Bringers of Light

Adventure 2, Session 2

Adventure 2, Session 2
4th of Pedwar, 2345
We are currently travelling eastward across the plains of Be-Tana and north of the river. Snow has fallen. Bara Is is very familiar with this area. She has been to Be-Tana and has knowledge of this area. The goblin populations tend to be larger this time of year because the legionnaires have not been through as often in the heavy snows of winter. Jornie suggests the use of N7s. Mass Effect references not allowed, Jornie. Not allowed.

Roland shares that he is the son of a Provisional Governor. Morgan gets a little unglued. Continue with a little flavor text. Apparently the rawhide theme keeps making its round for Roland.

Travel, travel, travel…

Come upon an armed group of goblins set up for an ambush who are aware of our group and ready to attack. People and Goblins present.
• Goblins see us. Ew!
• Roland “careful shot” and hits a goblin. Goblin screams and falls down.
• Goblin hits back and hits 8 points-of damage, then another 8 points. Blah!
• Okay, turning into a Roland stab-a-thon. Roland bloodied. It keeps going. When will this end!? Roland is down. Not good, team! Photo Op!
• Jorn is now the target. Goblin misses. The DM says, “5’s turn”. Oi, not starting well.
• DM decides to give description of goblins. Spindly short bow dudes with no armor that is noticeable, copper based ones are beefy and attracted to blood with battle axes and chain, gold color ones look fancy with long sword and have better hygiene, quicker moving ones that are lither with leather armor. (Is lither a word? Yes, if you spell it correctly)
• Chanting goblin? That don’t sound like rap! Something evil this way comes! Strengthens a couple of others with his magic words and they attack. Jorn marked for attack.
• Brandis argent surges and energizing strikes and flanks a silver guy. Hits! Sis boom bah, hit him in the other jaw. 4 temp points to Roland.
• Morgan yells, “Drovers, defend yourselves!” She stares with her blue painted steely eye and uses overwhelming strike to bring a goblin down. Wappity wap! 9 points of damage, and dazed. Goblin is bloodied. Goblin is also shifted so that Morgan can take it down.
• Humans dive off carts and hide underneath to get out of line of fire. These carts are being pulled by oxen.
• Jorn’s turn. Jorn does his best impression of a jungle yell and charges the group of goblins. They swing first and start hitting like crazy and in seconds, Jorn is bloodied.
• Minions start a swingin’. It’s not looking good for the home team. They attack the group under the ox cart. Two people hit, one from each cart, one critically.
• Bara Is has a sudden surge of energy that causes her to sing out a Hymn of Resurgence. She crits the goblins surrounding Morgan and Brandis. Woo hoo!
• “Disco Weaka!” is yelled out by the crazy Tiefling. Fiery Bolt does some damage.
• “My love, don’t leave!” “Uncle!” Oh gawds, the humans are dying. Nooooo!
• Roland moves up, and Jorn gets pissed at him. Really folks, apparently we are not tactical. Strategerry is not our strong point.
• Goblins ho! Attack Damakos and Brandis and Morgan. A bass moving sound rolls over the group. Hits Morgan, Damakos, and Brandis. They are all shifted back two and have owies.
• Brandis uses energizing strike to start loading up hit points on the baddies. He hits! He scores! Knocks that puppy on his ass! Sis boom bah, hit another in the jaw.
• Morgan runs wildly across the field and through the fray to the dying drover. She stops his bleeding with her beefy skinny hands.
• The Jornanator enters and uses his weapon to destroy. Two will enter, one will leave. The Jornanator leaves a bloody trail as he forcefully moves a critter away.
• Goblin’s turn. He’s a chanter. Guiding his little goblin force to where he wants destruction to follow.
• Lance of Faith – Bara Is hits copper goblin who’s parked in front of Brandis.
• “Zee Par Bottom” is yelled out by Damakos. Man, he’s colorful. He crits! Pushed two squares, target and each enemy next to target is slowed until end of next turn. Those Tieflings really have an interesting language.
• Roland enters the fray again. He steps back, thunder strikes the copper guys. Ah, he misses. It’s a sad day. But then copper guy gets hit and is bloodied. He’s a screamer.
• Goblins turn. Silver guy goes after Roland and crits. Roland got cocky and falls on his backside. Then goes after Brandis. Swings at Damakos and misses.
• Brandis, energizing strike against two gobs. Hit! Bloodied! He’s a big baby, that goblin. Sends healing out to the others in the burst.
• Morgan – radiant vengifies the cowardly gutless weasel. He is left as a puddle with nary a bloody droplet left on her body. Boy, she’s good and clean!
• Jorn violent bolts the heck out of a gobby. Theme song in the background was soaring.
• A goblin charges up on Morgan. Hits with 5 points of damage.
• Everyone feeling a little recharge? Bara Is loads up some healing on Roland, and party. Exclusion is Morgan because she’s off doing her own thing, preventing the archers from murderizing the innocent civilians or some such.
• Damakos yells out “Prince Robic”. WTF? It apparently hits and for 13 points of damage.
• Roland stands back up, the guy next to him is weakened. Jorn says “He’d do him”. I’m not sure if this is a fight at this point. For all his whining, he took down two baddies with his bow. Way to go!
• Oops, aiming back at Roland with other goblins. They see him as a threat!
• Jorn, goblins crit hit and a miss.
• Ka pow, ka pow, you shall not stand against me, yells Morgan.
• Jorn does some major damage. He likes himself a little thunder.
• Singer is not a good singer. He’s calling the goblins to shoot at Jorn with their arrows.
• “Persnickty”, hollers Damakos. “Pers Aerobic!”
• Roland – Kapow! Hits that goblin down. Ooo, he’s bloodied! Way to go!
• Jorn gets hits. Bara Is gives him a little boost.
• The singer moves towards Bara & Jorn smacks him. The singer misses Bara & Jorn moves him away from her & slows him down.
• Brandis takes out one of the baddies by Bara & Jorn, then scuttles to a new position.
• Morgan continues to wade her way through the goblins leaving a trail of dead goblin bodies behind her.
• Roland gets hit.
• Damakos yells, “Snack” and tries to turn singer’s skin crispy but misses.
• Roland moves back and takes a goblin out.
• Brandis goes after singer. Readies to make a move.
• Morgan, “All you all creatures cannot stand in the light, and you cannot stand against me.” Is bragging about taking out 5 minions. Which she should. Because she’s just that good.
• Jorn is swinging his mark willy nilly around. Tempest Assault on singer gobby. Crits. 19 points of damage and swings some more damage on to another guy. It’s a bloody bath and they are still standing. Blah.
• Bara stabs her hand in the air and fizzles in the midday sun. She isn’t feeling that close to her deity.
• Damakos yells “Snack” and has a weird brand show up on his target’s face. He hits.
• Careful Attack by Roland takes out the final goblins.
Apparently there was also mention by Jorn and the DM about “all that shit” with music, which then transpires to “shit hands”. Not a good visual.
Morgan, Brandis, check on cart number one. Older man, woman and young girl are present.
Bara checks other cart with husband?, wife and young son? Obviously a possible family travelling together.
Everyone is stabilized and takes a short rest. Bara and Brandis apply some subtle healing. They both bluff and heal the son in law and grandfather that were injured. They were travelling from Windthorst due to goblins destroying the village. Kate, Lark are the children of Nora, Telly and Mellin (son of Cabot) Hodge married. Cabot is the grandfather.

Morgan tries to find a safe way to encourage the family to move on and gives them money yet encourages kindness. They do not see Jorn or Damakos.

Out of character, Nick encourages the group to work together to stack damage and take threats out quickly rather than spread out attacks and let the NPCs hang around and kill us. In character, she admonishes Roland for charging into the middle of battle and getting himself stomped rather than staying back and using his archery to good effect. At the end of the conversation, Roland mutters under his breath “I was only trying to impress you”. Morgan is dumbfounded and shuts up.

Enter Skills Challenge
• Wind is howling and snow is falling. This is miserable weather.
• Roland and Bara have a conversation about healing and herb lore. Also, he does a nature check to see how long we may be travelling in this bad weather and how quickly we may need to find shelter.
• Jorn wants to see where we are travelling toward the mountains and a safe place of travel. Similar to the Smokies. On the next day, we are about to enter the forest. Jorn senses we will hit the forest soon. (Nick shares – player info, legions wear red and different colors depending on how much red you are wearing determines your rank Only the Emperor himself may wear a cloak that is completely red.) Jorn perception checks, sees flashes of red off in the tree line. He’s been travelling in front of everyone. He sees a lighting symbol on what he senses as a banner. “Where are you leading us, I want answers now”! “There are soldiers ahead in the trees with a lighting banner”! He asks of Morgan. “To the Fort!” “That doesn’t tell me anything!” Everyone is encouraged to hide in snow banks, trees, or behind rocks.
o Jorn is overdramatically making the pose of a snow angel as he pouts about Morgan’s affiliation with the Legion. Conversation ensues between the two, while hiding in their little hole. Jorn doesn’t trust her; she left the legion because her superior office was trying to hurt a fellow legionnaire; she broke his nose and had to run.
• Found a cave and tried to pull the party together.
• Damakos wants to know how many travel together in a legion. What sort of tactics do they use when fighting? Cohorts operate in groups of 50, Legions in 300. Tactical conversation ensues. Basically, Legions overwhelm with superior force, Skath Runda sneak around in small hit squads.
o During the night, a snow slide comes down and covers the face of the cave and Jorn goes in and he goes little nuts.
• Brandis – tries to talk up Bara, she ignores him. He then switches to Jorn and find out a little more about him. Jorn says he was captured by slave ship. He was partaking in a ritual that involves diving into the sea. He mentions holy and the steps he would take to revere “she of the sea”. Brandis then does a check to see how we are feeling about the world and how we fit, as well as how we feel about the weather.
o Morgan – in the larger scheme of things, feels at peace with how she might be able to make a change in the world. Cold.
o Damakos – city dweller, doesn’t like the cold. Spreading the word about a better place or leadership is not truthful. It is fractured and was part of using power not for the purpose it was meant.
o Bara – shares that she has no doubt in her company. She feels that her party is strong and believes in promoting the world.
o Jorn – likes the snow, doesn’t buy into the conviction that Morgan has.
o Roland – is cold and miserable. World view, changing the world to be a better place, he’s confused. He realizes he will have to make huge changes. He’s confused about personal feelings. He has a hole in his heart. He feels that he’s healing too quickly. He treats Bara as a sister, Damakos he’s not too trusting, admires Jorn, Morgan confuses him the most and stands apart because she fascinates him, Brandis is an idiot.
• Now deep into the forest, we see a cliff face ahead. The Chappening is happening. Too much wind and red noses.
• Roland sees a narrow gap at the top of the cliff.

Settled into a sheltered canyon. Second watch, Bara and Morgan are sparring and getting pointers. Bony fingers come out of the snow nearest the fire. Cold intensifies and nastiness comes out of the ice.
• Undead cold figures rise out of the cold, and 2 transparent figures comes through the walls.
• One undead reaches for Bara, misses. Morgan, gets hit. “We picked the wrong cave”, so sayest Jorn. Ice is shattered and difficult terrain.
• Bara swings and misses with Turn Undead. Bah
• All madness ensues and flavor text will be interspersed with words like “Ow”, and “That hurts”.
• Jorn, transformed into a tree like creature, attacks the undead. Radiant damage has a real impact on the baddies.
• “Persnickity”, hollered by Damakos. Then he calls out “Plumian”, and bursts into flames. He yells a lot and then says “Ox Sept”. Weird.
• Lots of hitting and missing takes place. Damakos continues to yell unintelligible words.
• Morgan does a happy dance that it is her turn. She takes a couple of swings and does a little damage. Nothing is affecting the creatures as much as it should.
• Shadowy thing reaches out for Morgan. Morgan takes a beating.
• Keplahhhh, as says the DM. Not sure what that means, but it sounds either bad or good.
• Thunder, thunder, thundercat strike from Roland. He’s bad ass. Except he misses. Then he hits.
• Bara hits with radiant damage. The cold skeleton shudders. Bara runs back to get some distance.
• “Zee Par Bottom” – yelled out by that crazy Damakos. Then he curses the big slow bad corpse. “Zsnack”. He’s always eating.
• It’s looking bad for our good guys.
• Look at my boxer shorts with hearts on them. Now I will implant my thoughts on you as to what you should do…Said by some skinny human.
• Oh no, Roland is being attacked!
• Bara Is smacks the big galoot. She then heals herself and Damakos.
• Bara isn’t lookin’ so good. She’s out and missed a saving throw. Not looking so good for the healer.
• Damakos talks about himself in the third person.
• Three baddies on the field. One spits really nasty stuff. The others are just cold skeletons. The snotty one is to be avoided at all costs.
• Jorn – I speak on behalf of Jorn, but not as the player – so sayeth Jason. In response to fire damage issued by Damakos and what he can handle.
• Apparently only I can heal myself. Who came up with the “Healer, heal thyself” when you are the only healer and unconscious? Woe is Bara Is.
• Ugh, more badness joins the field. This is not fun. A crit and a miss to the baddies. Woot!
• Gads, he just keeps spitting. ARGGGGGG
• “Havanah neh neh” is not one of the phrases Damakos yells.
• Badness crumples to the ground from the mighty swing of Morgan. She’s so awesome! Skeletons crumple and are gone.
• Roland carefully attacks the last wraith. His carefulness gains some damage.
• It’s now Brandis’ turn.
• All focus is on the last baddie. Go get ‘em guys! Anticlimactic ending with Morgan’s final hit. It blows the critter to pieces!
• Pendant – Onxy with hand – (Watches the One Behind, not Brandis’ version of “watches the behind”).
• Pendant – Three crossed lightning bolts on background of flame.
• Two bodies mummified in the ice, with pendant with a small crown with small tourmalines at the points of the crown.
• Chest with 6 vials (healing potions),
• Another chest has multiple items with a lantern in perfect shape, no damage. Flint and steel, not rusted at all. Plus a green garnet, a coin, a sharpening stone, Gold coins are stamped with nothing you’ve seen before, plus 6 arrows.
• Coins do not appear to be from Damakos or Jorn’s lands. There is a spiral closer to Morgan’s symbol on her stuff.
• Apparently a camp of some sort from long, long ago – frozen remnants of tents and supplies. Something turned them into undead creatures – they were NOT NICE GUYS.
Moving on
Each member finds a token to represent something about their beliefs or life.
Over the next few nights clear and well lit from the full white moon, following the attack of the undead the members of the party are having the following feelings:

Jorn: While the snow and ice is a form of water, Jorn is yearning to see open flowing water. Each time he sees the river clear of ice he stops and looks longingly at it. At one point Jorn sees something sparkling in an open area of water and reaches in and retrieves an rectangular piece of solid water, not ice but as if water stopped moving.

Bara Is: It was “nice” to pass through the land of your past. You did not really think about it but you did not think you would see it again once you neared Caer Gormes. You feel a sense of peace when seeing the sun rise above the mountains in the southeastern sky. She turns to see a rainbow behind her. She walks forward until she is under the rainbow, at her feet is an iridescent disk which she picks up.

Morgan: Your apprehension is building as you approach the last barrier into Archrann. You feel lucky that you have not run into any of the legions yet but you know that cannot last. Feeling a little out of sorts she picks up two round stones and starts clacking them together, only to have one split. Inside is a blue crystal in the rough shape of a lightning bolt.

Brandis: The last month has left you incredibly drained. All of the hate, violence and loathing you felt from your captors weighed you down as you were brought to Caer Gormes. Then the exhilarating touch that opened you to your new powers, followed by the sense of comforting need behind the pile of rubble nearly drained you. The slog through the terraces of the Gormian Plane and then battling through the snow and cold has now left you as physically taxed as emotionally drained.

But you are still upbeat if not a bit snappy due to the emotions you are drawing from your companions. At first the emotions emanating from the party was almost disconcerting because they were so different from what you were used to. Fiery and passionate, but even in battle not really violent but concerned for those around them more than themselves. At times the group is still and even withdrawn but not the flat, bleak emotion that you felt from most of the people you were raised with. There is still more there though, there is one emotion that you cannot name that pervades, one that you only felt in yourself before meeting them.

As he ponders these thoughts he has been tending to his pike. Brandis pulls away the cloth he was using to clean the base cap of his weapon a black opal in the shape of a diamond falls into his hand. In the striations of the opal a loose spiral sunburst design can be seen.

Damakos: You have been reveling in the power that is surging inside of you. Releasing the power that comes from Rauris is spectacularly energizing.

In your dreams you have had visions of a dark desolate plains, cracked and gouged as if the land is being ripped apart. Around the rents, you find scattered charred bodies, mostly what you can tell are human. There are other bodies that are much smaller than a normal human, some as tall or taller but slimmer in build, others shorter than human but thicker.

He awakes due to a very hot object in his hand. Opening his hand he sees what was probably a gold piece that is now molten. As it cools the token becomes smooth on one side and on the other has the device of Rauris engraved into its surface.

Roland: After you fall asleep you find yourself in a thick dense green forest, massive pren galon trees thrust upward filling the sky with green shot with red. The underbrush is thick with plants and vines that are unrecognizable to you. For some reason you are able to know though which plant is likely to reach out to grab you as you deftly make your way through the underbrush.

Ahead of you the sound of a rushing river builds and you see the same tall figure with those piercing green eyes standing next to a mostly still pool in a bend of the river. His long flowing auburn hair damp from the spray of the river. Dressed in a robe of green leather, high brown boots and wide belt. He beckons you to the pool and offers his hand.

You walk over to him and take his hand as he leads you into the pool. The water is warm and inviting and as you approach the center you fall into the swirling depths. The fall is not startling as if you knew it was going to happen. You see the water swirl around you pulsing with a green/blue light, feeling both movement and stillness at the same time.

Abruptly the scene changes, red lightning streaks around you. Think black inky clouds billow all around. Ancient words are uttered and you are thrown onto a muddy bank. The forest around you is just as you remember of your homeland.

Before you in a similar pool as the one before, is a circular spire thirty feet tall, of black granite shot with red and gold, covered in strange symbols. The tall figure opens his hands to you in a gesture of requesting help.

Roland awakes with a start and is laying on his back with his companions in camp. He sits up but finds that there is a tug at his throat. Reaching up he finds a braided vine has grown around his neck which gently releases from the ground as he continues to sit up.

Everyone has a 5th level or lower neck slot item and may either choose the actual item’s power or have the GM choose for them.

PC XP Total 4346
End at 14th of Pedwar, 2345


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