Bringers of Light

Adventure 2, Session 3

16th of Pedwar, 2345

Bringers of Light – April 5, 2014

The whole team has gathered at the Cube to adore the puppy and conquer evil. We met around 1000 hours because Pam and Dave have to abandon the team by 1700 hours.
The session begins with awesome dice tower birthday gifts for Brian and Pam. Thank you Spencer and Nick!!

We begin in the middle of the afternoon. We have worked our way through the mountains and are starting back down. Jorn sees some boot prints in the snow and suspects there may be goblins about. We form up into a wall of battle and a horde of goblins arrive. There is a big goblinish guy with a different structure, wolf riders, archers, and ugly goblin types. These guys are all coated in a grey paste.

Battle ensues. Roland shoots one of them they shoot two of us. We stay in the trees so we have Some cover. We give damage, we get damage. Nick has a new pendant that has Morgan’s spiral pattern. The little guys charge us yelling “Thramaka”. Many of the charging minions are crushed by our defensive perimeter. But so far Spencer hasn’t rolled lower than 18. Wolf riders and the red guy who throws darts all move in. More exchanging of damage, both healers send HP to Roland. Blisscoweata says Damaklos. Then the note taker goes to play with the puppy while the battle continues and chip stacks get taller. Bara Is used a Hymn of Resurgence which made lots of baddies easier to hit and lets us knock them prone. Red guy does some whirling and ass kicking. DM cries with glee and posts to Facebook after his archers takes Bara Is down. Brandis gets her back among the living. More trading of blows. Disneylandhooch says Damaclos and actually hits with some cool ice effects. Morgan gets knocked down by a wolfrider on her way to her target. Jorn says he craps more damage than Roland just did. “Mr. Red Goblin, you suck” says the cleric, who then does 6 points of Radiant. This prompts the DM to say “6 hit points, oh no”. Damaklos points his rod and yells snack! And hurts himself a bit. Action Point, SNACK (roll a2) FUCKAFUCK!. After many many blows and powers the red Hobgoblin gets turned into ash by Jorn and his spiffy newly energized sword. Yeah!!! The archers fun for it after Roland nails one of them and then the final wolfrider goes down. Wahoo, we are severely battered, but alive. We decide to move somewhere else and camp. We found 5 vials of poison and 6 poisoned darts around the Hobgoblin. The darts poison will fade before we use them. Brandis took the darts for possible future use. Morgan takes 4 of the poison doses and Brandis takes 1.

We come down out of the mountains and into the lower Tupalo Wilds. The soil is very rocky and there is a very resinous thorny juniper type bush that makes you smell bad and sticks to you. We travel another couple of days when we come into a bog. Zoom to tile map, I wonder if something will happen.

As we move through the bog some spikey bushes rear up and try to eat us. They have a stinky aura 1 which makes you -2 to hit while in the aura. Then some cat sized bugs come out of the trees to suck our blood which they do very effectively. Giving and getting of damage ensues. People with Stirges fight them, the rest fight the Otyugh plants. Thunder, lightning, fire, and explosions on our side, sucking of blood and squishing of plant food on their side. We finally kill them all. Search of the area finds 430 gold scattered around with some bones.

We travel on for a couple of days. Low clouds blanket the sky as it gets rainy and cold. Many of us notice that some sort of humanoids are starting to surround us. They call out in goblin “Stay where you are”. They are not Goblins. We then take a short break to find out that V has eaten most of the dog treats in the pouch. They then say we can lay down our weapons and all of our valuables and keep our lives. Damakos tries to intimidate them but he doesn’t succeed and gets two arrows in the chest. Fortunately Morgan knows one of them and is able to talk them into not shooting us if the Tiefling will be disarmed and tied up. There is some discussion about keeping Damakos alive and they say we can bring him along back to camp but some aren’t happy about him at all. The humans are a mix of men and women and Morgan knows several because she used to work with them. Tall chick named Raker hits on Jorn. There are 6 or 7 people in the group that ‘acquires’ goods and money to help the local peasants. The Imden had her whole clan (46 other people) wiped out by the Scath Runda. Slaves from the coast are sometimes taken by the navy and some Scath Ruda. Derrick is the leader. Sylis the young guy is making dinner. There are lots of goblins to the east and rumor says the legions will be moving against the goblins in the fortress soon. They got a convoy from Legion Thunder a few rides ago and they got of supplies when it got stuck after the storm. Silus has been with the band a few months after he had to run from police at home in Gwennin’s Fenn. He isn’t good with a weapon but he can make things and get into things. Brandis studies the band of people and sees in them a flicker of the fire that is driving us. Brin and Breen are twins and generally good people. Derrick is very focused. Imden lost her clan and Tanat came from a forest and is Imden’s friend. Morgan starts to explain that there is something good and powerful in the world and we are part of it. Derick says he thinks the storm was a release and the something good was happening. They know that the Fort is totally overrun. Sylis has seen a building that has swirl patterns similar to Morgan’s and Bara’Is’. He thinks we can get to it through a long tunnel if we are quiet. Morgan hints that Bara’is should contribute to the conversation but she makes her save and resists. The goblins seem to be getting drawn into the fortress and they have been uniting and using the battle cry “Thramaka” and painting themselves grey.

6778 xp = 1129 per player. 5475 total Call it 5500 which is 5th level exactly.

Level up and add in your low level equipment changes.

Next session is May 17th. Snake Day is at 10:30am.


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