Bringers of Light

Discussion Session

Tall slender man, clothing blends with surroundings, no pupils, crown of vines around his head, staff with fist-sized glowing gem at end. His name is Celindon. He says “Welcome Heroes. I have been waiting for you for a very long time.” He tells us he is an elf (and can see just fine, despite not having pupils). He promises a place of peace and knowledge at his home in the woods, and tells us that his appearance will not be the strangest thing we discuss today.

Roland says he has met Celindon before – in a vision. Celindon looks closer at him and recognizes him as an Elf friend. He says that Roland’s armor, bow & necklace would only be drawn to the friend of Elves. He tells us that he is the last of his kind in this realm. We discuss that we defeated a Scath Scrios and Celindon is impressed. He tells us that he was drawn to the shrine that we built and expresses that this our being able to defeat “a Scrios” is a hopeful thing. We go with him to his home in the woods.

As we enter the woods, the trees & foliage start to significantly change. All of us are seeing plants that we have never seen before. At the first Pren Galon tree, he places his hand on it, speaks some strange words while moving his hand along the tree, and the bark splits and a cavern opens up in it. He says that we should enter, it will close, and then another opening will appear that leads to his home. Upon emerging from the other side, we find ourselves in a good sized room whose walls appear to be made of the same wood – only it is solid wood, no seams for boards. After we have all entered individually, Celindon joins us.

Brandis asks where we are. Celindon explains that we are in one of the deeper portions of the woods in North Central Crainn. (Several days travel on land away from where we entered the tree.) He says that this is where the Elves lived in his day. We all feel very safe here. Brandis asks about whether or not the Scrios could follow us here because of the curse, even though it felt like it went away. Celindon says that he has no reason the believe that there would be any contingency for the curse to continue after a Scrios has failed to complete its mission.

Morgan asks where Celindon’s people are. He says that they have returned to the Feywild. He tries to explain the Feywild to us, with some limited success. He explains that the portals to travel between the Feywild and our world have been sealed by The Unspeakable, so he is stuck here as well. We ask about The Unspeakable. Is it a being: Yes & No. Is it a group of beings: No. Is it a power like we have but from a different source: He turns the question back on us. It is like an action that took away hope. It is a person, that took an action, that created The Unspeakable.

When Celindon was born 2,432 years ago, the elves lived in these woods. They brought many of the plants from the Feywild. They worked with the humans that came to this island to help them to settle this area – much like the Dwarves helped in the mountains. They lived here until The Unspeakable came – which was when he was ~400 years old (~2,000 years ago). He says he should look a lot better than he does, but because of The Unspeakable he does not. He did not see The Unspeakable’s creation, but he felt it effects. The Unspeakable creates an effect from an event that reinforces The Unspeakable. It stops anything/anyone from being able to speak of anything that is not known. As we continue to discover more, it will make it easier to speak of The Unspeakable. (The Unspeakable is a reference to something else that cannot be said because it is not known.) It was a human that took the action that created The Unspeakable. The action that he took was done so that he could influence/control everything around him. There was no Emperor prior to the creation of The Unspeakable. The Emperor has always been passed along family lines. The Unspeakable captured hope, has bound and chained hope. There is a discussion that each time we have made a significant change, we have heard chains rattling, and even started seeing visions of light coming through the chains.

The Unspeakable removed hope from the world. By our actions, we may be able to reverse the effect of the action that created The Unspeakable, thereby restoring Hope to the world. Because there is no Hope, there will not be any rebellion or uprising. Celindon has met individuals that have started along the path we are following – of improving the world and wanting to restore Hope – but he has only seen them as individuals or very small groups (2-3). He has never seen a group as large as ours working together towards the goal.

She Who Answers The Cries is the Divine. The beliefs and actions of the people create and fuel the Divine. Her Angels are: Welcomes All, Shields Against the Dark, and Stillness Within the Storm. Hope, the being that was bound and chained by The Unspeakable, is another one of her Angels. By removing hope, the entity that created The Unspeakable was able to channel Hope’s power for his own purposes. As time went on without Hope, people lost the will to do anything outside of what they were told to do. If people do not access the power of the good & positive, then dark & evil can reign without challenge. People believing and acting in the good & positive will give more power to the good and positive and can eventually help to restore the good and light. Celindon says that we all have greater power than that though. We need to find the Angel “Hope”, break the chains that bind it, and set it free. That is the key to improving the world.

When an entity takes in as much power as this human did when The Unspeakable was created, it is very likely that the power would prolong the life of the entity. Celindon does not know if the Emperor is this being or not. The power would be centralized in the center of the island. In the Capital, in the catacombs under the Emperor’s castle, where the Tieflings reside, there are places where nobody other than the Emperor and the highest echelon of his loyal followers (human & Tiefling) are allowed. That is the most likely source/location of the evil & darkness, and may well be where the Angel “Hope” is being held. We tell of being in the ruins of the city beneath the Capital, and that there was

Each Angel had their own central Temple. The temple in Bai is dedicated to Welcomes All – that is why the fields in that area produce so well. The flow of food from that area is part of why there are always so many soldiers there. Controlling the food supply is one key for the Emperor to maintain his power. The temple in the Cove is dedicated to Stillness Within the Storm. The temple at the Fort is dedicated to Shields Against the Dark. Celindon knows where the temple to Hope was located, but he assumes that The Unspeakable has removed all traces of it.

We would need allies in order to fight the Exarchs. Celindon knows of 2 groups that were so harmed by the creation of The Unspeakable that they would join with us to fight – the Elves and the Dwarves. The Dwarves that changed their allegiance to follow the entity that created The Unspeakable became the Dark Dwarves that we know in our world. The Dwarves that were not corrupted were enslaved and have been driven deep beneath the mountains to mine powerful items. Dwarves live long lives as well, but not as long as the Elves.

Brandis asks if Celindon knows what steps we need to take. Celindon says that we need help and allies. If we destroy/remove/deactivate the obelisk at the headwaters of the river, it may open up one of the portals to the Feywild, but he does not think we have the physical power to do that yet. There is still one active gate beneath the mountains that links to a dark area of the Feywild called the Feydark. That is where the dark elves that have aligned with darkness/evil reside. NOTE: these are not elves aligned with The Unspeakable – instead they aligned themselves with their own version of darkness & evil. Because of the extraordinarily long lives of elves, these elves aligned themselves with darkness & evil long before the actions that created The Unspeakable. Celindon can give us items to help us to access the Feydark/Feywild, but it will be up to our internal strength to get us through. He will provide whatever other items that he has that would aid us in our journey. He invites us to stay with him while we recover & plan our next moves. Celindon can help to get us “close” to wherever we decide the next portion of our journey is. He also answers Brandis’ question letting us know that we will always be able to find/contact him.


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