Bringers of Light

Adventure 3 Session 2

By golly! They finally figured it out!

Pum 9, 2345

Traveling to The Cove. Jorn becomes more distant while we are traveling, giving short answers & being fairly abrupt. A storm came through w/ heavy rain overnight. In the morning when we get up, Jorn is nowhere to be found. All of his stuff is gone, but all of the party stuff is still there. Tracking/scouting for him does not give us any clue about where he went. Damakos’ doesn’t detect any magical signature telling us what happened to him. The rest of us are fairly freaked out by the fact that one of our party has mysteriously disappeared. We spent approx. ½ of the day trying to find him and/or what happened to him Roland leaves a marker for Jorn with a symbol that he would recognize to let Jorn know that we didn’t just abandon him – in case he returns to this spot.

We continue traveling south for a few days. Towards the end of the day we spot a sheltered area where we plan to make camp. Roland spots that someone has used this space as a camp before. He estimates that there were ~12 people there within a few days before our arrival. Upon closer inspection it appears that there was some fighting there. Everyone except Damakos can see this & is able to find scraps of cloth, broken tent stakes, etc. Bara Is finds a spot that was a shallow grave that has been dug up. There is a finger found in the camp that looks like it has been chewed on. Roland investigates & finds prints that it there may have been worgs here. (The big wolf creatures we fought.) Brandis finds the hilt of a dagger with colors & markings from the Lightning legion. Morgan is able to recognize the hilt as belonging to Tellen – someone she knew from the legion, since she gave it to him as a trophy. She is quiet and grieves his death, and is worried that Legion Lighting may be in the area. Checking the area looks like the group of people were headed South and encountered the worgs. The worg tracks look like they head to the North (towards where we just came from).

We camp & continue on our way the following morning. At midday Jax comes out & signals us to let us know that we are getting close. He tells us that he has spotted 11 soldiers wearing blue & grey who are set up just outside of The Cove. The have set up a base camp & are doing training activities. They make a trip into The Cove each day. There is a Primus (troop commander), a Centurion (his second), and 9 soldiers. If we push hard we would be to them within a day. No sign of Orcs in or around The Cove. He did see a pack of worgs that he avoided. We can take a route that goes 2 days out of our way & comes around to The Cove. Going that route would allow us to avoid the legion. We decide to go that route so that we don’t have to fight & kill any legionnaires for just doing their job. Jax points out that we hired him to bring us here & to scout out The Cove, which he has done. His plan is to head into the wilderness for quite a while, heading northwest & avoiding the Capitol to avoid any questions, unless we need him further right now. We agree to let him go & he wastes no time in heading out.

As we skirt the city we get a few glimpses. There are a lot of white buildings, so the city looks very light & bright. The terrain is fairly hilly, so we can move without being spotted. As we continue to travel we can spot glimpses of the sea. The mists in this area are not as heavy as in the area where Roland is from. The mists tend to stick just over the water, rather than coming up to 5 miles inland like Roland is used to. It is fairly cool here, despite the sunny weather. When the sun shines it gives a golden glow in the mists. As we near the city we can see that it is surrounded by a wall that is broken in several spots. The city is in disrepair & there are weeds & plants growing up along the buildings. All of the buildings appear to be made of the same white material. When Bara Is sees the sea she gets a feeling like she is coming home. Just being near the sea is putting her in a better mood. It is late afternoon as we are outside of The Cove. We do not see any activity in the city at all. We wait until dark before we enter the city.

We move into the city by moonlight. The streets are full of deep ruts. As we move through the city, trying to be sneaky, we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by legionnaires. We hear “Halt and Stand Down!” in a very commanding voice. Morgan recognizes the voice as Vitus, her former Primus – the one she attacked for his abuse of soldiers under his command. Morgan yells back “No, Vitus. You stand down!” She recognizes several of the legionnaires. The Centurion is Caius, who she trusted and admired, and the 2 soldiers in front were basically thugs that liked to beat up on others. She tells us to slay the 2 soldiers in front and the Primus and not to harm the others if possible. We plan to stick to cover and make them come to us rather than moving into the open to fall prey to the archers. 3 soldiers charge us & the archers fire at us. The low light conditions prevent the archers from hitting, but some of the soldiers manage to hit us. One knocks Roland down, but Brandis helps to reduce the damage Roland takes. Vitus moves us & commands 2 of his soldiers to kill “that mouthy bitch” (i.e. Morgan). They try to charge her, but Damakos had slowed them, so they just barely get into range of her with their reach weapons. Morgan takes a little damage & teleports behind them and attacks them. Roland takes out one of the soldiers that Morgan identified. The archers in back fire & miss all shots again. The soldiers on the ground miss too. The up close archers miss too. We’re not that impressed with the legion’s fighting ability (in reality the party is just that cool). The Legionnaires finally recognize Morgan as “that deserter”, and Caius, obviously pained, asks, “Why did you come back?” Morgan takes out one of the soldiers & turns her attention on the Primus. Roland takes out another soldier on the ground. One of the archers pulls a sword and advances on Brandis, missing. Morgan shouts that “we have been called here to find plain and precious things that belong to all people. The Emperor cannot hold them.” A couple of the other legionnaires call to Caius (the Centurion) asking for orders, saying that it doesn’t feel right to attack Morgan. They give up their attacks in the process. Damakos calls forth 2 ice tentacles to slow down & attack the Primus & remaining soldier that Morgan identified as a target. Bara Is takes out the last of the foot soldiers. Brandis dazes the Primus. One of Damakos’ tentacles grabs the Primus. He breaks the grab & steps up to Morgan, but is still slowed from the ice tentacles. Vitus calls to his troops to get back into the fight and to kill Caius. Roland shoots the Primus & Morgan adds some thunder damage to it, and the Primus’ body explodes. The archers on the ground move up to surround Caius. Morgan tells them that if they harm him they forfeit their lives. The remaining archers who are on rooftops turn and fire on their own people who are attacking Caius. Bara Is heals the Centurion & damages one of those attacking him. Brandis heals the Centurion some more & drags Caius and the three attacking him towards him. Damakos lets the tentacles go & charges one of the soldiers, hitting him. Caius stands up & orders the remaining legionnaires to stand down. Morgan runs up to him and embraces him with joy and relief. Caius fondly clarifies that his order to stand down applies to her, too, and she steps back. They comply & Caius orders 2 of the loyal archers to put the remaining 2 who attacked him in a building & keep them there. That order gets delayed when Damakos removes his hood, until we can convince them that I’m not a threat to them & that I don’t have Morgan under some kind of mind control.

Morgan & Caius have a talk about the city & what it may contain & who lived here before it was ruins.

Bara Is feels a strong pull for us to go to the bay. Caius accompanies us but leaves the other 3 loyal troops to guard the 2 new guys. Using the lantern we are able to navigate through the city down to the bay. When we get there Bara Is spots a cave entrance. She knows that is where we need to head. We walk along the beach to the cave opening. Along the way we come across the carcasses of large sea mammals – a walrus, leopard seal, and whale that appear to have been clawed & torn at with hands/claws that are 3-4 times the size of human hands. As we pass near them, a large javelin comes out of the darkness towards Bara Is, who is carrying the light. It pierces her thigh and pins her to the ground. In the entrance to the cave are more sea animal carcasses. In the cave are 3 large 2-headed creatures. The party is momentarily thrown for a loop, as they have never seen or heard of giants, much less with two heads. One is using just its fists (the largest one), the other 2 are using javelins. Roland abandons Bara Is and heads towards the cave opening. Roland shoots one of them and the baddie pulls another javelin and flings it back at him. A second one pulls a javelin and flings it at Roland too. Both hit him. The second one goes through his thigh and pins Roland to the ground too. (That’s 2 stuck, 3 not stuck for those keeping score.) Brandis frees Bara Is, who attacks the big guy who peeks around the corner. He moves out and punches Bara Is. We object, so Morgan charges in and attacks him. Roland and Morgan get javelins thrown at them. Damakos brands the big bad. Roland frees himself & attacks. He gets a couple more javelins thrown at him for his trouble. Brandis whiffs. The big bad smacks Morgan hard. Bara swings & misses. The big bad smashes Roland into unconsciousness. Morgan smacks him and he smacks her back. Damakos is surprisingly ineffective. Caius moves us and roars at the bad guys and staggers them into inaction. Roland decides to shake off dying & heals himself some. Brandis, Bara Is, and Morgan all hit him, and Morgan dazes him. Damakos misses again. Roland starts smacking one of the javelin guys, bloodying him. The javelin twins pin both Roland and Damakos down, taking Roland unconscious (again) in the process. Brandis heals him. Big bad smashes Morgan. Bara Is misses the big bad, but heals Morgan. The big bad tries to offset that by smacking Morgan again. Morgan is offended, so she kills the big bad & frees herself. The others throw javelins and Morgan and Caius, hitting Caius. Damakos is ineffective at hitting the baddies or freeing himself. Roland frees himself & crawls back to the group. The baddies pin Damakos’ other leg to the ground too and hit Morgan. Brandis takes out one of the baddies, leaving only one fresh one for us to face. We trade blows with him and whittle him down Morgan finally deals the death blow to the last 2-headed giant, then helps pull the javelins out of Damakos’ legs. We stagger to the water, rinse the blood from ourselves, clean the wounds, and heal up.

We head into the cave and start searching. We find a pile of bodies that, from their remains, were Tieflings. They had Scath Runda armor, including one pair of nice gloves with Rauris’ symbol on them, which Damakos takes (Gloves of Eldritch Admixture – level 8). Also found were “charms” of a female form bound in spiked chains. While in the cave Bara Is feels comfortable, at home, and invigorated. She isn’t tired at all, even after going through 2 fights. Roland pays some extra attention to the pools of water in the cave, searching them as well. Bara prays for the bodies, even though she doesn’t know it as praying, and they fade away. We make camp in the cave & all fall asleep quickly except for Bara Is, who is still energized from this place.

As Bara moves around just as it is starting to just barely get light, she hears a click while walking near where Damakos was. She finds a hidden door in the wall, opening into a passage with a set of stairs going up. She notices that going up the stairs, every 3-4 steps, there is a bowl shaped protrusion on one side. She feels calm and comfortable going up, but wakes up Damakos before heading up. Damakos agrees to keep the door from closing and be ready if Bara Is needs him. Going up the stairs she feels the protrusions, which are empty but warm to the touch. She realizes that she can simply ask for them to be lighted, and globes of glowing light appear in the impressions. She goes a little ways up with the lantern to take a look, but decides to come back down and wake up everyone before going all the way up.

We go up a long ways and eventually get to a narrow shelf overlooking the bay. It still is not full light yet, but the dawn is getting stronger. We search for hidden doors in the cliff face, but don’t find anything. Morgan and Bara Is both focus on their feelings and ask for guidance on where to go. When Bara Is asks for The Stillness in the Storm to guide her, the sun rises, bringing light to the area. The mists part and the wall dissolves exposing a large room with a pool of water in the middle. The mists in the room coalesce into the form of a woman hovering over the pool. As Bara Is approaches the pool, the figure starts to speak to her. She says:

“My Templar, you have made it home and it pleases me that you did so. Even through the barriers the Unspeakable imposes know that I am with you and support you as you embark on what your heart moves you to do. Your path may be long but it does not need to end in vain as long as you and your companions are true.”

“Child of my Heart, your journey will be filled with challenges as you seek to find the truth. It is unfortunate that your numbers have lessened and it is possible that more could follow. Others may have a change of faith or have an awakening that could be beneficial or not. Just stay true to your heart and follow your connection with me and keep on the path.”

“All that fully embrace peace will find this sanctuary a place of safety and reward, so please make use of what it has to offer before you set out on your next journey.”

Her form fades and the mist leaves the pool and behind her form the spiral of She Who Answers the Cries.

In the pool we can see the shape of a segmented spiral. The mists move back & form the true spiral between 2 large pillars.

Morgan takes Caius to the alcove with the statue of the Angel, Shields Against the Dark. “I feel like He has something to say to you.” The Angel enfolds Caius in his wings, and they commune together. When Caius steps away from the statue, he has a holy symbol dedicated to Shields Against the Dark, and his eyes gleam with purpose. Caius said he would start to spread the words and principles of Shields Against the Dark.

Morgan moves up to be near the mist spiral. Bara Is puts her arms in the pool. Flame Bracers (lvl 13) appear on her arms. There are 3 alcoves in the room. 2 have statues in them. The third, in the back of the room, has very, very smooth walls. Brandis goes to that alcove. He feels the wall. Every so often there is a small groove in the smooth stone wall. As he moves his hand over it, he feels great resolve & connection to this place. Roland keeps an eye on Morgan to make sure nothing disturbs her. Damakos, as is typical in each place like this that we have encountered, is not comfortable and doesn’t want to be here. He stays on the ledge at the cliff face and only in the front of the room, guarding the entry from the stairs. As Morgan says a prayer of thanks, a piece of the mist spiral comes off, floats down onto Morgan’s chestpiece, and a spiral is etched into it. She feels that this has definitely improved her armor and made it more effective. She also feels that anyone would be able to get this boon. She takes each of us up there and has us express our gratitude to She Who Answers the Cries, so we can get the boon. (It will allow us to negate one attack against us and fire off a healing surge if we speak her name and ask her for help.) Bara goes to the alcove with the statue of the male figure with 4 wings wrapping around (Shields Against the Dark). Bara asks for his help and hands her staff to the statue. He reaches out and brings it to his chest. There is a small flash of light and his symbol is now on her staff. Looking at it she knows that he has put a power into it and can activate 3 of the 6 possible effects, but can only do any specific effect once. The other side alcove has a statue of hands holding an outstretched book. (Welcomes All) When we thank Welcomes All a wind swirls around and we feel like it focuses on and impacts (for lack of a better word) into our backpacks. (Feybread: Morgan, 6; Brandis, 8) The rations in our packs have been transformed into something different. In the smooth alcove at the back, Damakos feels the least uneasy. He talks to Brandis about what could have been missing from the books that should be represented in this alcove.

The party takes what measure of peace and comfort they can in this holy place. Even Damakos tries, despite his unease. Caius, who has been called to serve Shields Against the Dark, joins them. They talk of what they have learned, and of She Who Answers the Cries and her angels. Bara Is speaks of the peace and power she finds here. They review the stories they read in the last temple, and they struggle to understand what it is that has been stolen from the world, what is missing.

As we talk, Morgan says the word “Hope”. When she says it there is a clap of thunder and a shudder that we all feel. Brandis sees a quick flash and he sees a starburst that is joined with a spiral. He hears the word “Help” as a cry for help. We take this to mean that we need to bring hope back to the world because that is what it is missing. The Angel of Hope (whoever s/he is) has been stolen by the treachery of the Unspeakable, and must be freed. After much discussion, Roland comes up with the idea that we have found temples with Shields Against the Dark and Stillness Within the Storm each standing in front of She Who Answers the Cries. This leads us to think that there must be 2 more temples – one with Welcomes All in front and one with Hope in front. We determine that we need to find both of those, especially the Hope temple, in order to restore hope to the world. We also go to the pool and thank Stillness Within the Storm. Each person gets a boon from doing that. When Damakos thanks her he feels a scalding sensation – not like he is being scalded by the pool, but like he is scalding the pool and the calm environment instead. He quickly makes his way out of the water and returns to the narrow shelf/ledge on the cliff to stand guard. We collect water from the pool, which serve as potions of Cure Moderate Wounds. (Morgan – 2; Brandis-3)

We take shelter in this place to rest & heal before moving on.

Pum 15, 2345

XP at end of session 10951 hello 7th level.

Feybread: Morgan, 6; Brandis, 8; Bara Is, 5; Damakos, 6; Roland 9
Cure Moderate Wounds. Morgan – 2; Brandis-3; Bara Is, 1; Damakos, 1; Roland 3

Everyone please add the items you received in this session that includes the permanent magic items and the number of Fey breads and does of Cure moderate wounds your character received.



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