Bringers of Light

Adventure 2, Session 4

Bringers of Light

22 Pedwar 2345

Damakos is still tied up & possibly gagged.

The fort has been overrun by goblins. Sylis told us that he can get us in through a “secret entrance”. They had been able to get a bunch of supplies from Legion Thunder during the big storm a while back.

It is dinner time. We discuss whether going to the fort is a good idea. Legion Thunder was headed in the direction of the fort. We know from Morgan that they have let the goblins take the fort so that Legion Thunder can practice taking a city by force. During the discussion, Sylis perks up & runs off excitedly. Legion Thunder should not get there soon because they will have to regroup & resupply. Sylis reappears with a ceramic globe about the size of a small melon and says “But we have these!” It will burst into flame, burst into ice, or dissolve stuff. They got them from Legion Thunder’s stuff. They are willing to give us some of these items.
Derrick quietly speaks to Morgan about the realization that there is more dissent within the ranks of the Legion than he thought. They discuss that we have to talk to people and find allies and support, but we have to remain in hiding so that we can build sufficient strength before coming into the open so that the Legions don’t just come in and wipe them out. Derrick feels that if we can get a major city to side with us and if we can disrupt the supply chain to the legions, then we have a chance of breaking/changing the status quo and move away from the current oppressive regime.

Derrick will talk to Imden about Damakos. He does not agree to even loosen Damakos’ bonds so that he can eat until after he talks to her. Brynn offers to tell us the true story of how Morgan got caught. In a very amused manner, he tells us the story of Morgan helping a family that couldn’t pay tribute. The tribute collectors were threatening to sell the family’s children. That brought Morgan out of hiding. She killed the tribute collectors and their bodyguards, but was caught by the apprentice after 1 (rumor) she tripped over her own feet, fell into a sewer grate & hit her own head – or – 2 (what he believes to be true) the apprentice threw a bucket of fetid water into her face & knocked her over her head. There is some posturing by both Brynn and Morgan and Sylis pops in and tells Brynn that Morgan would be able to take him out without breaking a sweat! Morgan admits that it was embarrassing to be caught by the skinny clerk/apprentice.

Imden & Derrick show up & walk directly to Damakos. Imden looks into his eyes and asks what his mission is. Damakos explains that he wants to make up for wrongs done in the name of the government. He does state that he will use fear and intimidation to save himself and his companions. Imden says to Derrick “I believe his words. You can untie him – but keep him away from me.”

They offer tents for us to rest in for the night. Morgan looks around & sees that their supplies are very well camouflaged. Derrick says that Sylis has been a big help to them, but his enthusiasm could get him in trouble.

23 Pedwar 2345
We wake up & have a breakfast of oatmeal/gruel. Sylis talks to Bara Is and shows her some basics on how to combine herbs & ingredients to brew potions. He gives her 5 healing potions & teaches her how to make a potion of Cure Light Wounds plus 250gp of components. He also gives her some small pink beads that glow slightly. He explains that he doesn’t know what they are, but he can use them in lieu of expensive components when making potions. Brandis gets 3 Ice Spheres, Morgan gets 3 Acid Spheres, and Jorn gets 2 Fire Spheres. They top off all of our traveling supplies & resupply our arrows, sling stones, etc. and will sharpen & maintain our weapons for us.

Jorn isn’t sure about Sylis, so he asks Raker about him. She says that he can get over excited and can be fairly annoying, but he always comes through in a pinch. They caught him trying to steal from their supplies. He didn’t try to run, but explained what he was doing & offered to barter for food instead. They ended up taking him on & he has provided fresh ideas for them and helped them to extend supplies, etc.

Morgan wants to spread the word about “She Who Answers the Cries”. She tells several others about her. They don’t really understand at the beginning, but listen politely and by the end seem to comprehend her.

Sylis tells us about the tunnel into the city. How to work the hidden entrance. The tunnel is 4-5 miles long. There is a corridor with a lot of doors & statues (segmented hallway). The end of the tunnel has a lot of twists & turns. They ask us if any of us are good with mechanical stuff. He give us a set of tools that will help us deal with mechanical stuff. Sylis tells us that he managed to pull a lever in the room where the tunnel ends and thinks that it stopped any traps in the tunnel, but he thinks that when he closed the door at the end of the tunnel they reset. He keeps asking, but Derrick won’t let Sylis come along. Morgan talks to Derrick about the possibility of Sylis sneaking away to follow us to the fort. Derrick assures us that Raker will make sure he doesn’t sneak away.

24 Pedwar 2345
We say our goodbyes & head out towards the fort. SKILL CHALLENGE (Travel to the fort) During the trip we talk with each other about our backgrounds, etc. Roland asks Morgan if she is in love with Derrick, to which she replies with a confused, “no” and a baffled stare. When Morgan utters the word “Hope”, she falls to her knees & feels a surge of power, during which her armor transforms/improves. We can all feel the power that came along when she said that word, and each time it is uttered, we can feel a spark of light in our mind coming from it. Brandis is also profoundly affected by the uttering of the word almost as Morgan was.

34 Pedwar 2345
We reach the rock face where the entrance to the tunnel should be. There we find a fairly large group of goblins and goblin kind camping right where we want to go. The goblins are covered in the same gray paste that we have seen before and they call out “Thramaka” during the battle. Jorn charges in towards the biggest & shiniest goblin and knocks him down. Other goblins swarm around him. Roland shoots the minions from afar. Some of the goblins advance to attack the rest of the party. Their archers target our archer, but are poor shots. There are several misses on both sides, but then Damakos moves up, hits hard & shoves a goblin while calling out “Z Powrotem!” in extremely clear Supernal. (I don’t know how anyone could mistake it for saying anything else!) Morgan attacks the same goblin that Damakos hit while mumbling something about it getting dark and wanting the goblin to stand with her (DM Note: I have no idea what this last sentence means). Jorn misses the prone goblin in front of him & prepares for the pain train. A red ninja goblin charges Roland and mutters a curse at Roland in Supernal as he stabs him with his spear. The string of misses continues, with Bara crit missing & losing our bonus. Fortunately Brandis crits to get us our bonus back. Damakos calls out “Przeklety” to curse the bloodied goblin and “Przerobic” (both in flawless Supernal that every decent person here can hear without any difficulty or misunderstanding), but the ray of arcane power that he unleashed goes just wide of the target. Roland gets fed up with the red ninja goblin and takes him out in a single shot! The goblin archers don’t take well to that & take Roland down. Brandis rushes up and uses a daily power to weaken a minion, even though he hit everyone except the archers. He stands there muttering to himself in disbelief while Jorn looks at him with a WTF look on his face. Damakos clearly calls out “Przeklety” followed by “Zimny Lancuch” (which sounds nothing like Disneyland Cooch – heathens!). A spectral chain of ice shoots out and surrounds one of the archers. The DM then disses Morgan, risking her out of game wrath. Morgan is so shaken that she hits a goblin with her massive sword and barely nicks him. Jorn takes out the last of the minions. Bara Is moves over to heal Roland, who was on the verge of death. She then shoots flames out of her hand (or flames out of her ass –or- ass out of her hand – it’s very unclear). The bad guys move up by Jorn who says “Bring the pain MoFo”. The bad guy then fails to bring the pain. Morgan takes out another goblin and moves closer to Jorn, which kind of freaks him out. She mumbles something about the dark and sand blowing against her. Roland stands up and heals himself. Bara Is graces us with a song from her gullet (i.e. she belches loudly). The odor weakens the goblins by Jorn & boosts Jorn & Brandis. The archers focus on Morgan, but miss. Brandis attacks the remaining red ninja goblin, hitting him and allowing Jorn to make a saving throw. Damakos, once again is the clearest, most understandable Supernal, calls out “Przeklety” and “Blyskawica”, shooting a bolt of flame at the red ninja goblin, taking him down. He then calls out “Przeklety” again, and the boss goblin clearly understands that he has been cursed. Morgan tells the boss goblin that he can’t stand with her in either the light or the dark, and smacks him. Roland shoots and archer and then hides behind some rocks. Morgan calls out “Kill the archers!” after they bloody her. Damakos calls out “Przeklety” to curse another archer and “Przerobic” to send a crackling ray of arcane power (not a crackle gray of arcane power) that takes out an archer. Morgan surprise strikes the boss goblin, dazing him. Roland goes for a trick shot firing 2 arrows at once. He makes it look easy (and is ready to become a circus side show act), and takes out another archer. Bara Is once again shoots flame out of her hand or ass & singes the boss goblin. The remaining archer shoots Damakos because he is upset that Damakos speaks Supernal so clearly. The carnival of misses continues with the boss goblin and Brandis. Damakos joins in by missing the archer. Morgan & Jorn continue the death by 1,000 cuts on the boss goblin. Jorn bloodies the boss goblin & screams in primeval power at the success. He tells the rest of us not to kill him so that we can question him. Roland joins Damakos in fighting the remaining archer. The boss goblin finally hits Jorn, doing a bunch of damage and healing himself. Damakos takes down the last archer. We then surround & focus on taking the boss goblin unconscious. At this point Bara Is says “Watch This!”, runs up next to the boss goblin, and attempts to grab his crotch. She uses an action point to successfully grab his crotch, doing 6 points of damage. In return he smacks her down hard. The boss goblin smacks Jorn and finally saves against his ongoing damage. Brandis loses track of where he is on the battlefield, but having the boss goblin swing at him reminded him to use the reach of his weapon. Jorn finally knocks him unconscious.

Jorn ties up the boss goblin. Roland searches the bodies & the area. Each body has 1-2 gray scales being worn on them. Jorn dunks the boss goblin’s head in the water to revive him. With Damakos’ help we intimidate him into talking: Morgan takes an out of game break to go to the vet and pick up medication during the following scene.

  • Name of his people: The killing ghosts tribe.
  • Who do you work for: Thramaka
  • What is the gray scale: The one we follow.
  • What sort of beast is this from: She is a magnificent Dragon
  • Everything is within Thramaka’s reach. Thramaka is in the city. She lives in its palace.
  • Thramaka’s goals/instructions: Kill people like us. This area is promised to be goblin lands. The puny humans will die.
  • Thramaka has arrived in this area within the past year. They intend to keep the city. The humans keep taking the city, but they will keep taking it back.
  • This is where Thramaka wants to be – that is all they need know to help her keep the city she wants.

We discuss whether or not it would work to sow disinformation through the boss goblin. In the end, Jorn slits his throat & leaves him laying in the pool. We end up dragging all of the bodies back into the woods and start looking for the door. Roland searches for tracks to see which way the goblins came from. He doesn’t have luck, but Jorn finds that they were here for no more than 1 day. They came from the east & appear to have chosen this spot because it is an excellent campsite.

We locate the door fairly easily. Using Sylis’ tool, Roland manages to open the door. Jorn would prefer to camp outdoors for the night. We discuss goblins and the best time to enter the city. Goblins can see better at night. The killing ghost tribe sounds familiar to Morgan, but she has never heard of goblins painting themselves like these do, and she had never heard of goblins working with anyone/anything else.

35 Pedwar 2345
After a good night’s rest, we enter the tunnel. It is 10’ wide, 8’ high. We move in order using the lantern from Bara Is to light the area. We are looking for traps as we proceed. Morgan & Jorn lead the pack, Bara Is and Damakos follow approx. 10’ behind them. Brandis & Roland bring up the rear another 10’ back. In one corner, when 2 of us end up on the corner area, a pit trap opens. Damakos avoids falling in, but Bara Is falls into a 10’ deep spiked pit trap. While trying to move past it, Damakos does a face plant into the pit trap. Brandis moves across without a problem, but Roland trips & nearly falls in. Morgan is able to grab him and keep him from falling in. At the next corner Morgan spots another pit. We help folks across the corner, but Morgan spots another pit just past that one blocking the passage. Morgan moves across it, finding that the weight of 1 person doesn’t set it off. Morgan moves ahead looking carefully for traps. We decide to stagger with each person being 10’ apart. As long as we don’t have 2 people on a pit at the same time we don’t fall in. After a while of going through the winding passages with pit traps we come to a door.
Morgan & Jorn examine the door area, but don’t find anything. Morgan listens but doesn’t hear anything coming from the other side. The door is locked, so Roland tries using the Sylis device. He unlocks the door. We open it & there is another door ~30’ down. We search the passage & the door when we get to it. Roland fails to open the door with the Sylis device. He takes 10 and finally opens the door. Morgan spots small holes in the wall & broad flagstones that are different that the floor in the other areas. By searching we can spot the mechanism that the floor plates work. Roland tries to disable it, but isn’t sure if he got it done. We try to push on the floor with a staff/spear, but don’t get anything to happen. Jorn just walks across the floor without anything happening. They move up to the next door. Roland is working on unlocking it when Bara Is enters that section of hallway. The doors at both ends slam closed & lock leaving Brandis & Damakos in the section of hall behind everyone else. The 4 trapped in that section of hallway have a bunch of slivers come shooting out of the holes in the walls. Those hit are also poisoned & taking ongoing damage. This goes on each round. Jorn tries to break through the door ahead. Roland and Morgan try to open the door behind to where Brandis &Damakos are. After a few more attempts, Roland succeeds on opening the door with Damakos & Brandis helping him. Morgan busts through the door ahead (much to Jorn’s amazement). We stay split 3 and 3 in each corridor section and continue to move forward. Roland uses Sylis’ device and we make sure that we never have more than 3 people in any one section of the hallway at a time. We reach a room that has 8 metal human sized statues – 4 of which look to be pieced together and one of which appears to be very lithe/slender/full of sinewy strength.

Each player earned 819 XP (6318 XP total) – we remain at 5th level for next session.


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