Life in the Empire


For most humans in the Empire day to day life is pretty dull and repetitive. It is likely you have spent almost every day getting up a dawn, having a meager meal and then going to work in an industry that supports the main product of the province you are from.

You have been doing this since the age of 6 or so, starting doing basic jobs like cleaning up or fetching items for older workers. As you age you move “up” to more complex jobs. If you are lucky enough your family may be employed by a government owned business or residence which is not as physically demanding.

Sometime near dusk the families head home and have another meager meal. An adult may go out to a dingy establishment for some mead and gambling. Children may play a low key game with others that live near by but mostly people are tired and head for bed.

On exceptional days the local arena may have a new law breaker or two and a punishment game takes place adding a dose of violence and blood into an otherwise dreary day.


These poor people get the jobs that are so horrid that the humans will not do it. Cleaning latrines and clogged sewers, hauling stable waste or lugging heavy loads from deep within a mine. They are fed by their Prefects just enough to survive, and sleep on straw pallets if they are lucky. Families are split up to ensure the obedience, if one family member rebels the whole family line could suffer. If properly cowed, an individual may be given more sensitive duties that suit special talents.


The overall weather of the Empire is fairly cold. During the Spring and Fall the average low temperature is just above freezing and highs in the low 50s. During the Summer the temperatures can soar to the 70s. Winters are very brutal and most days never get above freezing. The sea has a warm current from the south west that warms the coast causing a heavy perpetual around three quarters of the continent.


The world has two moons, Lleuwen and Lloer. The sky is mostly dominated by the larger red moon, Lloer with its longer orbital period (51 days). The smaller white moon, Lleuwen will wax and wane more often due to its shorter orbital period (16 days).

Time Keeping

The year is 8 months long with 5 rides of 10 days each. The equinoxes, the solstices and the day to each side are extra days. The months in order are Amhain, Dha, Tri, Pedwar, Pum, Se, Saith and Wyth. Days of the ride are Llur, Marth, Mercher, Lau, Gwener, Sadwen, Sul, Seren, Realta and Luain.

Life in the Empire

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