies & resupply our arrows, sling stones, etc. and will sharpen & maintain our weapons for us.

Jorn isn’t sure about Sylis, so he asks Raker about him. She says that he can get over excited and can be fairly annoying, but he always comes through in a pinch. They caught him trying to steal from their supplies. He didn’t try to run, but explained what he was doing & offered to barter for food instead. They ended up taking him on & he has provided fresh ideas for them and helped them to extend supplies, etc.

Morgan wants to spread the word about “She Who Answers the Cries”. She tells several others about her. They don’t really understand at the beginning, but listen politely and by the end seem to comprehend her.

Sylis tells us about the tunnel into the city. How to work the hidden entrance. The tunnel is 4-5 miles long. There is a corridor with a lot of doors & statues (segmented hallway). The end of the tunnel has a lot of twists & turns. They ask us if any of us are good with mechanical stuff. He give us a set of tools that will help us deal with mechanical stuff. Sylis tells us that he managed to pull a lever in the room where the tunnel ends and thinks that it stopped any traps in the tunnel, but he thinks that when he closed the door at the end of the tunnel they reset. He keeps asking, but Derrick won’t let Sylis come along. Morgan talks to Derrick about the possibility of Sylis sneaking away to follow us to the fort. Derrick assures us that Raker will make sure he doesn’t sneak away.

24 Pedwar 2345
We say our goodbyes & head out towards the fort. SKILL CHALLENGE (Travel to the fort) During the trip we talk with each other about our backgrounds, etc. Roland asks Morgan if she is in love with Derrick, to which she replies with a confused, “no” and a baffled stare. When Morgan utters the word “Hope”, she falls to her knees & feels a surge of power, during which her armor transforms/improves. We can all feel the power that came along when she said that word, and each time it is uttered, we can feel a spark of light in our mind coming from it. Brandis is also profoundly affected by the uttering of the word almost as Morgan was.

34 Pedwar 2345
We reach the rock face where the entrance to the tunnel should be. There we find a fairly large group of goblins and goblin kind camping right where we want to go. The goblins are covered in the same gray paste that we have seen before and they call out “Thramaka” during the battle. Jorn charges in towards the biggest & shiniest goblin and knocks him down. Other goblins swarm around him. Roland shoots the minions from afar. Some of the goblins advance to attack the rest of the party. Their archers target our archer, but are poor shots. There are several misses on both sides, but then Damakos moves up, hits hard & shoves a goblin while calling out “Z Powrotem!” in extremely clear Supernal. (I don’t know how anyone could mistake it for saying anything else!) Morgan attacks the same goblin that Damakos hit while mumbling something about it getting dark and wanting the goblin to stand with her (DM Note: I have no idea what this last sentence means). Jorn misses the prone goblin in front of him & prepares for the pain train. A red ninja goblin charges Roland and mutters a curse at Roland in Supernal as he stabs him with his spear. The string of misses continues, with Bara crit missing & losing our bonus. Fortunately Brandis crits to get us our bonus back. Damakos calls out “Przeklety” to curse the bloodied goblin and “Przerobic” (both in flawless Supernal that every decent person here can hear without any difficulty or misunderstanding), but the ray of arcane power that he unleashed goes just wide of the target. Roland gets fed up with the red ninja goblin and takes him out in a single shot! The goblin archers don’t take well to that & take Roland down. Brandis rushes up and uses a daily power to weaken a minion, even though he hit everyone except the archers. He stands there muttering to himself in disbelief while Jorn looks at him with a WTF look on his face. Damakos clearly calls out “Przeklety” followed by “Zimny Lancuch” (which sounds nothing like Disneyland Cooch – heathens!). A spectral chain of ice shoots out and surrounds one of the archers. The DM then disses Morgan, risking her out of game wrath. Morgan is so shaken that she hits a goblin with her massive sword and barely nicks him. Jorn takes out the last of the minions. Bara Is moves over to heal Roland, who was on the verge of death. She then shoots flames out of her hand (or flames out of her ass –or- ass out of her hand – it’s very unclear). The bad guys move up by Jorn who says “Bring the pain MoFo”. The bad guy then fails to bring the pain. Morgan takes out another goblin and moves closer to Jorn, which kind of freaks him out. She mumbles something about the dark and sand blowing against her. Roland stands up and heals himself. Bara Is graces us with a song from her gullet (i.e. she belches loudly). The odor weakens the goblins by Jorn & boosts Jorn & Brandis. The archers focus on Morgan, but miss. Brandis attacks the remaining red ninja goblin, hitting him and allowing Jorn to make a saving throw. Damakos, once again is the clearest, most understandable Supernal, calls out “Przeklety” and “Blyskawica”, shooting a bolt of flame at the red ninja goblin, taking him down. He then calls out “Przeklety” again, and the boss goblin clearly understands that he has been cursed. Morgan tells the boss goblin that he can’t stand with her in either the light or the dark, and smacks him. Roland shoots and archer and then hides behind some rocks. Morgan calls out “Kill the archers!” after they bloody her. Damakos calls out “Przeklety” to curse another archer and “Przerobic” to send a crackling ray of arcane power (not a crackle gray of arcane power) that takes out an archer. Morgan surprise strikes the boss goblin, dazing him. Roland goes for a trick shot firing 2 arrows at once. He makes it look easy (and is ready to become a circus side show act), and takes out another archer. Bara Is once again shoots flame out of her hand or ass & singes the boss goblin. The remaining archer shoots Damakos because he is upset that Damakos speaks Supernal so clearly. The carnival of misses continues with the boss goblin and Brandis. Damakos joins in by missing the archer. Morgan & Jorn continue the death by 1,000 cuts on the boss goblin. Jorn bloodies the boss goblin & screams in primeval power at the success. He tells the rest of us not to kill him so that we can question him. Roland joins Damakos in fighting the remaining archer. The boss goblin finally hits Jorn, doing a bunch of damage and healing himself. Damakos takes down the last archer. We then surround & focus on taking the boss goblin unconscious. At this point Bara Is says “Watch This!”, runs up next to the boss goblin, and attempts to grab his crotch. She uses an action point to successfully grab his crotch, doing 6 points of damage. In return he smacks her down hard. The boss goblin smacks Jorn and finally saves against his ongoing damage. Brandis loses track of where he is on the battlefield, but having the boss goblin swing at him reminded him to use the reach of his weapon. Jorn finally knocks him unconscious.

Jorn ties up the boss goblin. Roland searches the bodies & the area. Each body has 1-2 gray scales being worn on them. Jorn dunks the boss goblin’s head in the water to revive him. With Damakos’ help we intimidate him into talking: Morgan takes an out of game break to go to the vet and pick up medication during the following scene.

  • Name of his people: The killing ghosts tribe.
  • Who do you work for: Thramaka
  • What is the gray scale: The one we follow.
  • What sort of beast is this from: She is a magnificent Dragon
  • Everything is within Thramaka’s reach. Thramaka is in the city. She lives in its palace.
  • Thramaka’s goals/instructions: Kill people like us. This area is promised to be goblin lands. The puny humans will die.
  • Thramaka has arrived in this area within the past year. They intend to keep the city. The humans keep taking the city, but they will keep taking it back.
  • This is where Thramaka wants to be – that is all they need know to help her keep the city she wants.

We discuss whether or not it would work to sow disinformation through the boss goblin. In the end, Jorn slits his throat & leaves him laying in the pool. We end up dragging all of the bodies back into the woods and start looking for the door. Roland searches for tracks to see which way the goblins came from. He doesn’t have luck, but Jorn finds that they were here for no more than 1 day. They came from the east & appear to have chosen this spot because it is an excellent campsite.

We locate the door fairly easily. Using Sylis’ tool, Roland manages to open the door. Jorn would prefer to camp outdoors for the night. We discuss goblins and the best time to enter the city. Goblins can see better at night. The killing ghost tribe sounds familiar to Morgan, but she has never heard of goblins painting themselves like these do, and she had never heard of goblins working with anyone/anything else.

35 Pedwar 2345
After a good night’s rest, we enter the tunnel. It is 10’ wide, 8’ high. We move in order using the lantern from Bara Is to light the area. We are looking for traps as we proceed. Morgan & Jorn lead the pack, Bara Is and Damakos follow approx. 10’ behind them. Brandis & Roland bring up the rear another 10’ back. In one corner, when 2 of us end up on the corner area, a pit trap opens. Damakos avoids falling in, but Bara Is falls into a 10’ deep spiked pit trap. While trying to move past it, Damakos does a face plant into the pit trap. Brandis moves across without a problem, but Roland trips & nearly falls in. Morgan is able to grab him and keep him from falling in. At the next corner Morgan spots another pit. We help folks across the corner, but Morgan spots another pit just past that one blocking the passage. Morgan moves across it, finding that the weight of 1 person doesn’t set it off. Morgan moves ahead looking carefully for traps. We decide to stagger with each person being 10’ apart. As long as we don’t have 2 people on a pit at the same time we don’t fall in. After a while of going through the winding passages with pit traps we come to a door.
Morgan & Jorn examine the door area, but don’t find anything. Morgan listens but doesn’t hear anything coming from the other side. The door is locked, so Roland tries using the Sylis device. He unlocks the door. We open it & there is another door ~30’ down. We search the passage & the door when we get to it. Roland fails to open the door with the Sylis device. He takes 10 and finally opens the door. Morgan spots small holes in the wall & broad flagstones that are different that the floor in the other areas. By searching we can spot the mechanism that the floor plates work. Roland tries to disable it, but isn’t sure if he got it done. We try to push on the floor with a staff/spear, but don’t get anything to happen. Jorn just walks across the floor without anything happening. They move up to the next door. Roland is working on unlocking it when Bara Is enters that section of hallway. The doors at both ends slam closed & lock leaving Brandis & Damakos in the section of hall behind everyone else. The 4 trapped in that section of hallway have a bunch of slivers come shooting out of the holes in the walls. Those hit are also poisoned & taking ongoing damage. This goes on each round. Jorn tries to break through the door ahead. Roland and Morgan try to open the door behind to where Brandis &Damakos are. After a few more attempts, Roland succeeds on opening the door with Damakos & Brandis helping him. Morgan busts through the door ahead (much to Jorn’s amazement). We stay split 3 and 3 in each corridor section and continue to move forward. Roland uses Sylis’ device and we make sure that we never have more than 3 people in any one section of the hallway at a time. We reach a room that has 8 metal human sized statues – 4 of which look to be pieced together and one of which appears to be very lithe/slender/full of sinewy strength.

Each player earned 819 XP (6318 XP total) – we remain at 5th level for next session.

Adventure 2, Session 3

16th of Pedwar, 2345

Bringers of Light – April 5, 2014

The whole team has gathered at the Cube to adore the puppy and conquer evil. We met around 1000 hours because Pam and Dave have to abandon the team by 1700 hours.
The session begins with awesome dice tower birthday gifts for Brian and Pam. Thank you Spencer and Nick!!

We begin in the middle of the afternoon. We have worked our way through the mountains and are starting back down. Jorn sees some boot prints in the snow and suspects there may be goblins about. We form up into a wall of battle and a horde of goblins arrive. There is a big goblinish guy with a different structure, wolf riders, archers, and ugly goblin types. These guys are all coated in a grey paste.

Battle ensues. Roland shoots one of them they shoot two of us. We stay in the trees so we have Some cover. We give damage, we get damage. Nick has a new pendant that has Morgan’s spiral pattern. The little guys charge us yelling “Thramaka”. Many of the charging minions are crushed by our defensive perimeter. But so far Spencer hasn’t rolled lower than 18. Wolf riders and the red guy who throws darts all move in. More exchanging of damage, both healers send HP to Roland. Blisscoweata says Damaklos. Then the note taker goes to play with the puppy while the battle continues and chip stacks get taller. Bara Is used a Hymn of Resurgence which made lots of baddies easier to hit and lets us knock them prone. Red guy does some whirling and ass kicking. DM cries with glee and posts to Facebook after his archers takes Bara Is down. Brandis gets her back among the living. More trading of blows. Disneylandhooch says Damaclos and actually hits with some cool ice effects. Morgan gets knocked down by a wolfrider on her way to her target. Jorn says he craps more damage than Roland just did. “Mr. Red Goblin, you suck” says the cleric, who then does 6 points of Radiant. This prompts the DM to say “6 hit points, oh no”. Damaklos points his rod and yells snack! And hurts himself a bit. Action Point, SNACK (roll a2) FUCKAFUCK!. After many many blows and powers the red Hobgoblin gets turned into ash by Jorn and his spiffy newly energized sword. Yeah!!! The archers fun for it after Roland nails one of them and then the final wolfrider goes down. Wahoo, we are severely battered, but alive. We decide to move somewhere else and camp. We found 5 vials of poison and 6 poisoned darts around the Hobgoblin. The darts poison will fade before we use them. Brandis took the darts for possible future use. Morgan takes 4 of the poison doses and Brandis takes 1.

We come down out of the mountains and into the lower Tupalo Wilds. The soil is very rocky and there is a very resinous thorny juniper type bush that makes you smell bad and sticks to you. We travel another couple of days when we come into a bog. Zoom to tile map, I wonder if something will happen.

As we move through the bog some spikey bushes rear up and try to eat us. They have a stinky aura 1 which makes you -2 to hit while in the aura. Then some cat sized bugs come out of the trees to suck our blood which they do very effectively. Giving and getting of damage ensues. People with Stirges fight them, the rest fight the Otyugh plants. Thunder, lightning, fire, and explosions on our side, sucking of blood and squishing of plant food on their side. We finally kill them all. Search of the area finds 430 gold scattered around with some bones.

We travel on for a couple of days. Low clouds blanket the sky as it gets rainy and cold. Many of us notice that some sort of humanoids are starting to surround us. They call out in goblin “Stay where you are”. They are not Goblins. We then take a short break to find out that V has eaten most of the dog treats in the pouch. They then say we can lay down our weapons and all of our valuables and keep our lives. Damakos tries to intimidate them but he doesn’t succeed and gets two arrows in the chest. Fortunately Morgan knows one of them and is able to talk them into not shooting us if the Tiefling will be disarmed and tied up. There is some discussion about keeping Damakos alive and they say we can bring him along back to camp but some aren’t happy about him at all. The humans are a mix of men and women and Morgan knows several because she used to work with them. Tall chick named Raker hits on Jorn. There are 6 or 7 people in the group that ‘acquires’ goods and money to help the local peasants. The Imden had her whole clan (46 other people) wiped out by the Scath Runda. Slaves from the coast are sometimes taken by the navy and some Scath Ruda. Derrick is the leader. Sylis the young guy is making dinner. There are lots of goblins to the east and rumor says the legions will be moving against the goblins in the fortress soon. They got a convoy from Legion Thunder a few rides ago and they got of supplies when it got stuck after the storm. Silus has been with the band a few months after he had to run from police at home in Gwennin’s Fenn. He isn’t good with a weapon but he can make things and get into things. Brandis studies the band of people and sees in them a flicker of the fire that is driving us. Brin and Breen are twins and generally good people. Derrick is very focused. Imden lost her clan and Tanat came from a forest and is Imden’s friend. Morgan starts to explain that there is something good and powerful in the world and we are part of it. Derick says he thinks the storm was a release and the something good was happening. They know that the Fort is totally overrun. Sylis has seen a building that has swirl patterns similar to Morgan’s and Bara’Is’. He thinks we can get to it through a long tunnel if we are quiet. Morgan hints that Bara’is should contribute to the conversation but she makes her save and resists. The goblins seem to be getting drawn into the fortress and they have been uniting and using the battle cry “Thramaka” and painting themselves grey.

6778 xp = 1129 per player. 5475 total Call it 5500 which is 5th level exactly.

Level up and add in your low level equipment changes.

Next session is May 17th. Snake Day is at 10:30am.

Adventure 2, Session 2

Adventure 2, Session 2
4th of Pedwar, 2345
We are currently travelling eastward across the plains of Be-Tana and north of the river. Snow has fallen. Bara Is is very familiar with this area. She has been to Be-Tana and has knowledge of this area. The goblin populations tend to be larger this time of year because the legionnaires have not been through as often in the heavy snows of winter. Jornie suggests the use of N7s. Mass Effect references not allowed, Jornie. Not allowed.

Roland shares that he is the son of a Provisional Governor. Morgan gets a little unglued. Continue with a little flavor text. Apparently the rawhide theme keeps making its round for Roland.

Travel, travel, travel…

Come upon an armed group of goblins set up for an ambush who are aware of our group and ready to attack. People and Goblins present.
• Goblins see us. Ew!
• Roland “careful shot” and hits a goblin. Goblin screams and falls down.
• Goblin hits back and hits 8 points-of damage, then another 8 points. Blah!
• Okay, turning into a Roland stab-a-thon. Roland bloodied. It keeps going. When will this end!? Roland is down. Not good, team! Photo Op!
• Jorn is now the target. Goblin misses. The DM says, “5’s turn”. Oi, not starting well.
• DM decides to give description of goblins. Spindly short bow dudes with no armor that is noticeable, copper based ones are beefy and attracted to blood with battle axes and chain, gold color ones look fancy with long sword and have better hygiene, quicker moving ones that are lither with leather armor. (Is lither a word? Yes, if you spell it correctly)
• Chanting goblin? That don’t sound like rap! Something evil this way comes! Strengthens a couple of others with his magic words and they attack. Jorn marked for attack.
• Brandis argent surges and energizing strikes and flanks a silver guy. Hits! Sis boom bah, hit him in the other jaw. 4 temp points to Roland.
• Morgan yells, “Drovers, defend yourselves!” She stares with her blue painted steely eye and uses overwhelming strike to bring a goblin down. Wappity wap! 9 points of damage, and dazed. Goblin is bloodied. Goblin is also shifted so that Morgan can take it down.
• Humans dive off carts and hide underneath to get out of line of fire. These carts are being pulled by oxen.
• Jorn’s turn. Jorn does his best impression of a jungle yell and charges the group of goblins. They swing first and start hitting like crazy and in seconds, Jorn is bloodied.
• Minions start a swingin’. It’s not looking good for the home team. They attack the group under the ox cart. Two people hit, one from each cart, one critically.
• Bara Is has a sudden surge of energy that causes her to sing out a Hymn of Resurgence. She crits the goblins surrounding Morgan and Brandis. Woo hoo!
• “Disco Weaka!” is yelled out by the crazy Tiefling. Fiery Bolt does some damage.
• “My love, don’t leave!” “Uncle!” Oh gawds, the humans are dying. Nooooo!
• Roland moves up, and Jorn gets pissed at him. Really folks, apparently we are not tactical. Strategerry is not our strong point.
• Goblins ho! Attack Damakos and Brandis and Morgan. A bass moving sound rolls over the group. Hits Morgan, Damakos, and Brandis. They are all shifted back two and have owies.
• Brandis uses energizing strike to start loading up hit points on the baddies. He hits! He scores! Knocks that puppy on his ass! Sis boom bah, hit another in the jaw.
• Morgan runs wildly across the field and through the fray to the dying drover. She stops his bleeding with her beefy skinny hands.
• The Jornanator enters and uses his weapon to destroy. Two will enter, one will leave. The Jornanator leaves a bloody trail as he forcefully moves a critter away.
• Goblin’s turn. He’s a chanter. Guiding his little goblin force to where he wants destruction to follow.
• Lance of Faith – Bara Is hits copper goblin who’s parked in front of Brandis.
• “Zee Par Bottom” is yelled out by Damakos. Man, he’s colorful. He crits! Pushed two squares, target and each enemy next to target is slowed until end of next turn. Those Tieflings really have an interesting language.
• Roland enters the fray again. He steps back, thunder strikes the copper guys. Ah, he misses. It’s a sad day. But then copper guy gets hit and is bloodied. He’s a screamer.
• Goblins turn. Silver guy goes after Roland and crits. Roland got cocky and falls on his backside. Then goes after Brandis. Swings at Damakos and misses.
• Brandis, energizing strike against two gobs. Hit! Bloodied! He’s a big baby, that goblin. Sends healing out to the others in the burst.
• Morgan – radiant vengifies the cowardly gutless weasel. He is left as a puddle with nary a bloody droplet left on her body. Boy, she’s good and clean!
• Jorn violent bolts the heck out of a gobby. Theme song in the background was soaring.
• A goblin charges up on Morgan. Hits with 5 points of damage.
• Everyone feeling a little recharge? Bara Is loads up some healing on Roland, and party. Exclusion is Morgan because she’s off doing her own thing, preventing the archers from murderizing the innocent civilians or some such.
• Damakos yells out “Prince Robic”. WTF? It apparently hits and for 13 points of damage.
• Roland stands back up, the guy next to him is weakened. Jorn says “He’d do him”. I’m not sure if this is a fight at this point. For all his whining, he took down two baddies with his bow. Way to go!
• Oops, aiming back at Roland with other goblins. They see him as a threat!
• Jorn, goblins crit hit and a miss.
• Ka pow, ka pow, you shall not stand against me, yells Morgan.
• Jorn does some major damage. He likes himself a little thunder.
• Singer is not a good singer. He’s calling the goblins to shoot at Jorn with their arrows.
• “Persnickty”, hollers Damakos. “Pers Aerobic!”
• Roland – Kapow! Hits that goblin down. Ooo, he’s bloodied! Way to go!
• Jorn gets hits. Bara Is gives him a little boost.
• The singer moves towards Bara & Jorn smacks him. The singer misses Bara & Jorn moves him away from her & slows him down.
• Brandis takes out one of the baddies by Bara & Jorn, then scuttles to a new position.
• Morgan continues to wade her way through the goblins leaving a trail of dead goblin bodies behind her.
• Roland gets hit.
• Damakos yells, “Snack” and tries to turn singer’s skin crispy but misses.
• Roland moves back and takes a goblin out.
• Brandis goes after singer. Readies to make a move.
• Morgan, “All you all creatures cannot stand in the light, and you cannot stand against me.” Is bragging about taking out 5 minions. Which she should. Because she’s just that good.
• Jorn is swinging his mark willy nilly around. Tempest Assault on singer gobby. Crits. 19 points of damage and swings some more damage on to another guy. It’s a bloody bath and they are still standing. Blah.
• Bara stabs her hand in the air and fizzles in the midday sun. She isn’t feeling that close to her deity.
• Damakos yells “Snack” and has a weird brand show up on his target’s face. He hits.
• Careful Attack by Roland takes out the final goblins.
Apparently there was also mention by Jorn and the DM about “all that shit” with music, which then transpires to “shit hands”. Not a good visual.
Morgan, Brandis, check on cart number one. Older man, woman and young girl are present.
Bara checks other cart with husband?, wife and young son? Obviously a possible family travelling together.
Everyone is stabilized and takes a short rest. Bara and Brandis apply some subtle healing. They both bluff and heal the son in law and grandfather that were injured. They were travelling from Windthorst due to goblins destroying the village. Kate, Lark are the children of Nora, Telly and Mellin (son of Cabot) Hodge married. Cabot is the grandfather.

Morgan tries to find a safe way to encourage the family to move on and gives them money yet encourages kindness. They do not see Jorn or Damakos.

Out of character, Nick encourages the group to work together to stack damage and take threats out quickly rather than spread out attacks and let the NPCs hang around and kill us. In character, she admonishes Roland for charging into the middle of battle and getting himself stomped rather than staying back and using his archery to good effect. At the end of the conversation, Roland mutters under his breath “I was only trying to impress you”. Morgan is dumbfounded and shuts up.

Enter Skills Challenge
• Wind is howling and snow is falling. This is miserable weather.
• Roland and Bara have a conversation about healing and herb lore. Also, he does a nature check to see how long we may be travelling in this bad weather and how quickly we may need to find shelter.
• Jorn wants to see where we are travelling toward the mountains and a safe place of travel. Similar to the Smokies. On the next day, we are about to enter the forest. Jorn senses we will hit the forest soon. (Nick shares – player info, legions wear red and different colors depending on how much red you are wearing determines your rank Only the Emperor himself may wear a cloak that is completely red.) Jorn perception checks, sees flashes of red off in the tree line. He’s been travelling in front of everyone. He sees a lighting symbol on what he senses as a banner. “Where are you leading us, I want answers now”! “There are soldiers ahead in the trees with a lighting banner”! He asks of Morgan. “To the Fort!” “That doesn’t tell me anything!” Everyone is encouraged to hide in snow banks, trees, or behind rocks.
o Jorn is overdramatically making the pose of a snow angel as he pouts about Morgan’s affiliation with the Legion. Conversation ensues between the two, while hiding in their little hole. Jorn doesn’t trust her; she left the legion because her superior office was trying to hurt a fellow legionnaire; she broke his nose and had to run.
• Found a cave and tried to pull the party together.
• Damakos wants to know how many travel together in a legion. What sort of tactics do they use when fighting? Cohorts operate in groups of 50, Legions in 300. Tactical conversation ensues. Basically, Legions overwhelm with superior force, Skath Runda sneak around in small hit squads.
o During the night, a snow slide comes down and covers the face of the cave and Jorn goes in and he goes little nuts.
• Brandis – tries to talk up Bara, she ignores him. He then switches to Jorn and find out a little more about him. Jorn says he was captured by slave ship. He was partaking in a ritual that involves diving into the sea. He mentions holy and the steps he would take to revere “she of the sea”. Brandis then does a check to see how we are feeling about the world and how we fit, as well as how we feel about the weather.
o Morgan – in the larger scheme of things, feels at peace with how she might be able to make a change in the world. Cold.
o Damakos – city dweller, doesn’t like the cold. Spreading the word about a better place or leadership is not truthful. It is fractured and was part of using power not for the purpose it was meant.
o Bara – shares that she has no doubt in her company. She feels that her party is strong and believes in promoting the world.
o Jorn – likes the snow, doesn’t buy into the conviction that Morgan has.
o Roland – is cold and miserable. World view, changing the world to be a better place, he’s confused. He realizes he will have to make huge changes. He’s confused about personal feelings. He has a hole in his heart. He feels that he’s healing too quickly. He treats Bara as a sister, Damakos he’s not too trusting, admires Jorn, Morgan confuses him the most and stands apart because she fascinates him, Brandis is an idiot.
• Now deep into the forest, we see a cliff face ahead. The Chappening is happening. Too much wind and red noses.
• Roland sees a narrow gap at the top of the cliff.

Settled into a sheltered canyon. Second watch, Bara and Morgan are sparring and getting pointers. Bony fingers come out of the snow nearest the fire. Cold intensifies and nastiness comes out of the ice.
• Undead cold figures rise out of the cold, and 2 transparent figures comes through the walls.
• One undead reaches for Bara, misses. Morgan, gets hit. “We picked the wrong cave”, so sayest Jorn. Ice is shattered and difficult terrain.
• Bara swings and misses with Turn Undead. Bah
• All madness ensues and flavor text will be interspersed with words like “Ow”, and “That hurts”.
• Jorn, transformed into a tree like creature, attacks the undead. Radiant damage has a real impact on the baddies.
• “Persnickity”, hollered by Damakos. Then he calls out “Plumian”, and bursts into flames. He yells a lot and then says “Ox Sept”. Weird.
• Lots of hitting and missing takes place. Damakos continues to yell unintelligible words.
• Morgan does a happy dance that it is her turn. She takes a couple of swings and does a little damage. Nothing is affecting the creatures as much as it should.
• Shadowy thing reaches out for Morgan. Morgan takes a beating.
• Keplahhhh, as says the DM. Not sure what that means, but it sounds either bad or good.
• Thunder, thunder, thundercat strike from Roland. He’s bad ass. Except he misses. Then he hits.
• Bara hits with radiant damage. The cold skeleton shudders. Bara runs back to get some distance.
• “Zee Par Bottom” – yelled out by that crazy Damakos. Then he curses the big slow bad corpse. “Zsnack”. He’s always eating.
• It’s looking bad for our good guys.
• Look at my boxer shorts with hearts on them. Now I will implant my thoughts on you as to what you should do…Said by some skinny human.
• Oh no, Roland is being attacked!
• Bara Is smacks the big galoot. She then heals herself and Damakos.
• Bara isn’t lookin’ so good. She’s out and missed a saving throw. Not looking so good for the healer.
• Damakos talks about himself in the third person.
• Three baddies on the field. One spits really nasty stuff. The others are just cold skeletons. The snotty one is to be avoided at all costs.
• Jorn – I speak on behalf of Jorn, but not as the player – so sayeth Jason. In response to fire damage issued by Damakos and what he can handle.
• Apparently only I can heal myself. Who came up with the “Healer, heal thyself” when you are the only healer and unconscious? Woe is Bara Is.
• Ugh, more badness joins the field. This is not fun. A crit and a miss to the baddies. Woot!
• Gads, he just keeps spitting. ARGGGGGG
• “Havanah neh neh” is not one of the phrases Damakos yells.
• Badness crumples to the ground from the mighty swing of Morgan. She’s so awesome! Skeletons crumple and are gone.
• Roland carefully attacks the last wraith. His carefulness gains some damage.
• It’s now Brandis’ turn.
• All focus is on the last baddie. Go get ‘em guys! Anticlimactic ending with Morgan’s final hit. It blows the critter to pieces!
• Pendant – Onxy with hand – (Watches the One Behind, not Brandis’ version of “watches the behind”).
• Pendant – Three crossed lightning bolts on background of flame.
• Two bodies mummified in the ice, with pendant with a small crown with small tourmalines at the points of the crown.
• Chest with 6 vials (healing potions),
• Another chest has multiple items with a lantern in perfect shape, no damage. Flint and steel, not rusted at all. Plus a green garnet, a coin, a sharpening stone, Gold coins are stamped with nothing you’ve seen before, plus 6 arrows.
• Coins do not appear to be from Damakos or Jorn’s lands. There is a spiral closer to Morgan’s symbol on her stuff.
• Apparently a camp of some sort from long, long ago – frozen remnants of tents and supplies. Something turned them into undead creatures – they were NOT NICE GUYS.
Moving on
Each member finds a token to represent something about their beliefs or life.
Over the next few nights clear and well lit from the full white moon, following the attack of the undead the members of the party are having the following feelings:

Jorn: While the snow and ice is a form of water, Jorn is yearning to see open flowing water. Each time he sees the river clear of ice he stops and looks longingly at it. At one point Jorn sees something sparkling in an open area of water and reaches in and retrieves an rectangular piece of solid water, not ice but as if water stopped moving.

Bara Is: It was “nice” to pass through the land of your past. You did not really think about it but you did not think you would see it again once you neared Caer Gormes. You feel a sense of peace when seeing the sun rise above the mountains in the southeastern sky. She turns to see a rainbow behind her. She walks forward until she is under the rainbow, at her feet is an iridescent disk which she picks up.

Morgan: Your apprehension is building as you approach the last barrier into Archrann. You feel lucky that you have not run into any of the legions yet but you know that cannot last. Feeling a little out of sorts she picks up two round stones and starts clacking them together, only to have one split. Inside is a blue crystal in the rough shape of a lightning bolt.

Brandis: The last month has left you incredibly drained. All of the hate, violence and loathing you felt from your captors weighed you down as you were brought to Caer Gormes. Then the exhilarating touch that opened you to your new powers, followed by the sense of comforting need behind the pile of rubble nearly drained you. The slog through the terraces of the Gormian Plane and then battling through the snow and cold has now left you as physically taxed as emotionally drained.

But you are still upbeat if not a bit snappy due to the emotions you are drawing from your companions. At first the emotions emanating from the party was almost disconcerting because they were so different from what you were used to. Fiery and passionate, but even in battle not really violent but concerned for those around them more than themselves. At times the group is still and even withdrawn but not the flat, bleak emotion that you felt from most of the people you were raised with. There is still more there though, there is one emotion that you cannot name that pervades, one that you only felt in yourself before meeting them.

As he ponders these thoughts he has been tending to his pike. Brandis pulls away the cloth he was using to clean the base cap of his weapon a black opal in the shape of a diamond falls into his hand. In the striations of the opal a loose spiral sunburst design can be seen.

Damakos: You have been reveling in the power that is surging inside of you. Releasing the power that comes from Rauris is spectacularly energizing.

In your dreams you have had visions of a dark desolate plains, cracked and gouged as if the land is being ripped apart. Around the rents, you find scattered charred bodies, mostly what you can tell are human. There are other bodies that are much smaller than a normal human, some as tall or taller but slimmer in build, others shorter than human but thicker.

He awakes due to a very hot object in his hand. Opening his hand he sees what was probably a gold piece that is now molten. As it cools the token becomes smooth on one side and on the other has the device of Rauris engraved into its surface.

Roland: After you fall asleep you find yourself in a thick dense green forest, massive pren galon trees thrust upward filling the sky with green shot with red. The underbrush is thick with plants and vines that are unrecognizable to you. For some reason you are able to know though which plant is likely to reach out to grab you as you deftly make your way through the underbrush.

Ahead of you the sound of a rushing river builds and you see the same tall figure with those piercing green eyes standing next to a mostly still pool in a bend of the river. His long flowing auburn hair damp from the spray of the river. Dressed in a robe of green leather, high brown boots and wide belt. He beckons you to the pool and offers his hand.

You walk over to him and take his hand as he leads you into the pool. The water is warm and inviting and as you approach the center you fall into the swirling depths. The fall is not startling as if you knew it was going to happen. You see the water swirl around you pulsing with a green/blue light, feeling both movement and stillness at the same time.

Abruptly the scene changes, red lightning streaks around you. Think black inky clouds billow all around. Ancient words are uttered and you are thrown onto a muddy bank. The forest around you is just as you remember of your homeland.

Before you in a similar pool as the one before, is a circular spire thirty feet tall, of black granite shot with red and gold, covered in strange symbols. The tall figure opens his hands to you in a gesture of requesting help.

Roland awakes with a start and is laying on his back with his companions in camp. He sits up but finds that there is a tug at his throat. Reaching up he finds a braided vine has grown around his neck which gently releases from the ground as he continues to sit up.

Everyone has a 5th level or lower neck slot item and may either choose the actual item’s power or have the GM choose for them.

PC XP Total 4346
End at 14th of Pedwar, 2345

Adventure 2, Session 1

Early morning Tri 43, 2345

02-22 Bringers of Light

We are gathered here today to commemorate our fateful heroes and their brief, sort of memorable deeds.
Ruined temple beneath Caer Gormes.
Last evening- contact with something greater than ourselves.
Things no one had ever seen before.
Personal entities, greater entities, awakened powers.
Refreshed, ready to striked out.
General idea: need more info on what is going on in the world, what do we need to do moving forward.
2 other ruined cities, Morgan has seen these in province of Archrann.
Damakos knows where sewers will come out near eastern gate. He leads us.
Everyone describes themselves.
Brandis wants to get behind a wall of rubble, but can’t.
Back in the sewers.
3 way intersection with a pool in the center. Wall in the center of the halls flows into the pool. Water is dirty, filled with city filth.
Jorn notices a pile of filth on the other side of the pool, glint of metal and colors.
Suddenly, skittering sounds coming from everywhere. Very large rats! Christ almighty very very very large rats goddamnit!
Sorry… why did there have to be rats.
Fucking surprise round goddamnit.
A swarm of rats attacks Brandis and it hurts. Same with Morgan. Insta-bloodied right there ladies and gentlemen.
Lucky for us, we understand that area attacks hurt swarms more than swinging at them with weapons.
Morgan vanishes in a a a a haze of shimmering silver and reappears next to a giant rat. Holy shit did you see that.
Bara is hit by a swarm and it hurts a little.
Ohhhhhh waaaaaiiiiiiitttttt… it’s a surprise round so none of that sort of well maybe not kinda happened in a way. Like.
Right… Morgan overwhelmingly strikes the giant rat.
Now surprise round is over, rat swarms actually go. Lot less damage this time. Morgan is actually missed. Yaaaay.
Roland attacks a rat and scores a hit.
Damakos goes up in flames, utters a bunch of inflammatory words in some strange tongue, and scores a hits one of the giant rats.
Bara sacred flames and CRIT CRIT CRITs the swarm in front of her. CRITSTONE.
Morgan shouts “Thou shalt not stand against me!” and stabbies at the ratty. Raging Tempest style. Crashing of thunder around her. HIT. Lightning crashes.
Giant rat bites back at Morgan. Hell that hurt. Ohhh looks like Filth Fever.
Swarm attacks Goddamnakos, it hits, and the swarm burns with the tiefling’s fire… bloodying it.
Jorn swings with Gale Strike, the essence of a tropical storm ripping through a jungle permeates the air around him with this power. One rat goes into the water, the other falls prone.
Brandis thrusts Energizing Strike at a swarm and scores a hit.
The swarms all attack and chase the heroes. One hits Morgan pretty hard… Holy ouch. Now she’s officially bloodied.
Roland Careful Attacks his quarry. Misses.
Crit stone crit stone crit stone… don’t forget crit stones.
Damakos shouts Perseklititieesnausages Oxstep and stabs the bear (giant rat). He scores a hit, remembers the crit stone, good damage to the bear (giant rat) with Eldritch Strike.
Bara shouts “For the love of all that is love and good” and Lance of Faiths the swarm on Morgan… will need Heroic Effort to pull it off (natch). Brandis gets a little help to his next attack roll from this.
Morgan tries to get the hell away from the swarm. She’s in a tight spot. A tight spot. In a tight spot. Radiant Vengeance at the singular rat. Action Point second wind.
Rats now go. Giant rat chasing Morgan. Will she go down? Nope, rat misses because of Crit Stone.
Oh shit, crit on Damakos. He shouts Ho Chi Minh!!! And the bear (giant rat) takes some damage. Damakos goes DOOOOWWWWNNNN.
Jorn jumps into the water trying to get to the other side where Morgan is hurt and Damakos is down. He couldn’t climb up to the other side, so he’s still in the water.
Brandis heals up Damakos with Ardent Surge. Then Energizing Strikes the swarm on Damakos.
Swarms go. Let’s see if Morgan stays up. Swarm misses.
Damakos is enveloped by the swarm attacking him. They can’t seem to hurt him though.
Brandis gets slammed by a swarm. Bloodied. Suddenly allies get a free move. Jorn jumps out of the water, flanking the bear rat with Damakos. Damakos stands and is now a quarter pounder tiefling.
Bara gets hit by a swarm an is bloodied.
Roland shifts and fires an arrow and nails the bear rat. Good damage.
“Ox Step” shouts Damakos. Stabs at the bear rat.
Then to the heroes’ horror it’s realized that swarms are a lot more god awful terrible than we initially expected.
Damakos goes down again. Wait, Brandis has something. Sympathetic Agony. Damakos stays up.
Damakos hits dire rat on Morgan and kills it.
Bara jumps over the water to get away from the swarm chasing her.
Morgan then moves back into the midst of the group. Oaths a swarm. Radiant Vengeance. …… help?
Fucking “Jorneepoo”?
Jorn slides next to Morgan and marks the nearest swarm, goading it to come closer. Second Wind.
Brandis heals Morgan. Shifts towards Damakos. Attacks swarm. Hit.
Swarm hits Roland.
Roland Splits The Tree. Hits. Bloodies both rats on the ceiling.
Damakos curses a swarm.
It’s time for the DM to eat protein.
Damakos yells Fliz Thobbic! But misses.
Bara Sacred Flames a swarm and misses. Blesses everyone in the sewer.
Morgan announces that she can hit all the swarms if they’re next to her. Hits a rat swarm.
Giant rat climbs down and attacks Morgan.
Jorn goes daily and hits a swarm.
Brandis attacks a swarm. CRIT.
Swarms go. Everything misses Morgan, and a swarm attacks Bara. Misses Bara.
Roland shifts and attacks CRIT. 2 stones out there. Giant rat goes down.
Damakos curses giant rat climbing the wall. Shouts “Ooze Robbit”! So close to a Crit.
Bara runs through the swarm back to the group.
Morgan. Blow up. Holds giant sword aloft. Giant rat I the target. Stabbed mightily. Crash of thunder and spark of lightning. Sonic wave after giant rat dies. All swarms take thunder damage. Pushed away, one gets bloodied and falls into water.
Jorn then blowed up. Lots of rain and wind accompanying Morgan’s thunder and lightning. Synergeee. One swarm dies and another bloodied. Shit yeah.
Brandis goes. Implanted Suggestion on a swarm. Almost a CRIT except for the lack of a zero.
Swarm hits Morgan, goes down.
Swarm attacks Jorn. Miss.
Roland, kill everything. Nice hit.
Damakos goes. Most likely miss. Critstones. Still a miss. Hell. You rolled a 4? What the hell are we even doing math for, man. Oh wait 19 versus reflex. That’s a hit. I have no idea. Just kill these fucking swarms pleasethankyoukaygbye.
Damakos drags Morgan’s body out of the rats.
Rats charge the crap out of Bara. Well you missed! Nice try Pam. Christ. Lots of damage. Bloodied.
Bara is bummed out big time now. Bacon of Hope! MMMMM smells good now, and all swarms are all Weakened .Yaaayyyy (sizzle). This brings Morgan back. Bara now takes aura damage from 2 auras and falls prone by the river. Down by the river I shot my baby.
Morgan’s back up. Radiant Vengeance goddamnit. Nic is being stern about it. Now she’s singing it. Go figure. Miss. Damn. Oh wait. Nonononono. Still a miss. ‘plode.
Rat bastards. Morgan will smite you.
Jorn swingandamiss.
Brandis Energizing Strike. Hits.
Swarms go. Morgan gets bit a LOT by a swarm, goes down.
Jorn gets attacked twice and both miss. Go Defender Go and all that.
Roland Careful Attack CRIT. AGAIN. Ron says sternly. Lotta damage.
“Where was that earlier!?!?”
Damakos. “What the hell!”. He’s taking 2 hps and reroll something. He rolls worse. Welp.
Bara shifts, trying to get away from 2 swarms. Heals Morgan “for all that is just and good”. Then she goes into the water. Swimming. I’m swiiiimmmmiiiiiiiiing.
Morgan shakes off rats and stands. Overwhelming strike. Hits. Dead. Oaths another swarm. Nasty nasty creatures will not stand against meeeeeee.
JOrn (sorta) kills a swarm and lightning hits another one.
Brandis Energizing Strike. Hits.
Jorn being defendery as the swarm misses again.
Roland pulls Bara out of the water. Wait not really. They’re kinda… having a moment there… she’s not floating into the pit at least. And Roland… maybe needs to hit the preacher curls machine during off season. Just sayin’.
Damakos 19 on the die. That might be a hit. Hey Bloodied on the swarm. Will Spencer now call it considering the fight is now 4 hours old? Of course not!
Bara is trying to climb up Roland covered in sewer slime. Awkward.
Morgan Somethings The Crap Outta Them. Miss. Wait, do the math. Still a miss. Thanks Spencer.
JOrn hits the swarm then goes into the water. Shit’s getting’ old.
Brandis Energizing Strike.
Now we’re ganging up on the last swarm. Jason’s raiding the kitchen.
Fight’s over. Some of us might be diseased.
Oh crap Morgan has Diarrhea Rat Filth Fever nooooooooo!
Jorn finds over in the rat’s nest 125gp and 2 pieces of jewelry worth 125gp each.
We are getting out of the sewer.
We are right at East Gate.
Morning air is clean. Thank Fucking God.
Wet chill in the air. Many guards. Shit.
Stealth checks. Jorn… well… he doesn’t know what that is.
Guards are Caer Gormes citadel guards.
Discussion ensues.
Damakos suggests bluffing past the guards. If/when this fails, we need to be ready to pounce. Gonna try and stealth out of the grates.
Positions everyone.
Damakos “Who’s in charge here.”
Captain Husk, intimidated.
Damakos “They need reinforcements back in the city. Send at least 5 men to help bolster the ranks. NOW.”
Shit, it’s a David Roll™
Captain Husk stammers.
“Are you going to Challenge Me???”
“Head to the Coliseum right away.”
Retcon… only 4 went. Whatever.
ALRIGHT FINE now it’s 5.
We are stealthing towards the remaining guards.
Morgan WALKS toward them. Whatever. :B
Lights flashing AHHHHHHH holy shiiiiit!!!!!
Uh Oooooohhhh… Damakos is discovered. Morgan then steps in and threatens the guard. Roland looses an arrow at the leader who is drawing his sword.
Careful attack. Sails right over his head.
Roland goes again. Careful Attack again. Not so “careful”… miss again.
“Watch it sir we’re being attacked!!!” yells a guard.
Shoots at Morgan, which opens him up to an opp attack by Damakos.
“Ox Zip”! shouts Damakos and stabs with his spear. Hits.
War Pick! Soldier misses Damakos.
JOrn runs into the midst of 3 guards, marking all of them, and misses with his encounter. Full Defense.
Damakos shouts “Blow Me In!” and bursts into flames. Then he shouts “Zee Pow Wrote’em!” and stabs with his spear. And misses.
Captain yells out at his private to shoot Damakos with his bow. Soldier shifts back and looses his arrow.
Captain yells Watches The One Behind wants your soul! And both Damakos and Jorn felt their souls clench.
Then Damakos shouts Ho Chi Minh and the captain got hit by fire.
Brandis Energizing Strikes the bowman next to Jorn. Hit. Bloodied.
Morgan needs to go kill someone. Pardon me Pam.
“My soul is my own and is dedicated to one higher than you!” yells Morgan. Oaths the crap out of him. Two 18s. What the hell. Sword and lightning damage.
Bara leans out from around the corner. “The stillness in the storm says you are not just and/nor good!”
Roland “My Bow says… you’re…. just going to DIE HERE!” Warning shot. Hell that’s not a “warning shot” that’s a “move here and you’re fucked” shot. Oh and 15 points. Bloody strikers.
Bowman draws his sword and misses JOrn.
Pick Boy swings his pick and misses.
Jorn keeps the mark on the pick and ex-bowman and confronts the captain and scores a hit. Lightning from Morgan hits him as well.
Damakos lacks a standard action.
Capatian yells at pickboy to strke Damakos, which lures Jorn;s Warden’s Fury.
Brandis strikes the captain and more lightning.
Morgan attacks. Kills the captain. She sees an onyx medallion. Blank field with an outstretching hand. Creeeeeeeeepy. Morgan wants to grab it. Not in combat.
Morgan tells the guards to stand down as the darkness shall not prevail or some shit like that couldn’t catch all of it.
Guards seem nonplused.
Bara goes. “Stillness within the storm says you should drop your weapon (mofo).” She didn’t really say “mofo”.
Roland goes. Yells “Your captain is dead and you will wish you were too unless you drop your weapon NOW!” Rolls a 1. Goddamn puberty.
Bowman goes. Misses.
Pickdude hits Damakos in the side of the head. Jorn slides him with Warden’s Grasp and pulls him in.
Shit, the broadsword goes Skewering Swing on Damakos. This isn’t good. Lots of damage. Damakos is At Zero OH NO HE’S NOT he has temps.
JOrn hits pickboy and bowman gets lightning not from Morgan but from Jorn’s effect.
“Zimdee Lamb Cooch…… fuck.” Shouts Damakos. I’ll take that as a miss.
Brandis. Pickboy is a sergeant. Who’d a knew. “Stabby stabby” says Brandis. Miss. Oh wait, Morgan says “reroll”. That’s a hit. Bowman goes down.
Morgan goes. Her Intimidate is Carappy. “Stand down soldier and I will not slay you. She rolls well. She oathed him. Hard DC… damn. Not intimidated.
Bara says “Stand down.” And goes for the Intimidate. Nope.
“Roland shoot him” says the DM. Wow.
That’s a hit.
Pickman swings the pick at Jorn. Ouch, lots of damage. Jorn catches his weapon arm with his shield and roars in his face. Pickman crumbles. End of fight.
Keys. Gate. Door. Open. Now.
Damakos opens the gate. Morgan takes the medallion off the captain.
Morgan asks survivor “Who is Watches From Behind?”
“No idea”.
“You are working with very bad dark stuff. You should run when you can.” says Morgan.
We round up 4 fur cloaks and 45 gps from the guard houses.
We are outta there.
Skill Challenge as we run down the Soldier’s Road.
Crossing the Ring River.
Main bridge is The Bridge of Heroes.
Gormzian Plain. Divided up into terraced plots and settled.
Get out of the Plain without further incident and gear up.
Roland sees a game trail and leads the party off the road.
Getting colder and icier.
Damakos relies on Endurance to keep moving.
Bara uses Nature. Forages rabbits.
Brandis… sees some kids from a nearby farm. He talks to them and asks them where we can get any supplies. Farmers get supplies from each other as there aren’t any real stores or shops nearby.
Morgan wants to set up the right routine. Trying to militarize us. Whatta we look like, Woman?!
Morgan doesn’t get worse in her disease and is way too ecstatic about it.
JOrn crawls over and attempts to create another fur from the carcass of a long dead elk. Was not successful, elk was too long gone, skin was rotted. Shit.
Roland is going all field medic on Morgan and CRITs after spending his Action Point to reroll. Goes about bandaging her rat bite and helping her next Endurance check.
Damakos finds us at the edge of a hamlet. Streetwise: wants to learn how he can get us through the town without alerting any patrols.
Bara meditates on the stillness of the storm, tries to heal Morgan.
BRandis wants supplies… again. Trying to look like a farm boy, heads into town to get supplies. Minus 25 gps.
Morgan is observing in town, using Insight for camping supplies. Endurance check. She heals out of the disease.
A storm kicks up while we near the river. That night we make camp and Jorn climbs trees and kicks down deadwood for a nice large fire to warm everyone up.
River is frozen. Roland Acrobaticsizes across the ice without falling through the ice. River is only a foot deep anyway.
We make it into the wild!

We are now at 2,750xp


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