Bringers of Light

Adventure 2 Session 5

35th of Pedwar, 2345

Long corridor from the traps. Stone door. From the doorway, 7’ tall arcane contraption. Purple light at the top of it. Statues with hammers. Tall skinny ones, mismatched.
Jorn enters first. Bara wants to stay behind a little bit. But you don’t want to stay waaaaaaay behind just in case someone comes up behind and attaasdkfsnlvdsvjbslifvjbssfv,,, moving right along.
Nothing happens.
Searching for switches.
How did Silus get through here………..
Energy coming off crystal beams out and stretches towards… DM moving around table… beams of refracted light seem to be connected to the statues.
Heroes slowly move into the room.
Crystal brightens. Beams are right on the eyes of the constructs. The constructs start to move.
Roland shoots the crystal, the crystal shoots a purple beam back at Roland and hits.
Hammer guys move forward. Too legit to quit.
At the waist, the construct spins and attacks Morgan.
Other one attacks Jorn and clangs off his shield. Can’t touch this.
Brandis hits with agonizing strike.
Nic doesn’t approve of the miniature, but likes the temps Morgan just gained.
Damakos goes. Persekletesesnausages. Then Zimnee la Cootch. Holy crap the huge stone statue thing has over 10 Fort good to know! (Damakos misses).
Bara goes. DM imitates Damakos trying to swing at the statue and… well… it was special.
Pup headbutts Merlin.
Bara… still going.
I gotchu back.
Light shoots out of… the symbol… no words today. Sorry.
Silver light emanates like a… like a… LIKE A LANCE OF oh I’ll work on it.
Against hammer thing.
Morgan gets amped by a +2 dam bonus next turn.
Jorn goes, marks two, earthgrasp strike on one in front. Notices the crystal pillar is a contraption with levers and arcane symbols controlling the statues.
Morgan goes, trying to drive the other statue toward Jorn.
Roland goes. Invasive strikes one of the hammer guys. Lots of damage. Shifts way the hell in there. Up against the crystal pillar contraption. Jorn lashes out at prone construct. Construct can’t get up. Misses Jorn.
Other marked construct hits Jorn.
Other nonmarked construct nails Morgan.
Thinner, more cables, construct approaches Roland while he’s trying to figure out the device.
Construct strikes the same pose as Roland. Strange. I think it’s trying to make friends.
So as it’s doing that, it brings down its mace type weapon. So much for friends.
CRIT. Well now. Friends is RIGHT OFF the table now.
Roland is bloodied.
Little flare of energy when the construct hit Roland, connecting to the pillar. Hmmm.
Brandis goes. I just need a burst. Burst 5. Need to start out near Jorneepoo. Brandis suddenly explodes in a ball of necrotic filth.
Sigh. Hey JOrn ready for a party? Sure next time you call me Jorneepoo my foot will have a party up your ass….
So Brandis wants to pull all kinds of shit in the room… everyone but the enemy hitting Roland.
The generator flares up. Beam of light flares aaaaaannnnnd… lands on……. Looks like… on Brandis. When it hits, it spreads out to envelope Baras and Damakos.
Some energy bounced and hit one of the constructs and seemed like it got a little stronger from it.
David can summon tentacles. I mean, Damakos can summon tentacles. And theres a chance there can be more tentacles and then more tentacles and then more tentacles and more… Persecliteeeeeeeeeen-entacles.
That discuss was just a precursor to the tentacle power, which has not happened yet.
Zee Pow Wrote’em!
This is the scrotum power, not the tentacle power.
Hit the bloodied one with… whatever the hell power you just did.
The DM will slam down the Minuses Hammer if we derive any innuendo from “He drives his rod into it”.
The tentacle power! Maui Macka! Two icy tentacles appear in the room. What the living hell.
How do you feel about cold, Roland. Whenever Damakos asks “how do you feel about…” you know the hurt’s coming so I don’t even know why the asshole asks in the first place. Jorn says that in character by the way.
Bara goes. Hilig Flama… that’s her power. That’s how she do. Morgan made… a sound… I was in the kitchen so missed the note taking opp.
Jorn thundersteps over to the construct behind Roland and slams the thing.
Morgan takes cold damage and is flanked by bad guys. She…. Well… on her turn she… well it’s not her fault .
Yay ice tentacles, dealing the hurt to the bad machines!
One construct CRITS on Jorn. The hell. Cheater.
Roland busy on the pillar. Seems to get the hang of it, using Silus’s tool.
DM is a CRITting machine. Both hits on Morgan.
Damakos gets hit aaaaand HO CHI MINH! Take that sukkah.
DM just scored some new razors that arrived magically.
Brandis is going. 4 blades for ten bucks a month. Shameless shill.
Pillar sends a burst of light hitting 3 heroes.
Damakos gets hit. Misses BRandis. Hits Bara. Energy flowed back into one construct and seemed to heal it or tickle it or massage it make it feel better. Roland destroy that piece of shit yesterday please.
Tentacles of Cryonax. I think that’s an HP Lovecraft book.
Oh, this is Damakos’ turn of course. Every time that guy levels more creepy shit comes into the game.
Yay Holmes Thro Hep shouts Bara. Misses. Maybe the construct isn’t up on the ghetto divine slang from that village.
Liken This shouts Bara and heals Morgan.
Jorn galestrikes the flanked construct and shanks the little guy behind him.
DM is planning to deal a world of hurt to Bara for an exchange that I occurred during my turn. Oh boy!
Morgan focuses all of her righteous indignation on the mechanical thing trying to kill her friend aaaaaaaaand…… “killify” enters the lexicon. Overwhelming strike. Choose the 19. Hits.
DM just attacked a bag of beef jerky in a way that reminded me of watching Discover Channel.
Construct attacks Morgan.
Roland goes. Decipher that shit man! The glow is starting to dim.
Hammerguys. Tentacles keep doing damage. This encounter was made for tentacles.
Flanky Flanky. The DM just said that. On Morgan.
If Morgan has an AC higher than 25 I’m no longer in front goddamnit.
Morgan vanishes after being hit by the hammer and reappears behind it. BAMF! Wait… rethinking it now. Adjaency screws up her whole world.
Construct attacks… fucket (the DM said that) Brandis attack it as it moves past! High twenties. Construct attacks all ya’ll. People go prone.
Jorn gets attacked. Bring it. Fucking hit so hard the DM’s dice tower broke. It’s on now.
Brandis goes. Does something. Hits.
Crystal suddenly bitchslaps Roland and he goes dooooowwwwwn.
Ox Zap. Damakos goes. Or as Brandis says, Damlokloslal or Damoclese depending on mood.
Hits and slides enemy toward his pet tentacle.
Bara goes. Stillness within the storm, the DM reminded her. Demerits.
Conjures something under this guy. Hits. Construct stops moving.
Dog barking.
Jorn strength of stones the construct in front of him. Hits.
Morgan goes. Hits.
Why is Jorn marking himself.
Strike one on Roland. Light at the end of the tunnel.
Construct swings at Jorn and misses. Brian blowing into pup’s face and wonders why he just got clawed in the mouth.
Brandis getting smacked. Damakos getting smacked.
Construct assumes same fighting stance as Jorn and hits.
Brandis goes. Energizing strike. Hits. Roland comes back up. Roland gets healed a shit ton.
Crystal flares. Dogs barking. Let’s go outside.
Brandis is bloodied. Makes people shifty.
Damakos goes. Oxzip. Taun Taun charges Merlin.
Bara goes.
Jorn second winds and tries luring two constructs with him behind the wall and away from Roland.
Morgan kills a thing, it crumbles.
Roland gets back at the device and the thing grows dimmer.
Construct misses.
Dazed construct moves near Roland. Damnit. Ummm, Roland… hey buddy… ummm… got something for ya.
Brandis goes. Energizer.
More energy beams burst around from the crystal pillar.
Roland gets hit and temps disappear right as they arrive.
Damakos. Haul ass baby yells Brandis in character.
Tentacles, pillars… I suppose tentacles become pillars when you tickle the underside.
That’s weeny, said the DM to Damakos’ damage. Or to his tentacle. Or both or something.
DM is not worried about not being able to read his own writing. We’re in good hands.
Bara goes. I’m going to float my little spiritual weapon over here. The hell game are we playing again?
Jorn destroys the last construct. All constructs are either inert or crumbled.
Morgan is helping…ish… Roland with his thievery shenanigans.
Holy living fuckastrophe Roland rolls a 1 because the DM foretold it. Roland is bloodied from the Crystal shoots a beam into his esophagus.
Brandis heals Roland. Keep him up so he can deactivate this piece of shit!
Crystal goes, tries to include Jorn in the burst but SORRY NO LUCK.
Construct starts moving again, healed by the crystal. DM is no longer allowed a full day to prepare for a game.
Damakos goes. Says Whhoooowwhohohooo. Then Oxxxxzzzzzzepffftttt at construct. Construct looks back at Damakos. There’s tension. I think something was supposed to happen.
Bara goes. DM cheers that people are running out of surges. I’m sending bias.
Glowing quarterstaff. Construct crumbles. Damakos that’s how it’s done… with your osxxssdeepetfft shit.
Jorn rushes the crystal pillar out of aggravation. Sends the crystal flying. Eats some purple energy. But then the thing goes dormant… ohhhhh, well… it crashes to pieces.
Extended rest.
Search the room. Bupkiss.
Puppy time.
Morgan wants to post guards.

36th of Pedwar, 2345

Double stone doors. Roland open this.
Unlocks the door easily.
Jorn says in a hushed roar “This leads to the outside! And Goblins!”
Rubble is blocking the door, but we can fit through.
Roland scouts ahead. Inside a large building. Furniture, bits of furniture. Walls are broken, pulled apart. Looks like a bombed out building from WWII, an analogy which earns Jorn a plus 2 to his next roll.
Morgan wants to move double time, ducking under windows and moving quietly.
All is still.
We are working our way into a street. Nothing moves. Silent. Crumbling walls, buildings. Base of walls are intact, anything over 5-6 ft damaged. Crude things painted on walls. Goblin penises??? Grow up Morgan.
Streets are not clean. Rubble everywhere.
Sunny, sunny day. Jorn stretches and enjoys the sun.
Jorn runs forward to perceive. Sees more of the same. Jorn hears snoring coming from up and to the right. Second story area up there, need to go that way.
Morgan sees a long stretch of open space, no good cover. Past that, great place to hide. Need to move really quickly through the open area. She looks at the healers. Soft. Fragile. Armlocks both of them and force-marches both of them across the open area.
Roland. Acknowledges that we are now in a skill challenge.
Fails perception check.
Here’s the deal. Roland falls into a sub-basement. Lose a healing surge.
Brandis looks around while being dragged through the open area.
Bara hears thump. It was Roland falling. Plume of dust. Stop drop and roll. Tries to help Roland out of the pit. Use an action point. Helps Roland out.
Damakos. Okay. So. Hes out. We’re all back together. I’m familiar with some of this stuff. Streetwise will help me realize typically there is a side alley that will lead us around some of these areas.
Jorn can smell rain coming soon. So he tells Morgan to halt until the rain comes. Morgan will acquiesce. Looks for a tarp and board, wants to build a small break to hide under. A hunting blind.
Wait… Squirrel Building…? Nevermind.
Roland. Observes that everyone is tense except Jorn who loves the rain. He succeeds in bullshitting everyone that everything will be fine.
Brandis. Think like a goblin. Now we have 2 failures. Crap. A dagger comes from somewhere, Roland snapshots the goblin. All this happens so fast Jorn missed it because he was yawning.
Bara. I’ve been out on the plains. I’ve hid from goblins before. By covering our scent, we should have been covering with mud.
Damakos. Kay. So. What’s the deal. Okay. So. We are almost to the building. We get there, we are at a spot. Nowhere else to go. Group of goblins taking refuge inside the squirrel building. So. I. Am going to. Use STEALTH. Yes I know. This is kind of scary. I am going to sneak up to one and put him in a choke hold and subdue him. I am going to do it very quietly. WOAH. He did it.
Brian get your ass over here.

Holy shit. Main chamber. Fountain. Morgan sees lower part of two legs coming out of the fountain. In the courtyard. Barrels. Little goblins. Really little. They’re the help. Actively striking tender into barrels which represent braziers. Awning over what’s left of back of courtyard.
Goblins, few different types… let me get paper. Hobgoblins milling about, talking with each other. Orcs carrying curved blades. More orcs with shields.
Then of course there’s Tramaka. The dragon. Grey dragon. Looks just like the mini.
Damakos says Guano which translates to Shit. Jorn says something in elven that’s kinda like… “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…… me.”
They are not aware of us… surprise round. Grey dragon sits on a huge pile of gold.
Roland shoots at an orc. Jorn transforms into Storm Tree.
Bara goes. Focus fires on the same orc.
Brandis. Energizing strike on a minion.
Morgan… chooses among the Daily Breakfast Buffet. Out-rules-lawyers the DM and oathed the wounded orc.
Damakos… Now We Makah! Tentacles emerge in the midst of goblins.
Roland moves up. Fires an arrow at the wounded orc. Winged’em.
DM cheered WAY too loud because it’s now their turn.
Wounded orc charges Roland. Swings the big huge holy shit 28 versus AC sword and implants it into Roland’s thorax not gracefully.
Another orc charges Jorn. Misses. Must have been the…. Wind and Rain!!!!…. sorry.
Another orc charges … the barrel. Well, doesn’t charge. Just attacks Brandis.
Other orc rushes Jorn.
Jorn, with two enemies attacking him, uses Storm Tree attack and prones both orcs. Then runs forward and thundersteps to the dragon, dazing and proning it with the Stormbiter Warblade’s power, drilling it with ongoing 5 lightning.
Bara goes, swung her spiritual weapon and missed the orc.
Brandis energizing strike.
Morgan glaringly admonishes her oath target. Brandis shouts NAUGHTY… which is awkward. Oathed targets are screwed. Divine powers rule.
Damakos. Okay. So. Sustains the tentacles. How tentacular.
Macky Load Ooh. Lots of dice for damage. He will take. He will take. Cold damage. Red hobgoblin.
Damakos destroys a minion.
Perseklitee. Curses.
Hobgoblin rushes and chants. Two of his allies attack. Both miss. DM says it sucks. We disagree.
Tentacle grab is a save ends grab. Which is weird, but it’s a tentacle. So yeah.
Thramak says to Jorn, “I was going to watch much longer.” Still prone, daze, and being electrocuted, she swings a claw and a tail at Jorn, but Jorn blocks the attacks with aspects of the Storm Tree form.
Roland shoots the shit out ooooffffffffffffff wounded orc.
Terror blades… one died on Roland’s arrow. Other one charges the ranger. Roland now bloodied.
Darkblades. One attacks Bara. Goddamn D4 damage crap shouts the…. Orc…
Other one attacks Brandis. DM just gave Brian cardiac arrest.
JOrn swings at the dragon, misses.
Bara. Just bloodied the dra… wait. An orc. He’s wearing pink and red right now.
Roland yells Get’m the hell away from me please!
Damakos dies in a horrible explosion of fire and phlegm from David’s “4 Tops” pun.
Brandis. Start with pajama boy. Asswipe. Orange. He’s actually silver. Brandis heals Roland because he doesn’t have time for his shit.
Morgan taps the chanting orc, you shall not stand against me. Plunges her weapon into the orc’s lower 14th vertebrae. Bloodied. Dazed.
Damakos. Sustains tentacles. I would like to. Um. I would like to. Um. Curse a minion? Attacks orc on Bara.
Prizrobic. Crackling energy! Misses.
Hobgoblin chants, voice goes up, thunder energy goes out and hits the heroes. Actually ya-huh.
Miss. Miss. Bara is hit. Sure. His buddies decide they want to move a little bit. Terrorblade slides this way. Other guy that’s in there slides back so he’s flanking Roland.
Orc chanter moves to the fountain. Makes that same call. Allies attack. All miss.
A goblin minion pushes a brazier over and fire spills all over.
Thramaka. Claw. Hits. Tail misses. Claw rakes Jorn causing bleeding and immobilized. Saves out of Daze but still nailed by ongoing lightning and deafening.
Roland shoots darkblade nails it.
Orc rushes Bara. Hits. Bloodied.
Roland hurts people. He’s about to be hurt. Orc rushes and hits with a poisonous swing.
Brandis gets hit by a poisonous attack.
Jorn continues to engage the dragon, keeping her locked within her piles of coins.
The other heroes continue engaging the orcs and hobgoblins.
Hobgoblin Dirge Singer goes down in a slag of righteous lightning from the sky by Morgan’s weapon.
Crapnation, Jorn is flanked by a hobgoblin chanter. He’s venerating her somehow in his song. He looks a little more zealous. Let’s a low howl out as he attacks Jorn. Dragon attacks as well with tail and claw.
The heroes continue to battle the orcs and hobgoblins. Lots of clangs and cries and ongoing damages.
Do the scrotum thing shouts Brandis to Damakos who can’t hit a paper bag.
The battle rages on. Order the pizza!
The battle continues to rage!
The dragon is loose! She… exproars! Frightful presence! Misses Jorn. CRITS Damakos. Hits others. Stuns for all.
Morgan kills the dragon. A warm rain falls from the sky, cleansing the courtyard. The dragon is a flaking corpse in the ruined fountain. “Dragon Slayer.” Shouts Jorn. “This will be the thing of tales.”
As the dragon died, a throng of goblins were watching. “You shall not come against us.” Says Morgan, and they all break and run.
Gold is about 138lbs. when bagged. Heroes gather all the coins. 5000cp. 700sp. 800gp. 20 gems worth 50gp each.

Heroes enter the massive doorway. Once beautiful building covered in designs and delicate frieze work. Defaced by orc defilement. Bits of colored glass can be seen in the high windows. We all feel at home, other than Damakos whose hairs are prickling on back of his neck.
Brandis is pulled into a corner. Starts sifting through the rubble. When he finds a flat piece. It’s smooth. There’s one side that is smooth. Chunk of a wall. Perfectly smooth. Smoother than anything ever felt. Not even a polish.Brandis knows that something was there that was very very important.

Bara. Pulled to another corner. Over there she sifts through, looking around. Surfaces beaten and hacked. Pedestal there. Bits of a segmented spiral.

Morgan gets pulled into the back. It’s hacked and destroyed and painted over with garish scenes, goblinesque. Looking around, pedestal, feel fine grooves of the spiral, the connection with divinity.

No effect with Roland and Jorn. Damakos does not like it here.

Roland finds a carved feather, a finger, a heal. Part of a statue of some sort. Floor actually looks unmarred, 10×10 area. All scuffed and broken and worn outside of the area, but that area is in good condition. Unblemished. Roland examines this area further. For some reason this part of the floor is whole. No real clue as to why.

Roland calls for Damakos. When he gets to the clean area, he really doesn’t feel right about it. Doesn’t notice anything strange about the area.

Walls may once have been adorned with paintings and scenes of landscapes of peace and safety. It’s all been ruined, but it still exists beneath the filth. But it’s now gone.

The two divine heroes are pushing on the clear 10×10 square. Morgan wants to understand. Bara wants to know more. They feel the floor lift by 2ft. Center splits, pristine staircase leading down. Sconces with glowing crystals lighting the stairs going down. No dust, no sign of conflict.

Damakos stays upstairs, Jorn follows but stays behind. The divine heroes feel that this is a safe place, a good place, to go. Morgan is cruising down the stairs.

At the bottom is a stone, beautiful door. A lever is at the bottom of the stairs. A circle that has been divided into 5 pieces. Top piece has exact type of grooves that is Morgan’s spiral. Another slice is perfectly smooth. Another slice is like the groove spiral, but thicker. Bottom slice is a nautilus shell. Then there’s the segmented spiral is on the last slice.

Morgan opens the door. 25×25ish room. Frescos and paintings all over the wall. Scenes of a man fighting against a horde of monstrosities protecting a family. Another one has a woman reaching and helping a child fallen into a well. Another shows a group fighting a forest fire to protect fields of ripe grain. Other images like this cover the walls. Security, protection, compassion.

Whole ceiling is an image of what we would consider an angelic figure. Human part is male but muted in all other ways. Anyman. Four-winged creature. Wings are folded forward, protective. Figure is holding a sphere that has the spiral… the thicker spiral.

Jorn asks, “What is this place.” Morgan replies, “Its showing us what it should be to live in this world. This is how the world is meant to be.”

Back of the room: screens, 3 areas that are bed chambers… bed, chest, etc.

In the middle of the large room, under the spiral, is a pedestal. White marble. Sitting on it is a thing….. Bound in platinum. Thick spiral symbol on the cover of a very large book.
Roland opens the book. Very good condition. Mint. Exquisite. Perfect. Ancient version of what we now speak.

The Book of Shields Against the Darkness

The first section is a dedication to She Who Answers the Cries as it was her that brought the world together and taught those who would listen how to work together to build a strong and nurturing society, the foundation that every thing else was built upon.

The first true chapter is a story in which She Who Answers the Cries is standing against a tide of darkness. She stove to push it back but found that no matter how far She would reach the darkness continued to creep around Her grasp. Feeling alone and overwhelmed, She looked about for help. Below the divine expanse of the heavens where She resides, She saw a lone figure fending off a handful of beasts that were attacking a small family.

This figure took attack after attack, and staggered under the onslaught but did not fall and did not run in order to save himself. Instead, he continued to fight back and defend the helpless ones behind him. Seeing this bravery, She first considers that She might imbue that courageous individual with part of Her essence and have him join Her at Her side to combat this foe and any others. She considers this idea for but a moment and realizes that She, even with Her place in the heavens must not choose the fate of others rather than allow them to freely live and choose their own destinies. To take this freedom away would be a great evil, possibly even greater than the foe in front of Her.

She reached down from the heavens and touched that brave warrior with her divine blessing in gratitude for what he had helped Her to know. With that knowledge in Her heart, She Who Answers the Cries, reaches within herself to find that quality the man below Her exemplified. Once She found what was needed She pronounced, ”I call out Shields Against the Dark to stand with Me and protect the world from that which would destroy it!” Energy flowed from Her and coalesced at Her left hand, taking a shape which resembled the essence of the one that inspired its creation.

“Shields Against the Dark, you will need speed to fulfill you duty as well as the part of Me that created you.” At this wings formed from the energy and a the image of a spiral, loose with thick swirls forms on his chest. “Go forth and protect those that are lesser, but greater in their own way. Show by example and inspiration that one can be strong and protect those in need.”

The newly created angel nods to his Creator, “I will stand to provide the security for those in this world who appreciate Your ideals. I will stand against those who do not.” With those words Shields Against the Dark opens his wings and flies into the face of darkness, beginning his ongoing battle.

The second chapter tells a story in which Shields Against the Dark works with Stillness Within the Storm to broker a peace between two great races of people when the dwarves and the humans first encountered each other in a far off mountainous land. These angels did not force their desired outcome, but with gentle influence guided the process, insuring full understanding was attained.

The pages you assume would make up the third chapter are completely blank and pristine.

The fourth chapter speaks about the cooperation between Shields Against the Dark and Welcomes All in preventing the starvation of a people who were caught in the path of destruction caused by a volcano’s eruption threatening the croplands below.

The rest of the book holds stories extolling the virtues of giving aid, security and protection to all.

The party spends the rest of this day and the next in the chamber. After searching the room thoroughly they find more books containing more teachings of Shields Against the Dark as well as a ritual book. Morgan finds a headdress and armbands, Bara Is finds a magical quarterstaff and a belt, Damakos finds a belt of his own and bracers. They also find 3 holy symbols.

Roland and Brandis read to the others and take notes from the BOOK. Morgan and Bara Is listen intently and discuss the stories. Damakos mainly takes watch outside of chamber as it is not at all comforting for him to be there. Jorn is restless in frustration, pacing in and out of the chamber and building finally taking one of the beds and sleeps.

At the end of the day the party discusses what to do next. They briefly discuss taking the BOOK with them but decide to leave it her and take the other books. Jorn expresses his frustration at not knowing what they are doing. Morgan explains that she sees their path as finding what was lost/erased and setting the world back to what it was before. Jorn is even more confused on how to do this.

Roland brings up the figure in his visions. He gets the sense of agelessness in the figure and feels he may be in the northern forest of Roland’s homeland. Jorn calls this figure an elf, a race that he decends.

The Cove and the strange circle of stones in the heart of Bai are also discussed as places that may have connections to the puzzle.

The party decides to find Morgan’s old companions and tell them of what they found. Then continue to the Cove, before heading to Crainn by way of the stone circle in Bai.

38th of Pedwar, 2345

Total XP earned this session 1533
Total XP for campaign 7851 everyone is not 6th level


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