Empire of Dorcha Aisling

The Empire of Dorcha Aisling

The Empire of Dorcha Aisling encompasses the entire continent on which it sits. The capitol is Caer Gormes . It is the location of the central ruling body.

The rest of the Empire is sparsely populated. People are clustered in walled settlements to protect their citizens from the beasts and wild peoples that live in the areas between cities. Bai and Archrann are the two safest provinces to be outside of settlements due to the heavy patrolling by the Impiral Legions of Dorcha Aisling. The main roads are also reasonably safe again due to the frequent passing of Legion elements.

Below are the provinces in the Empire and their capitols:
TsaintCaer Cybyl-dod
BaiCaer Maeth
CrainnCaer Pren
FeasogCaer Gorrach
CasunCaer Dur
ArchrannCaer Rhyfel

Empire of Dorcha Aisling

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