Character Creation

Classes already planned:

  • Jason will be playing a Half-elf Warden.
  • Nicole will be playing a Human Avenger.
  • Ron will be playing a Human Ranger.
  • Brian will be playing a Human Ardent.
  • David will be playing a Tiefling Warlock.
  • Pam will be playing a Human Cleric
  • Classes are a mechanical metagame element in this world, there just are not enough specially trained individuals in the Empire for anyone to be recognized as a representative of a class.
  • Any effect that cannot be explained as the result of a physical action are AMAZING in the Empire. In fact I would like you all consider that as the game begins that none of you have done anything at the scale you will do the rest of your career. Likewise none of you will have ever seen anything like what your fellow PCs will be able to do.

Arcanist may have dabbled and see whispers of what they will eventually do but not fully. Everyone should if possible, take “non-flashy” powers at creation. You will have opportunity to change up your powers eventually.

  • The game will start with each PC arriving at the Colosseum in the capitol city. You will need to include in your back-story some law that you broke that got you thrown into the gladiator system. Stay away from thought crimes, i.e. civil disobedience, social reform or other things that would have you standing directly against the government. Theft is mostly dealt with by loss of digits.
  • Most PCs will just be arriving but if one PC wishes to use the gladiator theme, they may have been there for a while.
  • Themes and backgrounds only available with an appropriate back-story written by the players.
  • Please stay away from feats and powers that have their origin from Dragon magazine (the source is listed at the bottom of all entries). If there is something you really want talk to me about it.
  • Humans are most easily played, elves, half-elves, halflings, vryloka and dwarves are next, eladrin, dragonborn, half-orcs and gnomes least. Shifters and changelings can be put into play if player writes the reason why they exists. Those races that are obviously not human or not listed will need a strong backstory and world placement to be considered. It is possible to have non-human race be accepted as servants to humans and could be okay.

I really would like everyone to stay away from eladrin if possible.

  • When building your character keep in mind you will be at odds with 99.99999% of the Empire’s populace. The more you stick out the harder time you will likely have.
  • The only gear you need to “buy” is leather, hide or chain armor, if your character can use it and weapons. Please select 3 or 4 options of weapons that your character’s class can use especially if you want to have an exotic weapon, just so you will have the stats for several different weapons when we begin. You will start with no gold or any other gear.
  • Style in the Empire is utilitarian not stylish, most clothes are drab, lose fitting and uncoordinated. The ruling class may have better quality materials and “blinged” out, but fashionable, not so much. You may have your own personal style if you wish.
  • There is no trade outside of the Empire, in fact no one will know anything about what lies across the oceans.

I have decided to give a brief description about how the different power sources and the classes within fit in the world.


Character Creation

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